TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

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If you like to read BL Manhwas, you should read this article. Now, in this article, we’ll discuss the fascinating fluffy BL comic Enemies to Lovers. Many people enjoy reading fluffy BL manhwas and enemies about romantic relationships. To help BL lover fans, we have included some of the top enemies to love BL manhwa.

Yaoi webtoons, webcomics, and foes-to-lovers BL manhwa clichés will all be covered today.

Considering how frequently this page has been requested, I’ve also included some Shounen-ai and Yaoi.

Here are the top 20+ Best Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa are listed below, so without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Shutline

The scenes in this manhwa are quite powerful and it is a great bl manhwa. Auto technicians on the street fix damaged vehicles. Our MC encounters Jake, who gave him a fleeting glance and paid a sizable quantity of money for the repair of a malfunctioning vehicle. To ensure that he doesn’t miss Jake, he also gives him his contact information. However, he subsequently learned that Jake is involved in a risky event. He then decided to avoid him so as not to be apprehended by the police, but he was unable to resist. Check it out to learn more about this fantastic lover-themed manga recommendation.

NO. 1-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

2. Semantic Error

This most recent BL manhwa is based on the true account of a college student who, while working on a group project with his classmates, found that every single one of them had an excuse and failed to finish it. Additionally, when the deadline for the project submission drew near, he finished all of the work by himself and made it evident that he worked alone to finish the assignment. The other members of the group were on the verge of failing the class. Sadly, one of the group members is a classic lunatic who will not readily let it go. I became engrossed in this manhwa from the very first chapter because it is so fascinating. Each character is extraordinary and distinct, with a typical personality. I adore the interactions between these antagonistic people.

NO. 2-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

3. Pairing Names

The plot of the most recent BL Manhwa centres on the increasing animosity between two childhood friends. They are enraged by one another and will do anything to avoid coming into contact with one another or even just crossing paths. They unexpectedly find themselves in each other’s bodies one day, and the plot then takes an unusual turn. Fans are eager to read this unique Manhwa since it is one of a kind. People have high hopes for this yaoi fluffy BL manhwa because the storyline and artwork are both well-done.

NO. 3-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

4. If You Hate Me So

When Minjae entered, she saw Hyung-jo abusing a T.A. who was dozing off in the lounge. His peaceful existence then abruptly flipped upside down. Hyung-jo began to receive threats from Minjae if he desired to keep the event a secret. He must avoid the T.A., whom he so much loved. However, Minjae can’t stop thinking about the incident he saw. Threats notwithstanding, he still is unable to cross across, which complicates matters. This most recent BL manhwa has an original and captivating love story between Yaoi’s foes and loves.

NO. 4-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

5. Addiction

Wolves and foxes that have been coexisting with humans to reproduce are the basis for supernatural manhwa. Additionally, there is a restriction prohibiting them from spending time together or falling in love because they are competitors in the breeding stakes. However, the wolf Han Sirang and the fox Kim Ho are drawn to one another, and ultimately, their love defies that law by quietly maintaining their close friendship from dangerous foes to lovers without anybody knowing.

NO. 5-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

6. Bitten By Moonlight

An assassin sneaks up on a famed vampire who is wreaking havoc throughout the land in this fantasy manhwa. But as it turned out, he was indoctrinated and uncontrollable. How will things pan out if he falls for this man, who’s his perfect type? Read the story to find out what transpired in the “enemies to lovers” Yaoi BL manhwa “bitten by moonlight.”

NO. 6-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

7. Love Shuttle

Doyun, who developed slowly and appears to be half Omega but doesn’t, is a late bloomer. The worst part about Doyun was that he was a fully developed adult guy who was pure. He was tall and attractive. Even though everyone assumed Doyun was an Alpha male, he was unable to understand the issue. But the toughest time came when he finally decided that it was time. Although Taehan, his office adversary, was the only person he was close to, he was grateful that Taehan bailed him out.

NO. 7-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

8. A Man Of Virtue

For his whole life, Ma Sangtae, Nam Jinwoo’s nemesis, has cast a shadow over him. However, they are both currently employed at the same office. Since desire is weird, it can swiftly transition from adoration to jealousy or hatred. They developed intimate bonds, and things drastically changed. Following the onset of some genuine, nefarious, and unpleasant dreams concerning his competitor Sangtae. Jinwoo’s inability to restrain his fantasies added intrigue and made the book worthwhile to read.

NO. 8-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

9. Escape, Ray

Kile was enjoying a typical workday until Lou, a tall, handsome man with blonde hair, entered the building. Lou was an unremarkable man who had a wonderful appearance. After some while, Lou began taking Kile to his house and back to his place. When he learned that his twin brother had passed away and that he would soon turn into an esper, however, everything changed. He started to develop mysterious telekinetic abilities, which were followed by a fever. Kile was in pain, but he finds that Lou’s touch is the one thing that makes him feel better.

NO. 9-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

10. A Shoulder To Cry On

The protagonist of the story, Dayeol, accidentally knocks over the shower curtain as he overhears two men conversing close to the nurse’s office. When Taehyun made out with Dayeol, word of it quickly travelled across the entire school like wildfire. Dayeol’s scholarship for archery is threatened by rumours, which makes the situation worse. Taehyun doesn’t even give a damn about what occurred and exhibits no regret at all. Additionally, he brazenly makes an effort to hang out with Dayeol.

