The 15 Best Romance Anime With Married Couples

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Many of us quickly conjure up images of high school romances, first crushes, and love triangles when we think about romantic anime. A sizable number of anime, however, also focus on the complexities of married couples and their relationships. The ups and downs of being in a committed relationship are depicted in these anime, as well as how love develops after the initial spark. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking to watch some endearing and adult romance anime. This blog has a list of the top 15 married couples from romantic anime that are sure to touch your heart. These anime offer a variety of genres and subjects that will satisfy you, from slice-of-life to sci-fi. Get ready to fall in love with these anime couples all over again and grab some popcorn.

Love Is Like A Cocktail

Love Is Like A Cocktail scene

An endearing short anime series called “Love Is Like A Cocktail” chronicles the day-to-day activities of Chisato Mizusawa and her spouse Sora. Chisato is a dedicated office worker who enjoys having a drink at home to unwind. Sora is a talented bartender who creates her preferred beverages. The anime delves into their bond and the intimate moments they share, such as when Sora makes Chisato a drink after a long day at work. Episodes of the anime are only a few minutes long, yet they are packed with charm and tenderness. “Love Is Like A Cocktail” is a great option if you’re seeking a soothing and endearing romantic animation starring a married couple.

Marriage Of God & Soul Godannar!!

Marriage Of God & Soul Godannar!! castThe main characters of the sci-fi and mecha anime “Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!!” are a married couple. In the universe of the anime, humans have created enormous robots called Dannars to defend Earth from massive aliens known as Mimetic Monsters. The newlywed’s Anna and Goh Saruwatari, both accomplished Dannar pilots, is the subject of the story. Although they are deeply in love with one another, their relationship is not flawless, and they frequently quarrel and argue. Nonetheless, they consistently resolve their differences and band together to defend their house and one another. The original and action-packed anime “Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!!” explores the challenges and triumphs of a married couple in a dangerous and chaotic universe.

Komatta Jii-San

Komatta Jii-San characterAn old couple named Jii-san and his wife are the subjects of the comedy anime “Komatta Jii-San,” which chronicles their daily activities. While his wife is nice and tolerant and always tries to maintain peace, Jii-san is an irritable elderly guy who always gets into problems. Despite their arguments, they have a strong affection for one another and support one another no matter what. The animation is jam-packed with amusing anecdotes and touching sequences that highlight the couple’s, steadfast love. “Komatta Jii-San” is a must-watch if you’re seeking a pleasant and jovial romantic anime that highlights an elderly married couple.

In This Corner Of The World

In This Corner Of The World sceneThe comedic animation “Komatta Jii-San” follows the daily routines of an elderly couple named Jii-san and his wife. Jii-san is an agitated elderly man who always causes trouble, in contrast to his wife who is kind and forgiving and makes an effort to keep the peace. Despite their disagreements, they are very fond of one another and are always there for one another. The animation is loaded with funny anecdotes and heartwarming scenes that emphasize the couple’s enduring love. If you’re looking for a nice and humorous romantic anime that features an elderly married couple, “Komatta Jii-San” is a must-watch.

Vegeta & Bulma - ‘Dragon Ball’

Vegeta & Bulma - ‘Dragon Ball’ posterThe venerable anime series “Dragon Ball” has been around for years and continues to have a huge fan base. Goku and his pals battle bad guys to save the world in the series’ adventures. Vegeta and Bulma’s bond, on the other hand, is among the series’ most enduring and charming. Vegeta, a proud Saiyan warrior, and erstwhile villain falls in love with Bulma, an exceptional scientist, and inventor. Over the course of the series, their connection slowly deepens, leading to their eventual marriage and childbirth. Their interactions show how much they care about one another, and they frequently argue and make fun of one another. Any fan of anime should watch the classic series “Dragon Ball,” and one of its most memorable moments is the romance between Vegeta and Bulma.

Matsuzo & Matsuyo Matsuno - ‘Osomatsu-san’

Matsuzo & Matsuyo Matsuno - ‘Osomatsu-san’ sceneThe Matsuno sextuplets are identical siblings with distinct personalities, and the comedy anime series “Osomatsu-san” follows them. The parents of the sextuplets are a married couple by the names of Matsuzo and Matsuyo Matsuno. While Matsuyo is a rigorous and diligent mother who cares for their children, Matsuzo is a negligent and slothful father. Despite having quite different personalities, they genuinely care for one another and collaborate to raise their kids. The couple frequently engages in funny interactions in the anime, such as when Matsuzo tries to avoid completing housework and Matsuyo reprimands him. Matsuzo and Matsuyo’s bond gives “Osomatsu-san” a lovely touch while also highlighting the difficulties and pleasures of family life.

Chise & Elias - ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’

Chise & Elias - ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ sceneA young girl named Chise Hatori is the subject of the fantasy and romance anime “The Ancient Magus’ Bride.” Chise has been sold to Elias Ainsworth, a mysterious mage. Even though they didn’t meet in the usual way, Elias and Chise eventually fell in love and got married. Since Chise is still adjusting to her own abilities and Elias isn’t fully human, their relationship is complex. They are, however, deeply in love with one another and are prepared to overcome any challenge to be together. The beautifully produced anime “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” illustrates the strength of the human spirit and the power of love. One of the series’ high points is the romance between Chise and Elias, which is a must-see for lovers of romance anime.

