Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

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Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

A series’ popularity depends greatly on the presence of anime villains. Depending on how significant their part is, their character development becomes crucial to the plot, and a stronger villain is a must for a better rivalry. There are many of these antagonists in the community, but have you ever pondered which anime villain is the most well-known?

In anime, villains have the power to make or destroy a series since they influence how successful the plot is because they add conflict and suspense to every episode. Although the main characters in Naruto, Demon Slayer, and Dragon Ball Z are all fantastic and endearing, the antagonists also contribute significantly to the show’s appeal. In other words, great anime antagonists and supervillains are just as crucial to shows as its hero, and in this section, we’ve gathered villains from every genre and area of the anime community.

These criminals were unable to be deterred from embracing the dark side even by a nice childhood. Many anime villains place the blame for their darkest deeds on a difficult upbringing. It makes it easier to clarify and contextualise their behaviour while also making them more understandable, without justifying their crimes. They were trained to be wicked ever from puberty, and in some cases, they were even compelled to become bad.

However, a few of the villains had wonderful upbringings, with access to family, riches, community, and safety. Because they already had all they could want and yet yearned for more, their crimes are harder to overlook. Even great privilege could not satisfy their needs.

In today’s article, we have listed the top 10 anime villains who have a happy early life but still choose the darker side of life.

1. Charloss [One Piece]

In One Piece, Saint Charloss undoubtedly had the most ideal upbringing. His position and fortune as a Celestial Dragon practically permitted him to do anything he chose. Due to propaganda, they had consumed or out of dread of what the World Government would do to them if they refused, many commoners regarded him as a deity. Charloss failed to make the most of his unparalleled power. Instead, he engaged in savage acts like the slave trade in Sabaody. At the Reverie, Charloss also made an attack attempt on Shirahoshi that almost resulted in a global crisis. In the One Piece anime and manga series, Saint Charloss is the villain. He acts as both the primary enemy of the Reverie Arc and the first part of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. A Celestial Dragon, he is. Like other World Nobles, he is a ruthless guy who has little regard for the lives of others and who thinks he is superior to everyone he meets.

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2. Light Yagami [Death Note]

Light Yagami couldn’t blame his upbringing despite becoming the Death Note’s greatest monster. L afforded him a promising future in criminal justice since he was raised in a secure household with a caring family. Even though the purpose of the test was to ascertain whether or not he was Kira, he was still given a chance that was lost. But Light’s yearning for stability was overpowered by his need for dominance and control. To conceal his identity, he carried on his murderous activities as Kira and even killed L.

VILLAIN 2-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

3. Lelouch Lamperouge [Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion]

Lelouch, the protagonist of Code Geass, had a mostly content upbringing. Even though his father had made him an outcast from Britannia, he still lived in luxury and had a fulfilling high school experience with friends who adored and looked out for him. Lelouch yet want to assist the local Japanese population because he was unable to let go of the past. Sadly, his Geass fueled an already insatiable drive to dominate others, which ultimately made him the most hated person on the earth. Lelouch’s determination to transform Britannia ultimately resulted in his death.

VILLAIN 3-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

4. Lara Tybur [Attack On Titan]

Attack on Titan’s War Hammer Titan was Lara Tybur. She was protected from Eldian retribution since she was a Tyburn family member. Given her heritage, she was given magnificence that many Marleyans as well as other Eldians did not possess. The Tybur family dominated Marley, making Lara one of the most influential figures in politics across the whole country. Despite her greater strength, she was utterly unprepared for Eren’s invasion because she had never had to fight. As a result, she was mercilessly destroyed.