NO. 10-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

11. No Love Zone

Lee Eun-gyeom is a kind and normal office worker. He had just started working there, and everything was going great. Han Jihyuk, the attractive new team manager who was completely Eun-ideal gyeom’s type, entered the scene, though, and everything in his life turned upside down. However, Eun-gyeom took things too far and led to a misunderstanding.

NO. 11-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

12. At The End Of The Road

Our male protagonist Taemin ends up inhabiting the body of a brand-new character named Siwon after being struck in an automobile accident. Due to his innocence and sucker-like personality, Siwon gets ridiculed at school. After Taemin took control of his body, everything changed because he stood up for himself. Nevertheless, when he runs into Woojin, one of his old acquaintances, Woojin recognises Taemin as Siwon right away. Because his past will now influence his future, things became rather confusing and exciting.

NO. 12-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

13. Painter Of The Night

A young artist named Na-kyum is the subject of this manhwa. He has a special gift for painting romantic portraits of guys. Na-kyum, however, only had a small number of his collections published under a different name before he gave up painting and met Seungho. A young aristocrat who intrudes into his life is well known for having a foul disposition. Moreover, Seungho coerces Na-kyum into becoming his painter out of his unquenchable passion. The evenings of Na-kyum, however, were unlike anything he had ever experienced before in his life.

NO. 13-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

14. Room x Mate

The main character so encounters this intolerable client while performing his part-time job. He simply wants to get home and rest after a hard day. But when he learns he has a new roommate, it’s the obnoxious man from before. I’m not sure if this manhwa is simply awful or if it is so awful that it works. The humour is so ridiculous, and the characters are so absurd and strange. However, it can occasionally make you giggle and is similar to a comic you can read without giving it any thought. These already very animated creatures are given even more life by the art’s brilliant and cheery aesthetic.

NO. 14-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

15. The Devil’s Temptation

Despite having intended to stay home for the holiday party, the main character shows up there. He wakes up nude next to the person he despises the most after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and acting foolishly. Ivan used to bother me with his ridiculous look, and I didn’t think much of him. He has, nonetheless, won my favour over time. He’s like that one incredibly stupid guy that, despite being so annoying, you simply can’t despise. With the entire animal bonding thing going on, I’ve always felt the originality in this comic was incredibly amazing. It’s a wonderfully original and fascinating comedy that will have you laughing!

NO. 15-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

16. All About Lust

Wooseung, an innocent and naive art student, has never been in a relationship. But he’s madly in love with attractive upperclassman Sunjin, his first love. Wooseung is thrilled when Sunjin claims that there is mutual attraction since he has thoughts of admitting his affections, holding hands, and giving lovely kisses. There is only one significant issue: Sunjin has a far more active conception of relationships! Considering all the spicy shocks Sunjin has in store for them, will Wooseung handle them?

NO. 16-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

17. Glass Cloth And Playlist

New hires “Bada Lee” and “Seomin Hyun” cover the jobs left vacant by two employees in the catalogue department who fall in love, get married soon, and immigrate to a different nation. The two are rivals who compete while Bada maintains music playlists and Seomin accumulates glasses and clothes.

NO. 17-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

18. Under The Green Light

Jin Cheong-woo and Matthew Raynor, two men who have created walls between themselves and the outside world, respectively, are hiding their respective ambitions. Chun Ja-hwa, the chairperson, instructs Jin to assist in facilitating the establishment of an art museum.

NO. 18-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

19. The Pawn’s Revenge

Je-oh has the lowest socioeconomic position in the slums as a male prostitute. One of several pawns. He has attempted to escape, sure, but each time he has simply ended himself with additional injuries. Up until the day a serial murderer kidnaps him and his pimp and then rescues him. Seong-rok, the murderer, is carrying out the plan for his sweetheart, a former prostitute who wants to retaliate. It’s unknown why he saved Je-oh, but it’s evident that no one had any intention of helping a smooth-talking manwhore. Je-oh, however, is not your typical pawn. Now that he’s in the game, he’ll employ every dirty tactic in his arsenal to exact retribution.

NO. 19-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

20. Eternal Covenant

Strong-willed university student Cassie McLennan, who has an insatiable curiosity, frequently appears to get herself in trouble. Her curious curiosity draws her back into an investigation when a mystery Tibetan monk shows up at her professor’s office.

NO. 20-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

21. A Married Man

Lee Geom, who had been missing for eight years, is encountered by Lim Wooyeon, who was attending a reunion to celebrate his engagement. Lee Geom, who abruptly kissed him and then vanished, causes him to rediscover his sorrow in a dim alley.

NO. 21-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

22. Kiss Me Liar

Is there a more terrible situation for a secretary than falling in love with your boss? And this employer is a major proponent of the Alpha concept. How old is he that he still rejects masculine Omega and uses sexism?

NO. 22-TOP 20+ BEST Enemies to Lovers BL Manhwa

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