The 15 Satisfying Badass Anime Series For Decisive People

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Millions of people all around the world like watching anime because of its distinctive visual style, fascinating plots, and a wide cast of likable characters. There is a plethora of alternatives for fans of anime who want stories with protagonists who aren’t afraid to take charge and make tough decisions. In this article, we’ll take a look at 15 compelling anime programs that will appeal to bold, adventurous, and emotionally invested viewers. Whether it’s the cyberpunk future or supernatural warfare, these anime series will have you on the edge of your seat. Put on your safety gear and prepare to enter the exciting world of awesome anime shows!

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell sceneAn iconic cyberpunk anime series, Ghost in the Shell follows a team of elite government agents as they fight off cybercrime. The squad, led by the formidable Major Motoko Kusanagi, investigates crimes involving the unauthorized access of human brains and cybernetic bodies in a near-future setting where technology and humanity frequently conflict.

The show explores profound issues including what it is to be human, the role of awareness, and the results of technological progress. Ghost in the Shell has a reputation as a must-watch for aficionados of cyberpunk and science fiction because of its gorgeous animation, violent action sequences, and complicated plot. It offers an aesthetically pleasing and intellectually engaging experience that is likely to hold the attention of viewers, making it an excellent choice for picky viewers who want for captivating storyline and interesting protagonists.


Fate/Zero sceneThe Holy Grail War is depicted in Fate/Zero, an epic fantasy anime series that thrusts viewers into the middle of a deadly war royale. To determine who will obtain the ability to fulfill any desire, seven wizards call upon legendary heroes from beyond time and space to battle on their side. The summoned heroes, many of which have their own special skills and talents, engage in complex alliances, betrayals, and fierce conflicts throughout the series.

The novel delves deep into the complexities of courage, sacrifice, and the cost of ambition via its rich cast of people and moral conundrums. The stunning visuals, nail-biting action, and gripping story of Fate/Zero will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Fate/Zero is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and action anime, appealing to decisive viewers who appreciate complex narratives and dynamic characters with its high-stakes fights, deep storytelling, and epic scope.


Gangsta posterGripping and action-packed, Gangsta follows two “Handymen,” Nic and Worick, as they take on risky assignments in the corrupt city of Ergastulum. They are a mercenary team that operates in the city’s filthy underbelly, taking on missions that others won’t. An unexpected but formidable duo, Nic, a deaf ex-super soldier, and Worick, a smooth womanizer with extraordinary combat abilities, take on criminal organizations, the mafia, and corrupt government officials.

Gangsta’s mature subject matter includes discussions of prejudice, gun violence, and the repercussions of a corrupt society. Action scenes in the show are notoriously stressful, showcasing Nic’s superhuman strength and Worick’s sardonic humor. The characters’ complicated backstories and varied motivations are explored in the anime as well. For bold fans who appreciate darker, grittier anime with a hint of realism, Gangsta stands out as a unique combination of action, drama, and nuanced characters.


Overlord  posterThe exciting isekai anime series Overlord tells the tale of Momonga, a gamer who becomes stuck in the virtual world of Yggdrasil when his favorite massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) goes offline. Momonga, the game’s most potent zombie sorcerer, assumes the identity of the evil dictator Ainz Ooal Gown and sets out to discover the reason for his abrupt captivity in this new realm.

Overlord mashes up fantasy, action, and adventure with its original idea and fascinating world-building. Momonga, in his guise as Ainz Ooal Gown, has extensive magical power, superior military acumen, and a legion of devoted followers. As Ainz learns to control his newfound power and squares off against other fearsome entities, the story also explores the moral issues and ethical dilemmas that come as a result.

The stunning animation, thrilling fights, and intriguing characters of Overlord keep fans coming back for more. Fans of the isekai subgenre and anybody interested in watching a proactive protagonist use cunning and strategy to succeed in a new environment should check it out.

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai scene

With spectacular visuals and nonstop action, Afro Samurai tells the tale of a lone warrior, Afro, on his quest for vengeance in a future medieval Japan. After witnessing the death of his father, Afro embarks on a road of carnage and revenge, training to fight Justice, the guy who killed his father.

The series’ beautiful animation and distinctive mix of classic samurai characteristics and contemporary hip-hop flavor make for a really unforgettable viewing and listening experience. Afro is a stoic and adept swordsman, famous for his distinctive headband and deadly swordsmanship as he fights his way through challenging human and otherworldly foes.

As Afro meets several obstacles and battles his own demons, Afro Samurai examines themes of vengeance, honor, and the quest for power. Afro Samurai is a must-watch for samurai and action anime enthusiasts because of its dramatic and gruesome action sequences, distinctive characters, and gorgeous presentation. It will also appeal to decisive viewers who value aesthetically compelling and adrenaline-pumping narratives.

Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger sceneTaking place in feudal Japan during the Sengoku era, Sword of the Stranger is a stunning and action-packed anime film. The protagonist of this tale is a nameless traveling swordsman only referred to as “Nanashi,” who gets involved in a mission to save a young orphan child named Kotaro from a squad of Chinese assassins who want to kidnap him because of his unexplained abilities.

