TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

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We will look at some of the most intriguing and original romance manga series in this post, where the male is absolutely and entirely fixated on the lady. You’ll never want to put these manga series down since they provide a unique take on romance and relationships.

One of the guilty pleasures of many fans is romance manga. Some deconstruct stereotypes and make them feel novel, while others share the same cliched premise. One example is that romance manga frequently uses story devices where characters are in love with one another yet the main character becomes fixated on them.

Typically, we get at nebulous conclusions that leave no one happy. However, there are now several Mangas where the characters remain the same across all volumes. More than ten of the finest romantic comics that include ongoing dating will be listed below. Watch out for spoilers!

Here are the Top 10+ Best Romance Manga Where the guy is obsessed with the Girl. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you love romance and overcaring MCs, then you must check it out.

1. Aishite Kudasai, Sensei

The narrative of the manga begins when Kitou Hijiri, a student, professes his emotions for Chemistry instructor Nakatani Ayano. For the last eight years, he had been in love with her. As a result of learning this, Ayano was overcome by hijiri’s intense love and devotion for her. The narrative, which appears to be about a typical student who believed the teacher’s claim, is far more complex. We strongly advise you to read Aishite Kudasai at least once if you’re seeking a manga featuring possessive males, stalkers mc or obsessive males. You guys will adore it, we’re sure of it.

NO 1-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

2. Killing Stalking

The narrative begins when Yoon Bum, a young man with mental illness, decided to see Oh Sangwan, the guy who had protected him from being raped while they were serving in the military. Yoon enters Sangwan’s home without permission and discovers a young lady with bruises all over her body. Yoon quickly discovers that the man who previously guarded her is now a Serial Killer Sangwan spots him and breaks his ankle before he has time to process what is happening. Sangwan binds him up and doesn’t show him any affection. Up until the very end of the story, he remains in an abusive relationship with Yoon’s bum.

NO 2-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

3. Kaikan Phrase

Yukimura Aine, 17, tells her narrative in the play Kaikan Phrase, sometimes referred to as the Sensual Phrase. She is well-known among her friends for penning sexy tunes. One day, she accepts when several of her friends invite her to participate in a competition for composing lyrics. She runs across a man on the way to the tournament and starts to fall for him. She had no idea that she had forgotten to include the song’s lyrics. Then she goes to a Lucifer performance and all of a sudden Sakuya, the vocalist, starts singing her words. This is when their narrative takes off, Sakuya is moved to her school, and Sakuya’s obsession with love starts. What will take place next?

NO 3-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

4. Flowers Of Evil

Aku No Hana, another name for The Flowers of Evil, is a story that centres on Takao Kasiga, a young person. He is a typical person who lacks social skills and a strong love of books. The complete antithesis of him, Nanako Saeki, is the object of his affection. When he discovers his crush Nanako Saeki’s old exercise gear, he one day forgets his schoolwork and comes back. He takes up those clothing and makes his way home as a peculiar conviction propels him. A nasty girl called Sawa Nakamura observed her doing that, which only made matters worse for him. She then threatened to expose him if he doesn’t complete specific obligations that were stated in the contract. What will occur following this? Will Takao be found out?

NO 4-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

5. Haou Airen

Kurumi Akino, a teenage girl 17, serves as the main character in this manga’s story. She attends high school and works part-time after school to support her family. One day as she was walking home, a guy grabbed her, intimidated her, and told her to be silent. Before he can finish speaking, he passes out and hits the ground. Kurumi didn’t leave him there; instead, she brought him to her house and cared for him till he came to. His name was Hakuron, but he fled before she could ask him a question. She dismissed everything as a bad dream and continued living her life. One day when she returned home, she was abducted and transported to Hong Kong. She eventually concluded that Hakuron, one of the most powerful mobsters in Hong Kong, was the one who had abducted her. By making Kurumi his wife, he wishes to express his gratitude for everything she has done for him. The plot now picks up as she is caught in the middle of mob and gang fighting, and she also has to cope with Hakuron’s antics.