Still World is Beautiful

Still World is Beautiful posterIn the romantic fantasy anime “Silent World Is Lovely,” Nike Lemercier, a princess from the Rain Dukedom, is the main character. She is transported to the Sun Kingdom to wed its ruler, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia. Young Livius is a terrifying monarch who has conquered the entire planet. He is also a broken, lonely man who seeks comfort in Nike’s company. Although their relationship has a difficult beginning, they eventually fall in love and are married. Nike’s warmth and kindness encourage Livius to open up, and they grow to be a formidable couple who cooperate to improve the conditions in their own kingdoms. The uplifting animation “The World Is Lovely” addresses the significance of acceptance and understanding as well as the strength of love. Any fan of romance anime must watch Nike and Livius’ relationship since it is so expertly handled.

My Wife is the Student Council President

My Wife is the Student Council President sceneIn the romantic comedy anime, “My Wife is the Student Council President,” Hayato Izumi, a high school student, gets elected to lead the student council. He quickly learns, though, that his wife and childhood friend, Ui Wakana, serves as his vice president. Hayato and Ui were wed while intoxicated, and now they must keep their union a secret while serving as members of the student council. While the couple strives to balance their marital lives and their duties as student council members, the anime has some humorous moments. The anime shows the couple’s love for one another and willingness to support one another despite its comical parts. Anybody looking for a jovial romantic comedy will like the engaging and delightful anime “My Wife is the Student Council President.”

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying posterIn the romantic comedy animation, “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying,” Kaoru and Hajime, a diametrically opposed married couple, tell their experience. While Hajime is a self-described geek who spends much of his time playing video games and watching anime, Kaoru is a typical office worker. The pair is completely in love with one another and supports one another in spite of their differences. The humor in the anime comes from Kaoru’s attempts to comprehend her husband’s otaku culture and Hajime’s struggles to function in the professional environment. An entertaining and relevant anime that highlights the benefits and difficulties of marriage is called “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying.” Because of its brief episodes, anime is ideal for a quick and pleasurable watch.

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises sceneJiro Horikoshi is a young guy with a desire of creating beautiful airplanes, and “The Wind Rises” is an anime romance drama that follows his journey. He meets and falls in love with Naoko Satomi, a young woman with tuberculosis, along the road. Despite their difficulties, Jiro and Naoko’s love for one another are unwavering. A stunning animated film called “The Wind Rises” emphasizes the importance of dreams and the sacrifices required to fulfill them. Everyone looking for a romantic drama must watch Jiro and Naoko because of their touching and endearing relationship.

Love After World Domination

Love After World Domination posterA romantic comedy anime called “Love After World Domination” tells the tale of two high school students named Fudo Akira and Lufasu Mafaalu who are actually superheroes trying to save the planet. The villain group is led by Lufasu, while the superhero group is led by Akira. Although playing quite different roles, the two of them begin dating and fall in love. The duo must cope with their different factions while trying to conceal the fact that they are superheroes, which makes for some humorous scenes in the anime. The entertaining and eccentric anime “Love After World Domination” emphasizes the value of tolerance and the strength of love. For any fan of romantic anime, this show is a must-watch because of its original premise and endearing cast.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop sceneThe iconic sci-fi anime “Cowboy Bebop” also has a love story between Spike Spiegel and Julia, two of the main characters. The anime chronicles the exploits of a team of bounty hunters in the year 2071 as they trek through space in an effort to apprehend the most heinous criminals in the galaxy. Through the course of the series, Spike and Julia’s former romance is gradually made clear, and their love for one another serves as a major plot device. Because Julia is married to a powerful crime leader, their relationship is complicated, but despite the challenges they encounter, their love for one another is unwavering. Spike and Julia’s romance gives “Cowboy Bebop,” an anime storytelling gem, more emotional depth.

Darling in the FRANXX

Darling in the FRANXX posterIn addition to being a mecha anime, “Darling in the FRANXX” also has a strong romantic subplot involving Hiro and Zero Two. The anime is set in a post-apocalyptic world where young people are trained to control enormous robots called FRANXX and engage in combat with unidentified creatures called Klaxosaurs. The main character, Hiro, finds out that he has a special bond with Zero Two, a half-human, half-Klaxosaur girl who is shunned by her peers, despite his initial inability to pilot a FRANXX. Over the course of the anime, Hiro and Zero Two’s relationship grows, and their love for one another becomes the motivation behind the plot. “Darling in the FRANXX” is an exciting, emotionally-charged anime that will have viewers rooting for Hiro and Zero Two’s relationship.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho scene

The main character Yusuke Urameshi and his love interest Keiko Yukimura has a romantic subplot in the traditional shonen anime “Yu Yu Hakusho.” The anime centers on Yusuke, a troubled adolescent who is given a second chance at life as a Spirit Detective and is charged with guarding the real world against paranormal dangers. Keiko, a childhood friend of Yusuke’s, is one of the few people who truly comprehend him. Their relationship is explored throughout the series, and Yusuke is constantly inspired by their love for one another. Action, humor, and romance are expertly balanced in the beloved classic “Yu Yu Hakusho,” and Yusuke and Keiko’s romance is a touching addition to the already fantastic story.


Although married couples in romance anime are a rarity in the anime world, they give a distinctive viewpoint on love and relationships that can make them just as enjoyable to watch as the standard “will they, won’t they” romance stories. These animated series depict the difficulties and rewards of being in a committed relationship, and they may encourage viewers to value their own relationships more. The anime in this list are some of the best romantic anime with married couples, ranging from the sentimental “Love Is Like A Cocktail” to the grandiose “Marriage Of God & Soul Godannar!!” and the action-packed “Lover in the FRANXX.” There is something on this list for everyone, regardless of your preference for romance, adventure, or science fiction.

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