The film’s beautiful animation, directed by Masahiro Ando, features magnificent sword battles, sophisticated choreography, and aesthetically gorgeous sequences. The talented swordsman Nanashi, who is troubled by his past, establishes an odd friendship with Kotaro as the two set out on a treacherous quest to avoid the assassins and find safety.

Nanashi’s skill with the sword is on full show throughout the thrilling and dramatic action sequences that have made Sword of the Stranger famous. As Nanashi and Kotaro overcome obstacles and face their own demons, the film also explores the concepts of honor, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Sword of the Stranger is a must-see for fans of samurai and action anime because of its compelling tale, brilliantly drawn battle sequences, and distinctive characters. For confident viewers who enjoy top-notch animation and spectacular swordplay, this film is a rewarding and unforgettable experience due to its superb combination of heart-pounding action and heartfelt storyline.


Drifters posterThe anime series Drifters is dark and full of action, telling the story of legendary warriors who are transported to a parallel realm to battle evil. The legendary warrior Shimazu Toyohisa leads a band of historical individuals known as the “Drifters” that include Oda Nobunaga, Joan of Arc, and Hannibal Barca.

The Drifters engage in epic battles, utilizing supernatural abilities and employing cunning military strategies, as they fight the “Ends,” a group of strong entities bent on global conquest. Drifters is an original combination of action, adventure, and magical abilities thanks to its blend of historical and fantastical aspects.

The narrative, characters, and combat scenes in this anime are legendary for their complexity and intensity. Due to the individual nature of each Drifter, battles are always fast-paced and high-stakes. Drifters is an exciting and rewarding anime series for adult, action-oriented fans who appreciate dark, strategic combat with a historical flavor.

Darker than Black

Darker than Black  posterDarker than Black is an intriguing and mysterious anime series set in a universe where “Contractor powers” (supernatural talents) are real. People who obtained these abilities when the strange “Hell’s Gate” phenomenon arose in Tokyo are in possession of them. One of the most dreaded underworld agents, Hei, a Contractor nicknamed the “Black Reaper,” is at the core of the plot.

Hei is a multifaceted and ethically ambiguous protagonist who must track down other Contractors and learn the truth about Hell’s Gate while navigating the perilous world of espionage, criminal organizations, and government machinations. He meets friends and foes along the road, and they all have their own reasons for helping or hindering him.

The tone, narrative, and characters of Darker than Black are all well-known for being dark and grim. The series explores questions of morality, individuality, and the price of power via Hei’s internal conflicts and his clashes against other Contractors who possess specialized skills.

Darker than Black provides discerning anime fans with a fascinating and thought-provoking viewing experience thanks to its engaging plot, compelling characters, and action-packed moments.


Claymore poster

Taking place in a world overrun by monstrous creatures called “Yoma,” the anime series Claymore tells the story of Clare, a young woman who is a member of an organization of female warriors known as “Claymores.” Claymores are half-human, half-Yoma hybrids with superhuman strength and regenerative abilities, and they are tasked with hunting down and slaying Yoma to protect humanity.

Claymore Clare is fiercely dedicated to avenging her family’s death at the hands of the Yoma. Along the way, she bonds with other Claymores and learns shocking information about the Yoma and her own background. The series explores themes of selflessness, isolation, and the will to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds.

The action in Claymore is legendary, as are the film’s complex characters and ominous tone. As Clare encounters tremendous foes and her own inner problems, the anime contains spectacular combat, emotional struggles, and profound character growth. For viewers who aren’t easily swayed and who enjoy dark fantasy stories with strong female leads and heart-pounding action, this series is sure to be a hit.

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate poster

Fans of gothic horror and furious fighting will enjoy Hellsing Ultimate, a supernatural action anime series that promises a thrilling and blood-soaked experience. The Hellsing Organization is a covert British government organization set up to eradicate vampires and other supernatural dangers, and they serve as the series’ central protagonists.

Alucard, a strong and ruthless vampire, is the story’s protagonist and the Hellsing Organization’s secret weapon. Seras Victoria, a freshly converted vampire, and fellow Hellsing member is there with him, along with a slew of other outlandish and powerful figures.

Characters in Hellsing Ultimate are complicated and ethically ambiguous, and the series is notorious for its graphic and extreme brutality. The anime is known for its graphic depictions of bloody conflicts between vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural monsters. The larger topics of ethics, humanity, and the repercussions of immortality are also explored.

Hellsing Ultimate is a must-watch for bold fans in search of a thrilling and dark anime series that challenges the conventions of the genre, thanks to its gripping action, compelling plot, and unique combination of horror and supernatural themes.


Jormungand poster

Mercenaries and the murky world of arms trafficking are at the center of the thrilling and action-packed anime series Jormungand. Koko Hekmatyar, the story’s protagonist, is a young and vicious female arms trader in charge of a squad of highly trained mercenaries. Koko’s shrewd mind, strategic outlook, and dogged persistence have earned her a reputation for excellence.