NO 5-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

6. Maid Sama!

A singular phenomenon at Seika High School is Misaki Ayuzawa. She worked hard and was honest to become the first female student council president in a predominately male college. Despite this, Misaki has a reputation for being quite severe with the lads, earning her the moniker Demon President. Misaki comes across Takumi Usui, the most popular kid in the school when he declines a confession of love one day after seeing a girl sob in the corridor. Misaki scolds him for making the girl weep as she becomes furious at what she witnesses. Unexpectedly, Usui and Misaki cross paths once more shortly, but this time while she is employed at a maid café. Embarrassed that her covert job has been discovered, Misaki commits herself that she won’t allow Usui to ruin her name. To monitor and taunt Misaki, the enigmatic youngster has now started going to the same cafe frequently.

NO 6-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

7. Killer In Love

A shy and reserved college student, Suzuki Ryuto. He attempts to blend in with a group of extroverted students every day while maintaining a fake grin despite nasty remarks about being a virgin. He encounters Kokoa, a stunning girl, during a drinking party one day. He poses as her boyfriend at her request to deter the stalker who has been bothering the girl. That delicate affection catalyzed a terrible catastrophe.

NO 7-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

8. My Wife Is Daji

The narrative of the manga centres on a 16-year-old youngster who collides with a sports vehicle while riding his scooter to work one day. Fortunately, a stunning female with supernatural abilities flings the automobile aside, sparing his life. The young woman tells him that he previously saved her life and she now wants to return the favour by taking his hand in marriage. What takes occur if he declines? Let’s just say that she doesn’t hesitate to use force and that if he persists, she’s prepared to make some “sacrifices.” The narrative then follows these two fortunate individuals as they move in together, attend school, adopt a chicken maid, become haunted by spirits, and come under assault from a cherry blossom tree.

NO 8-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

9. Head Over Heels

Although Woohyun is well-off, attractive, and well-liked, he is also a complete bully. Ha Yan, a kind and stuttering student in his class, serves as his punching bag. Nothing makes Woohyun happier than to bother her. The strange thing is that Ha Yan appears to thrive off of his attention, as though she craves it. Who will get caught as they both weave a web of lies to trap the other? Could romance emerge from this thorny, knotted mass of obsession?

NO 9-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

10. Ijousha No Ai

The first love of Kazumi Ichinose was ruthlessly murdered in front of his eyes. Her murderer grinned gleefully over the recently-killed victim as blood pooled around her corpse and her blank eyes looked into nothing. Even though they were all just in elementary school, Saki Midou, a girl whose shy and innocent look belied a cruel and lovesick murderer, was the perpetrator. Even though Midou was imprisoned, this incident left a scar on Kazumi, who thereafter began to isolate himself from the outside world. He only has two pals in high school right now, one of them is the animated and upbeat Shino Yotsuya. Yotsuya succeeds in piercing the wall Kazumi constructed around himself thanks to her tenacity and honesty, but their burgeoning romance heralds the beginning of a traumatic future. Years ago, Midou was murdered due to her infatuation, and it now appears that the same thing could be happening. No matter who gets in her way, she is determined to demonstrate that Kazumi’s heart is all hers. Even Kazumi may fall victim to her perverted version of love.

NO 10-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

11. Bone And Flesh

When working extra as a nude model, Jaeha, a smart and attractive man, meets Dami, a woman he has never seen before. Jaeha’s seemingly flawless figure begins to fracture as his fixation with Dami grows, and the evil within him starts to come out.

NO 11-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

12. Iyagatteru Kimi Ga Suki

In this manga tale, a high school student named Otsuki Makoto confesses her love to Shirakawa Makoto, who is seeking to start dating boys and be in a romantic relationship. Without giving it any thought, she happily welcomed him, believing that she could now at last boast about having a boyfriend to her friends. Little does she realise that her lover is not your typical boyfriend and has a bizarre attitude, placing her in an unexpected circumstance.

NO 12-TOP 10+ Best Romance Manga Where The Guy Is Obsessed With The Girl (Obsessive Love Manga)

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