Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

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Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Link Click or Shiguang Dailiren has become synonymous with popular time travel and mystery genre works. Studio LAN’s production work revolves around the secretive events from the Time Photo Studio. This masterpiece mystery anime that spectacularly uses the time travel trope is a Donghua (Chinese anime). Because you are reading this article at the moment, we assume that you have already watched Link Clink and waiting for its season 2.

Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click

So the Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click recommendation list will free you from the burden of finding similar work. Ranging from popular anime series to manga volumes, we have brought some selected pieces of storytelling that you might like if you are a Link Click fan.

Erased; Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


Popular anime Erased follows the story of Satoru Fujinuma, the MC who turns back in time and tries to find the culprit behind a series of murders and kidnappings. This mystery science fiction has a lot of spectacular themes like love and loss. The series is a binge-watch anime with 12 episodes. The main character goes back in time and joins the dot of crimes that he witnesses in the past and present.

Steins; Gate- Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


If mysterious plots like the anime Link Click interest you then, popular anime Steins; Gate from White Fox developers is a must-watch. Both stories rely on heavy elements of time travel and have an intricate involvement of the butterfly effect in the story. The protagonists’ abilities in both Link Click and Steins; Gate hamper the course of the story. The sci-fi elements in the story bring unforeseen consequences for all the characters.

Dr. Stone - Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Dr. Stone

This time-traveling anime mixed with fantasy also picks up the scientific fiction trope but in an unusual manner. Dr. Stone is about a giant virus that attacks earthing and turns everything that comes in contact with a stone. However, instead of killing the humans fully, it brings them to preserved or frozen form. The suspense has a group of budding scientists who try to resolve the mystery of this occurrence.

Tokyo Revengers - Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo revengers are one of those series where the main character is an ordinary salesman who travels back in time. This time travel suspense is not very typical as the hero goes back in time after he is pushed on the train tracks. This anime like Link Click has an inbuilt suspense that captures the audience’s attention. The mission to save his girlfriend from 12 years ago brings forth odd challenges for Takemichi

Orange - Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


This is yet another time-travel anime/ manga like Link Click. The subtle story of Orange begins with the female main character Naho receiving a mysterious letter addressed to her. The letter was from herself but from 10 years ahead in the future. The future self of the main character wants her about something that might turn her life miserable. The twisted and intertwined events of past and present create suspense for the audience. The beautiful use of people’s emotions to intensify the story is a remarkable effort by the writers.

The Tatami Galaxy : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

The Tatami Galaxy

Premise of The Tatami Galaxy is just like Link Click anime but with certain implications. The main character is a lonely 3rd-year college student who bumps into a mythical and weird creature. That autumn evening turns his life upside down because he gets a chance to turn his life as a recluse and build new friendships. This surreal and artistic misadventure journey to make friends is it interesting Piece of anime storytelling to add to your watch list.

Butlers x Battlers : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Butlers x Battlers

Butlers x Battlers is an underrated time travel top anime like Link Click. Jay is separated from his sister Tenna and thrown a century ahead in the future. He finds himself in an Academy that stands in the place of his mansion. The main character in this estranged world tries to find out his purpose and the truth behind the mysterious travel to the future days. The story has gripping suspense and decent animation.

Summer Time Rendering : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Summer Time Rendering

The popular anime series Summer Time Rendering is equally mysterious as the Link Click anime series. The main character Shinpei and some of his close friends are tragically surrounded by happenings that involve the disappearing of people and the revival of fantasy creatures known as Shadows. The grim fate of all the people at the center of the story brings mystery to anime.

Death Note : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Death Note

Death Note on Netflix is one of those hit anime series that even non-anime lovers know about. The protagonist Light Yagami is an overpowered main character who tries to balance the bad in society by killing the wrong people. The anime does not have a time travel trope but is similar to Link Click in thriller elements. Also, the protagonist of both stories has some ability/ thing that can alter the life of other people. The show is a memorable one in terms of anime mystery and deep character building

Occult Academy : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Occult Academy

If time travel and the world of magic come together what we get as a result is a plot like that of Occult Academy. This time travel anime has Maya and time traveler Fumiaki add the center of the fiction. In Occult Academy the mention of real-life personalities and prophecies like that of Nostradamus adds a realistic touch to the story. Beginning from 2012 and going back to the year 1999 to prevent something big that resulted in an apocalypse later the mystery gripping.