VILLAIN 4-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

5. Orochimaru [Naruto]

The most affluent villain in Naruto was possibly Orochimaru. He was raised in the safety of the Leaf and had one-on-one training from Hiruzen Sarutobi. He also battled alongside some of the most talented and devoted shinobi in history. Even yet, the dread of dying drove Orochimaru to experiment with illegal Jutsu. He promised to destroy the Leaf for not allowing him to indulge his vile inhibitions, instead of owning up to his crimes and surrendering after he was exposed. Even killing his old mentor was a blatant act of retaliation by Orochimaru. One of the primary figures in the Naruto universe is Orochimaru. The anime and manga series Naruto’s Part I included him as the primary antagonist, while Part II featured him as a significant adversary. Along with his old comrades Jiraiya and Tsunade, he is one of the three famous Sannin of Konoha that studied under Hiruzen Sarutobi.

VILLAIN 5-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

6. Azula [Avatar: the last Airbrnder]

In the anime Avatar: The Last Airbender, Azula represented the Fire Nation. Even though she struggled with her mother’s departure, she had an otherwise unmatched happy and blissful upbringing. She willingly participated in whatever Ozai asked of her, especially because she wanted to win his favour. Azula’s life was particularly charming since she regularly accomplished her goals. The princess’s seizure of Ba Sing Se, an adversary city that her people had attempted to attack for many years, was her greatest triumph.

VILLAIN 6-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

7. Dio [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dio Brando was arguably the most unbeatable villain. Despite being born into poverty, the Joestar family had no choice but to adopt him after the passing of his father. Wealth, a warm neighbourhood, and a share of the estate to receive once George Joestar went away were promised to him. Dio, however, was so zealous for power that he wanted to wreck Jonathan’s life and seize control of the whole Joestar empire. When his crimes were unsuccessful, he vowed retribution against the Joestars and remained enraged for more than a century. The primary villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series is Dio Brando, often referred to as DIO. He is the Jotaro Kujo and Jonathan Joestar’s arch-rival, and the Joestar family’s sworn adversary. He is also determined to eliminate Jotaro Kujo and Jonathan Joestar in his attempt to rule the entire globe.

VILLAIN 7-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

8. Meruem [Hunter x Hunter]

Meruem, a character in the Hunter x Hunter television series, was arguably the most powerful youngster ever. He killed a colleague as soon as he was born because he bothered him, and then he started conquering the NGL. He soon learned about Nen, which dramatically boosted his power. Now that he had the entire human realm to himself, Meruem was able to make any arrangements he desired. By taking on the best human players in whatever game they were skilled at, he sought to broaden his intellect. He murdered his opponent after defeating them before moving on to the following participant. In Hunter Hunter, a manga and anime series, Meruem serves as the series’ primary adversary. He is the Chimera Ant King and the most potent descendant of the Chimera Ant Queen. In both English and Japanese, he was voiced by Max Mittelman. At first, Meruem is perceived as a harsh, vicious, cruel, and aggressive leader.

VILLAIN 8-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

9. The Emperor [Akame Ga Kill!]

In Akame Ga Kill!, The Emperor served as the primary adversary. He became the only ruler of the country when his parents were killed. In the end, Minister Honest’s terrible advice and lavish gifts to appease him led Night Raid into a bitter rage. The Emperor was at ease for the majority of the series since his employees had lied to him about their achievements overseas. However, the Emperor’s happy and untarnished existence came to an abrupt and unceremonious end when Night Raid eventually made it to the Capital itself. Even though he was a youngster, he was put to death for the suffering he caused.

VILLAIN 9-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

10. Zeldris [Seven Deadly Sins]

In Seven Deadly Sins, Zeldris was one of the commanders of the Ten Commandments. Although he didn’t exactly earn his position of luxury and power among his people as the Demon King’s youngest son, he grew up with it anyway. In addition, Zeldris had a great example to follow in Meliodas, who he might have imitated when he decided to leave the underworld. Zeldris still carried out his father’s orders and went to war with Britannia. Since the Demon King was trying to utilise his body as a vessel, the slaughter almost lost him his liberty.

VILLAIN 10-Top 10 Anime Villains With Happy Early Life

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