Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

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Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

With so much Anime content coming every season, it is difficult to choose anime worth spending our time on. And if you are into flashy action and well-choreographed Action Anime the task gets more difficult.

Some Action Anime get way more popular than they deserve to be and some remain underappreciated. It is disheartening to so see some masterpieces failing to reach the general audience.

Intro- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

In this blog post, I discuss Action Anime that are way too underappreciated and require more attention from you. This is the list of the Top 10 underappreciated Action Anime you need to watch now.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

This Action Anime was in recent headlines due to all the controversies surrounding it. The Idaten Deities know only peace takes place in a world of demons and Idatens. The Idatens are beings that create out of the thoughts and prayers of humans.

This Action Manhwa at the surface looks like your favorite shounen jump manga adaptation. But, the action sequences in this Action Anime are gore and full of violence. There a numerous sexual references and fan service moments in this Anime.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

The character designs of the Demons and the Gods are well thought of. The action scene is one of the finest I have seen in a while. The action scenes are made more enjoyable by the snappy animation and unique art style.

The Idaten Deities know that only peace is criminally underappreciated. It hurts to know, how less people have heard of this Action Anime.

World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In Another World As An Aristocrat

This Action Anime revolves around the ruthless assassin named Lugh Tuatha De. He was a highly experienced assassin working for the “ORGANIZATION”. No, you did not get it wrong, the name of the organization he works for is “Organization”.

In his final mission, he gets betrayed by the Organization. In his last moments as he was seeing flashes of his life, he gets reincarnated in an Isekai world. Lugh in his new life is born into a family of assassins.

World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated In Another World As An Aristocrat- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

“World’s Finest Assassin” is a trashy harem and Isekai Anime. You might enjoy this Action Anime if you like fan service and loads of waifus. The main protagonist is overpowered and has some pretty thrilling Action scenes.

This Action Anime does have many flaws and a cast difficult to connect with. But, it definitely is underappreciated considering many popular Action Anime.

Altair: A Record of Battles

A fan favorite amongst history buffs this Action Anime remains underappreciated among the general audience. The Anime dives into the effects that war leaves on humankind and its surroundings. The devastation a war can cause and the negative impacts it has on the people who suffer it firsthand.

Altair: A Record of Battles- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

The story follows Tugril Mahmut, a young military official who gets promoted to the rank of Pasha(A high administrative post). 12 years ago a war took place in which Mahmut lost his mother and many more innocent lives were lost.

Mahmut swears to never let any such disaster ever happen. He decides to become the Pasha and reform the rules of his kingdom. Besides Mahmut’s personal desires, a lot more complex politics takes place in the background.

Rage of Bahamut

Another banger of a show by the famous MAPPA studios. Rage of Bahamut is an underappreciated, Action Anime compared to the other works by the same studio.

Thousands of years ago the world was in terror by the biggest and the most powerful dragon that ever lived, named Bahamut. To save everyone from the rage of Bahamut, Zeus and Satan join hands and sacrifice themselves to stop the dragon. They both lock Bahamut and turn themselves into magical keys.

Rage Of Bahamut- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

Now in the present day, a devil girl named Amira somehow gets possession of the God key. And along her journey, she meets companions that help her in finding her mother.

The action scenes are well-designed and elegant which enhances the feel of this Action Anime. The fantasy aesthetic and the character designs are also well done.

Super Crooks

Based on a graphic novel named Super Crooks by Mark Miller. Super Crooks is an underappreciated Action Anime that deserves more attention and laurels from Anime fans. The story revolves around a well-planned heist with superheroes and supervillains in the background.

The main protagonist Johnny Bolt is a typical fan-favorite character with an interesting backstory. The rest of the cast are outstanding in their own ways and have a significant presence in the show.

Super Crooks- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

It is available on Netflix granting it a lot of creative freedom. Thus, this Action Anime is full of gore, violence, and many sexual references. The heroes are not on the scale of “The Boys” but definitely are not good guys in any sense.

The heroes do not care about the collateral damage and many times murder entire groups of people. This is what makes this anime stand out from the rest of Action Anime.

