TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - [RECOMMENDATIONS]

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If you enjoy Korean Webtoons, also known as Manhwa, as much as I do, then you have probably heard of Wind Breaker. It’s one of the most well-known Webtoons, and if you like it a lot, then you will want to read additional Manhwa that is comparable to Wind Breaker.

As a result, we’ll suggest ten or more Manhwa today that is comparable to Wind Breaker. I think these suggestions will be extremely useful to you all because they share certain traits with Wind Breaker.

Here are the Top 10+ Best Manhwa similar to Windbreaker. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you loved Windbreaker, then you must check it out.

1. Viral Hit

The first manhwa recommendation is Viral Hit. Hobin Yoo, a skinny high school student, begins knocking out opponents who are stronger than him after binge-watching online combat videos. He starts to earn a lot of money and rises to fame on social media platforms. Manhwa artist, writer, and Ulzzang Taejun Pak hail from South Korea. He wrote the book, Viral Hit. Hobin Yoo, a scruffy high school student, is perhaps the last person you’d expect to be the star of a NewTube channel that focuses on fighting. However, after taking some instruction from a secret NewTube channel, Hobin quickly starts defeating opponents who are more powerful than him and earning more money than he could have ever imagined.

NO 1-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

2. Backcourt

The premise of the following movie in our line, which centres on a young kid named David Suh who was a well-known and successful basketball player at the time, is intriguing. Former basketball prodigy David Suh now works at a shop. His friend erroneously believes that his return will be successful by accepting the position of high school basketball coach. He works as a general shop employee today, though. One day, one of his old pals comes to the shop where he worked and offers him the position of coach for a high school basketball team. Suddenly, the entire narrative is altered. He accepts the opportunity in the hope that becoming the coach of a renowned high school basketball team will help him make a return in the game. He quickly realises, though, that his choice to become a coach of basketball is not the best one for him.

NO 2-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

3. Double Click

Jiho Seong, a young man who is among the best players in the online action game One Sword, serves as the main character in this novel. But regrettably, due to the extremely low player count, this game has been suspended. Jiho Seong, who had previously enjoyed playing online games greatly, lost all interest in them as a result of it. His discovery that his school has an e-sports club causes the entire storyline to shift. He also finds a team-based online game called Sword Rush that is strikingly similar to One Sword, the game in which he is the undefeated champion. The whole narrative centres on Jiho Seong and his teammates’ quest for victory in this game.

NO 3-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

4. Weak Hero

Number four in this manhwa list is Weak Hero. Bullies target the weak and the unsupported and abuse them daily at school. The same thing was taking place in the school that was administered by those who enjoy picking on and bullying the weakest student in the class. Everything turned when a freshman arrived at the school and started threatening those who participated in the sleazy game with harm. Gray was a little, calculating man whose harsh, the relentless fighting technique made a lasting impact on the school bullies.

NO 4-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

5. No Breathing

The protagonist of this Manhwa is a youngster by the name of Woo-sang, a national swimmer who consistently won swimming competitions. When Won-il, who has also been a professional swimmer in the past, makes a comeback, the entire narrative is altered. As time went on, Woo-sang and Won-il started to compete against one another not just in swimming but also in their shared love for Jung-eun, a talented singer and one of their childhood friends. In other words, both Woo Sang and Won Il are national swimmers, with Won Il now making a return. While pursuing their dreams, both quickly develop rivalries and even develop feelings for the same female. The whole narrative concentrates on the rivalries that develop between these three friends as a result of their shared friendship, love, and competition.

NO 5-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

6. Love All (Oh Jun KNOWN)

Love All (Oh Jun KWON) is a different manhwa that is recommended for readers. Trent is the central character in this manhwa’s plot. Trent and his buddies aspire to be the best table tennis team in the world. The narrative follows them as they compete to be the best.

NO 6-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

7. The Boxer

One of my favourite dudes is in the manhwa we will be talking about today. This amazing manhwa’s story is centred on a young man named Yu. Yu is a genius in boxing who doesn’t even stand up to bullies but instead punches them out when one of his friends is in difficulty. His talent is seen by a well-known boxing trainer, who signs him to his team. The dismal beginning of Yu’s life sets the tone for the entire narrative. He has a unique capacity to avoid blows despite all of these obstacles. But he never employs it correctly. Once a skilled trainer named K enters Yu’s life, the tale starts to become intriguing. K is interested in training him after seeing his skills. Yu first appeared uninterested, but he later started a new life by enrolling in K’s training.

NO 7-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

8. The Fighting Monster

The following one in our lineup has a unique plot from the rest. Taekwon, a boy, is the protagonist of the story. Fighting is Taekwon’s passion, and he aspires to be a great fighter. Although everything is going well, he was regrettably resurrected in a different universe. He gives up, yet he gets up nonetheless. He keeps up his fight to be the best, and the story follows him while he does so.

NO 8-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

9. Perfect Gold

Binwoo made archery his life’s work, but he gave up the sport after losing his parents in a vehicle accident. He was challenged to get a perfect score of gold three years later after being suspected of stealing a bow.

NO 9-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

10. Attaque

A youngster named Lisu is the protagonist of this Korean Manhwa’s first chapter. Leesu is the top combatant in his school and a professional fencer. Although he comes from a very disadvantaged family, he never allows it to impact how well he plays. Every time he practises fencing, he feels energised and powerful. But all of a sudden, he encounters a terrible injury, losing the capacity to fight once more, and his life is flipped upside down. Despite being from a low-income background, Lisu is regarded as one of the best fencers. He was content up until the day of the accident, which left him with serious injuries and a handicap. Lisu, who was previously a fantastic fencer, is unable to even approach the piste. The action centres on his battle to regain his former brilliance as a fencer.

NO 10-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

11. Angel Cup

Shin-bee and So-jin are the focal points of this manhwa’s story. No matter how powerful their opponents are, they are both excellent soccer players. The narrative advances as they experience life’s events and follow these incredible sportsmen as they play the game of life.

NO 11-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

12. Rim Ding Dong

The protagonist of this manhwa is a young man named Lee Jin-soo, who despite being just 163 cm tall, excels at basketball for his high school team. A college freshman called Kim Woo-jin wants to take up basketball as a pastime. But once he meets Lee Jin-soo, the entire storyline changes. He starts to completely transform his views and emotions towards basketball after meeting him.

NO 12-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

13. Shine Star

The second book on our list is extremely intriguing since it centres on Kim Shine, a well-known track star at a school. The entire plot is altered when Sun Yoobyul, a female, enrols at his school. She quickly becomes interested in Kim Shine. She enjoys eating more than running as an athlete, whereas Kim Shine solely concentrates on his running and workout, which is an issue since their personalities are too dissimilar. The intriguing love story between Sun Yoobyul and Kim Shine at the athletic track serves as the central theme of the narrative.

NO 13-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

14. Green Boy: Shouting To You

Green Boy: Shouting To You comes next on the list. The protagonist of this manhwa is a young woman by the name of Jae-in. Jae-in enjoys boxing and is working hard to become a champion. A young man called Tae-jin follows her. In other words, Tae Jin is an innocent lad who falls in love with Jane and follows her boxing adventure. Jane is a reckless girl who pursues her ambition of becoming a boxing champion. The entire story reveals their path to achievement, as well as their friendship and love.

NO 14-TOP 10+ BEST Manhwa like Windbreaker - \[RECOMMENDATIONS\]

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