Koko and his squad face up against other mercenaries, competing arms dealers, and government organizations as they traverse the globe in search of danger and success. The series delves into questions of morality in conflict and the complexity of the global armaments trade.

The gunfights and tactics in Jormungand are legendary, as are the multifaceted protagonists and antagonists. There is a lot of moral ambiguity in the world of anime, and the protagonists have to make tough choices just to get through.

Those who are determined and like military and mercenary-themed anime will find Jormungand fascinating and thought-provoking thanks to its exciting action, engaging narrative, and ethically complicated characters.


Psycho-Pass  sceneThe Sibyl System, a central computer network in the dystopian cyberpunk anime series Psycho-Pass, continually monitors and controls the mental states and criminal inclinations of its citizens. Akane Tsunemori, a young lady, is the protagonist of this novel. She has joined the police force and is entrusted with preserving order.

Akane and her fellow detectives uncover a plot that threatens the very fabric of their society as they investigate cases involving “latent criminals” whose Psycho-Pass colors (indicators of their mental state) are judged harmful by the Sibyl System. The show explores the ethics of control and monitoring as well as the nature of free choice.

The story, characters, and visuals of Psycho-Pass are notoriously dark and deep. Ethical concerns regarding the cost of security and the repercussions of depending on technology to assess human behavior are raised as the anime depicts a dystopian future with serious social difficulties.

Psycho-Pass is a must-watch for discerning viewers who enjoy clever and innovative storytelling in the cyberpunk genre because of its riveting tale, psychological complexity, and philosophical concerns.

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga sceneThe Viking era of medieval Europe is the setting for Vinland Saga, an epic historical anime series. Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior, is the protagonist of this novel. He is out for vengeance against Askeladd, the man he believes killed his father. Thorfinn’s quest for revenge draws him into a wider struggle that spans the length and breadth of England and Scandinavia.

The rich characterization and complex storyline of Vinland Saga have made it a classic among those interested in Norse history and culture. War, honor, morality, and the search for atonement are all explored throughout the series. The notion of “Vinland,” a mythical land of peace and harmony that reflects Thorfinn’s ultimate objective, is also explored.

Vinland Saga is a must-see for discerning viewers who appreciate historical dramas and epic stories of adventure because of its magnificent animation, fierce combat sequences, and captivating plot. Those who enjoy anime for its thought-provoking stories should watch this one since it delivers a sophisticated and mature analysis of the human condition.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul sceneThe Universe of Tokyo Ghoul is a dark and fascinating anime series in which monsters known as ghouls live among regular people. The protagonist, Kaneki, is a young guy who meets a ghoul by accident and is transformed into a half-ghoul. As a ghoul, Kaneki must come to terms with his new identity, learn to manage his appetite, and overcome countless obstacles presented by both humans and other ghouls.

Its themes of identity, morality, and the blurring barriers between people and monsters, as well as its violent and visceral action sequences, have made Tokyo Ghoul a fan favorite. The complicated dynamics between ghouls and humans, as well as the tensions and rivalries within the ghoul society, are explored throughout the series.

For those viewers who like dark fantasy and horror-themed anime, Tokyo Ghoul provides a captivating viewing experience with its dark and brooding atmosphere, interesting characters, and thought-provoking plot. If you enjoy ethically complex stories with a hint of terror, you should definitely check out this series, which provides a gripping and often horrific plot that questions traditional concepts of good and evil.

Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop  sceneThe anime classic Cowboy Bebop is well-known for its innovative combination of genres such as science fiction, western, and noir. The plot follows a crew of bounty hunters as they travel across space on the spacecraft Bebop in search of the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals while also dealing with their own personal issues, led by the flamboyant Spike Spiegel.

Cowboy Bebop is renowned for its sophisticated aesthetics, jazzy music, and multifaceted protagonists. The show follows the crew of the Bebop as they try to make it through a harsh and merciless environment while dealing with their own personal issues. The anime weaves comedy and friendship with its examination of subjects like isolation, nihilism, and the transience of existence.

Cowboy Bebop is widely regarded as a masterpiece of the anime medium thanks to its compelling plot, distinctive characters, and innovative animation. It’s a must-see for bold fans who enjoy a variety of genres, unique characters, and a story that goes beyond the norms of the anime medium.


All in all, the 15 anime series we’ve covered here are excellent choices for the preferences of bold viewers. From the cyberpunk setting of Ghost in the Shell to the historical epic of Vinland Saga, these anime all have their own special brand of captivating storytelling.

Action, character growth, and the examination of weighty topics like ethics, individuality, and the human condition are hallmarks of these shows. They go beyond the bounds of traditional narrative and provide a wide variety of genres, from science fiction and fantasy to history and horror.

Any fan of intricate and compelling narratives will enjoy watching these anime series, from Gangsta’s gritty universe to Tokyo Ghoul’s dark and psychological plot to Cowboy Bebop’s elegant fusion of genres.

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