Record Of Ragnarok

This Action Anime has been in recent controversies and even got banned in many countries. The Anime includes many mythical beings like Hindu God Shiva, Greek God Zeus, and Norse God Thor to name a few. It also includes characters from real life like Nikola Tesla, Jack The Reaper, and many more.

Record Of Ragnarok- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

The show is Tournament based where 13 Gods are up against 13 humans. Though the storyline runs a bit bland and the characters are not in any way interesting. This show promises you an action sequence to remember a lifetime.

Record of Ragnarok also is full of fan service and ecchi scenes. The character designs are given attention to detail and look complex. Though full of flaws this Action Manhwa is definitely underappreciated.

Inu Yasha

This Action Anime way the face of the “In another world” storyline also known as the isekai back in the times of Dragon Ball Z. Inu Yasha was the very first Anime that popularized the Isekai concept to western anime viewers.

The story follows Kagome, a Japanese High school girl, and Inu Yasha, the male protagonist. Kagome falls into a magical well and transports into the Sengoku period. The Sengoku period is a complete 200 years of chaos in Japanese history. This time period is a perfect setting for a show like Inu Yasha which deals with a lot of superstitious stuff.

Inu Yasha- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

Inu Yasha and Kagome are set on a journey as they try to find the scattered parts of a magical jewel. The story at the surface seems like an Action Anime. But, it has more layers to it as well.

The story dives into the feeling of first love and how it shapes the life of a person. This show though popular is quite underappreciated, in comparison to the other popular shows that were released in the same time period.

Trinity Seven

The show features unrealistic harem features and an extremely perverted main protagonist. This adds up to the divided opinions of the show amongst this Action Anime’s audience.

The story revolves around the main character of the show, Arata Kasuga. He activated an emergency event in the show’s world. During the event, he loses his beloved cousin. This stimulates Arata to attend a magic school so that he can save the world and bring his cousin back to life.

Trinity Seven- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

There he meets a group of magic-wielding girls who call themselves Trinity Seven, with whom he embarks on an adventure. Though the critics refer to it as overly fictional and bland, it does have its share of amazing Action sequences.

With likable characters, an honest and straightforward protagonist, loads of ecchi scenes, and an underappreciated set of great action scenes, the show makes it to the list.

The God of High School

With a streamlined story and not much fooling around with filler scenes. The God of High School is a trailblazer in the Action Anime genre. Anime fans have mixed opinions about this Action Anime. But surely praise it for the density of Action and fighting scenes for which the show is clearly underappreciated.

The show focuses on a martial arts tournament. The tournament is held to groom and find the strongest high schooler in the world. The winner gets any wish they desire granted by a mysterious organization. The show is based on the Webtoon of the same name and is produced by MAPPA Studios.

The God Of High School- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

The action sequences depict a felt sense of motion, balance, and weight as the scenes unfold. Real moves from martial arts can be identified while watching this Action Anime. The show steers far away from the “superhuman” fighting trope and remains somewhat grounded in its approach.

The show is an excellent showcase of MAPPA’s surreal animation styles. The short run-time of this Action Anime serves justice to the impatient Anime fans.

Akatsuki No Yona

The show Akatsuki No Yona or Yona of the Dawn falls under the Action and Adventure genre. This Action Anime does a great job incorporating into its design subtle romantic, comedic, and Shojo elements.

Yona is the pampered princess of the kingdom of Kouka. Without any care in the world, she remains completely ignorant of anything happening outside the walls of her castle. Her father has banned war from the kingdom in hopes of peace. But this earns him the reputation of a weak and cowardly king. She knows only limited people and experiences.

Yon Of The Dawn- Top 10 Underappreciated Action Anime YOU NEED WATCH NOW

But one day this all flips upside down and she is forced to flee the palace. She hopes to fulfill her destiny and regain her lost kingdom. The show is not about reaching the destination but about living through the journey.

The story is about emotional loss, determination, overcoming fear, and finding one’s strength. The show has a great plot and touches on its main themes subtly and impactfully but remains underappreciated. This Action anime has characters worth rooting for. And stunning animation, and Action scenes worth spending time on.

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