7 Seeds : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

7 Seeds

Anime/ manga 7 Seeds shares the key element of mystery with the popular anime series Link Click. This premise of 7 Seeds is the post-apocalyptic era when humanity has been wiped out from the earth. Seven healthy individuals including the protagonist Natsu are brought to an isolated island to replenish the loss add to get a second chance at survival. The manga is an interesting read and the themes of survival with an emphasis on codependency remind us of the dependency of the Link Click main characters on each other.

Death Parade : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Death Parade

Talking about mystery animes where the protagonists need to get involved in the life of other people or strangers; We cannot miss out on the spectacular title Death Parade. This anime has featured several underrated lists because it has an oddball concept. Both the stories of this anime and Link Click grow from impersonal encounters to the personal involvement of the main cast. The tragic and thriller elements in these anime series make them fall under a similar category with interesting use of time travel.

Sakurada Reset : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Sakurada Reset

Just like the main characters from the anime series Link Click, each individual in the city of Sakurada has a unique ability. Anime’s main character Misora Haruki is blessed with the ability to reset anything within the timeline of three days from the present. And Kei the other main character can retain all the events in the form of photographic memory before resetting. Both stories focus on fixing an aspect of the past. The main characters begin to offer the service as a side occupation but slowly get dragged into the dire consequences of playing with time.

Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World/ Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World

Re: Zero - Starting Life In Another World has a strong semblance with the time travel element of Link Click. The character-driven story of time travel features Natsuki, a regular high schooler who gets transmigrated into an unknown land. The main character soon after finds himself in a game-like setting where he has the chance to undo some of the events of his own life. This is a worthy watch if you love time travel mysteries.

Charlotte : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


If you have watched Link Click then Yuu from anime Charlotte will remind you of Lu from the series mentioned prior. Yuu can enter into someone’s consciousness and control their body for me early 5 seconds. The protagonist is transferred to a school where people have supernatural powers and there is a certain involvement of time travel that unfolds with the series and looks better when watched and not read as a synopsis.

InuYasha : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


Fantasy anime series and manga InuYasha is yet another popular work of mystery. The main character’s ordinary life is spiced up by a demon who takes her into a dungeon transporting her five hundred years in the past. The grave consequences of the main character’s actions are in the need of immediate remedy. To save the world from a dark influence InuYasha helps the main character in restoring things to a normal state.

ReLIFE : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


ReLIFE is a thrilling time travel that combines the adventures and misadventures of the main character Arata Kaizaki. The main character quits his job and joins a social rehabilitation program that experiments with turning back age through medical drugs. The protagonist reaches back to the high school year and relives some memorable days of his life. This is a slice-of-life add psychological anime that is based on a webtoon.

Higurashi: When They Cry : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Higurashi: When They Cry

The anime series titled Higurashi: When They Cry lacks the characteristic element of time travel but is a highly rated anime. Primarily this anime falls under the category of a mystery psychological or a suspense psychological anime. The several gore elements and violent murders add an in-depth exploration of some psychological fears.

Pet : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)


Another psychological suspense from the Link Click like anime in the recommendation list is Pet. Beginning with overpowering main characters these individuals with psychic power delve into criminally controlling the lives of others. Closely resembling Shiguang Dailiren in suspense and psychological findings this anime series is darker in tone.

I Can Say “I Love You” in the Afterlife : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

I Can Say “I Love You” in the Afterlife

This particular manga by mangaka Yoshi not only resembles Shiguang Dailiren but also has a strikingly similar plot to Tokyo Revengers. Featuring a 29-year-old MC named Kumini who has given up on life and jumps in front of a train finding himself back in high school attire. This BL anime has equal ounces of suspense and emotional value in the story.

Odd Taxi : Top 20+ BEST Anime & Manga Like Link Click (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Odd Taxi

As odd as the title is similar are the twisted events that happened within the story. Okadawa is a regular taxi driver who meets various people due to his professional commitment. Unknowingly Okadawa finds himself getting involved in the back story of a crime. Just Like in Link Click the bunch of characters without any prior connection add to the main conflict of the protagonists’ life.

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