Theory Behind Aizen Bankai: What Could Aizen Bankai Be?

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Did Aizen use fictitious Bankai? Let’s come up with a compelling idea to explain the true cause of Aizen’s Bankai.

Captain Aizen of Bleach was never shown using a Bankai. Nevertheless, he could trick everyone into believing he had one because of his Shikai.

One of the “big three” of its time, Bleach made a comeback in October 2022 with the “Thousand-Year Blood War” plot arc of the anime. Both newcomers and seasoned Bleach fans are aware that the series has some of the finest anime villains, most notably the cunning traitor Captain Aizen, who is the subject of various fascinating hypotheses.

On Quora, Bleach fans came up with the hypothesis that Captain Aizen didn’t just conceal his zanpakuto’s Bankai form; he never had one. Most Captains require Bankai to maintain their position, but the cunning Aizen Sosuke may break the rules, and no one ever catches him. So, what is this all curiosity about Bankai? Let’s find the answer below.

Are We Going To Stick With Multiple Theories?

Are We Going To Stick With Multiple Theories?

Although many hypotheses are available online, we won’t rely on them for one particular reason. In addition, a number of fan theories have been developed about the original Gotei 13 Captains. Most of them—if not all—have been shown to be incorrect. Each estimate is often a stab in the dark.

Because of this, we won’t be concentrating on any hypotheses relating to Aizen’s Bankai. It would not make sense at all. We’re going to describe what we imagine Aizen’s Bankai would look like based on what we already know about the Bankai and the whole series.

Our hypothesis will be supported by the data we have from the franchise. This theory will be the most accurate one cause we are going for it after doing thorough research.

Facts To Consider

Here are the facts we need to consider before we go further with our explanation.

Facts To Consider

First Fact

First off, the Bankai is typically an exaggeration of the Shikai’s fundamental abilities. Numerous works by Shinji Hirako, Byakuya Kuchiki, Sajin Komamura, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, and others serve as instances of this.

Only a handful are wholly distinct, such as Kenpachi’s Bankai or Retsu Unohana’s Bankai, while others are comparable to the original Shikai but somewhat different, such as Soi Fon’s Bankai or Rjr Toribashi’s Bankai. This implies that the Bankai normally concentrates on the fundamental abilities of the Shikai and increases their strength, quickness, and other qualities.

Second Fact

The nature of Aizen’s Shikai is the second thing that must be considered. One such illusion-based Zanpakut is that of Aizen, and there are only two other known illusion-based Zanpakut. Shinji’s Sakanade is quite similar to Aizen’s in that its illusions completely confound the opponent, although Kinshara is a highly specialized Zanpakut whose illusions are distinct from those produced by Aizen’s Zanpakut. This is why Shinji had some success against Aizen since his Sakanade’s illusions were able to fool the former Captain, and it is also why we will base our theory on Shinji’s Bankai.

Third Fact

The third and last piece of information is something that, aside from the fact that Aizen is aware of it, we truly do not know about Aizen’s Bankai. In particular, the series supports Aizen’s Bankai’s ability to only mesmerize people who have already been under the influence of his Shikai.

Theory About Aizen Bankai: Illusions

Theory About Aizen Bankai: Illusions

With all of these details in hand, we can now utilize them to develop a theory regarding Aizen’s Bankai. We believe that reality-bending would be the primary emphasis of Aizen’s Bankai. Although Kyka Suigetsu generated illusions, its opponents’ reality remained mostly unchanged. Aizen largely employed it on himself as he could control what others who were impacted saw.

The Bankai would increase that power to a greater degree in that it would fully alter the reality of the people it impacted rather than just producing illusions. This would give Aizen control over his victims’ worlds, allowing him to control them however he wanted.

Does Theory Really Make Sense? Compare Aizen’s Banki With Shinji’s Banki

Does Theory Really Make Sense? Compare Aizen’s Banki With Shinji’s Banki

Now that Saknade is similar to Aizen’s blade, it does make sense if we compare it to Shinji’s Bankai. Shinji’s Sakashima Yokoshima Happ-fusagari improves the Shikai’s ability to confuse the opponent’s moral compass in a way that also affects their sense of direction. In that regard, Sakashima Yokoshima Happ-fusagari turns friends into enemies by entirely altering their perception of reality. Similar effects might be produced by Aizen’s Bankai, making the Shikai’s illusion more potent and dangerous.

Another Justification To Prove Theory

Another Justification To Prove Theory

This hypothesis would also make sense if Aizen’s Banka were something Kubo avoided because it was too strong. In particular, Aizen was renowned for producing illusions that were strong and efficient and nearly impossible to distinguish from reality. However, despite her immense ability, Unohana was unable to do so.

Consider how much more powerful everything would be if Aizen were in control of the situation.

Even the most powerful spiritual beings could lose their senses and murder themselves as a result, or Aizen might be able to execute them covertly. Such a power would have made the battle with Yhwach too simple and would not make sense from a narrative viewpoint. That’s why we already know that even Yhwach was subject to Aizen’s illusions; it is likely that Kubo did not include it in the series.

Aizen’s Bankai Has Limits

Aizen’s Bankai Has Limits

Aizen’s Bankai would certainly not be entirely unbeatable because it undoubtedly has certain limits. It is questionable if it would totally work on characters that are really powerful and might resist it, like Yamamoto or Ichibei. It is also known that the characters Ichigo and Kaname, the latter of whom is immune to it since he is blind, are free from its effects because they have not yet been exposed to its Shikai.

Knowing that the impact of Aizen’s Shikai may be negated by contacting the Shikai’s blade, there is a reasonably simple technique to counteract Aizen’s Bankai, although it is challenging to do so. There would likely be anything else that might successfully combat Aizen’s Bankai, but we are unable to identify it as we are unsure of what the Bankai is.

It is just our viewpoint that, at some stage, can be neglected.

Concluding Remarks!

That brings an end to our account of Aizen’s Bankai. We made an effort to formulate a theory based on what we learned from the original works. Thus, our hypothesis is based on our understanding of the Bankai, other Bankai, and the workings of the lore. It remains to be seen whether it is accurate or near to being accurate, but we hope you enjoyed reading it.

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