Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

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Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Gonbung and Jinwoo Kim collaborated on the webcomic Infinite Level up in Murim. On Webtoon, it is serialised as Infinite Leveling: Murim. Web novels in the Naver Series or Naver Web Novel are their works.

The plot revolves around Yuseong Dan, who was killed in combat and left without honour, who is given the chance to become stronger through a peculiar mission and levelling up system. But the challenges he must face appear to be increasing with each quest. He wants to be a mighty hero, but can he level up to that point and escape the same unhappy outcome? One of the finest murim tales ever written, this one is excellent and a little different.

If you have loved this series and want to watch a similar kind of series then this article will help you out. Here are the top 20+ best Manhwa or Webtoons which is like Infinite Leveling: Murim and the best recommendation list for you.

1. Murim Login

A time when creatures from Gates are sought by hunters. A low-ranking hunter named Jin Tae-Kyung accidentally logs into a game that is based in the martial arts world after picking up a VR device. Tae-Kyung succeeds in leaving this planet after experiencing numerous highs and lows. He was able to use the power and abilities he gained in the Murim to the outside world. This enables him to continue supporting himself as a hunter, but out of concern for his NPC companions, he chooses to return to the realm of Murim.

jin tae-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

2. I Am The Monarch

Roan had a goal of being a general when he was a little child, but after 20 years and innumerable battles, all he has left is a few coins and a lowly title. Roan didn’t want to pass away like anybody, but the war appears determined to give him a sad end. That is until he suddenly awakens in the past as an 18-year-old just out of boot camp. With all of his memories still there, Roan commits to using this second chance to surpass all of his former expectations by becoming a Monarch. Roan gains ground toward his long-desired grandeur with each triumph. However, as he alters the past, he concludes that he can no longer use his memories to foretell the future.

child-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

3. Murim RPG Simulation

Seolhwi, a scout in the notorious Demon Cult, is on a normal patrol when his squad unintentionally runs across a terrifying master of the Mount Hua Sect, the Demon Cult’s vowed adversaries. The leader of the Mount Hua Cult massacres the whole squad without warning. Seolhwi is asked if he wants to restart a video game while he is dying and laments his years of dedication to the cult without anything to show for it. Seolhwi promises to live and grow stronger so he can lead the Demon Cult if given the chance to start again and make new decisions.

seolhwi-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

4. My Blasted Reincarnated Life

Bermut Lionhart makes a promise to defeat the final demon king after the warrior Hamel gives his life to save his adversary and prevent him from being killed. He is astonished to discover that he has been resurrected as Eugene Lionhart, a descendant of his old rival’s family and that not only are the demon kings still alive after being reincarnated with his memories 300 years earlier! Eugene must now undergo training to establish his Lionhart status and finally vanquish the other demon kings when he reaches adulthood.

bermut-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

5. Nano Machine

In this manhwa Nano Mchine, the protagonist of the tale is a child from the demonic sect who was despised by everyone. A small child who had come to meet him from the future protected him one day while he was being pursued by a bunch of assassins. The protagonist’s life completely alters once the child implants a machine into him or her. The equipment he acquired in his employment aids him in his martial arts training. The main character decides completely alter his life with the aid of the system.

bundh of assassins-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

6. The Swordmaster’s Son

To lead his swordmaster clan, Jin Runcandel was destiny. Nevertheless, despite his best attempts, he is exiled due to his poor swordsmanship. Jin ultimately enters into a deal with the deity Solderet and is released from the curse that constrained his talents, but he has a fairly unlucky outcome. He suddenly awakens, nevertheless, as a baby, many years before his tragedy started. Jin vows to live up to his fate and become the greatest swordsman now that he has a second opportunity and some new abilities.

jin-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

7. The Hero Returns

Dungeons mysteriously appeared, and with them a relentless invasion of creatures engulfed civilization. The Earth was being destroyed despite the efforts of the Awakened, people with unique powers to combat monsters. The most potent awakened, Sungin Kim, was ultimately the lone survivor. After passing away, Sungin awakens twenty years earlier than Soohyun Kim, a quiet high school student. He doesn’t know how or why he was brought back, but he is aware that this is his second chance to rescue the world and earn his rightful place in the pantheon of heroes.

sungin kim-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

8. Volcanic Age

Due to pure chance, Joo Seo-Cheon, the senior of the Hwasan group, survived the age of conflict. However, his life has been marred by regrets and uncertainties. Then, when he is sent back in time, he lies on his deathbed anticipating the inevitable.

joo seo cheon-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

9. Taebaek: The Tutorial Man

This manhwa’s main character is a game’s NPC that teaches new players how to play. He saw the burning down of his home and the kidnapping of his wife one day as he was walking home from work. He was feeble at the moment and unable to take any action against the kidnappers. But this time, after raising every ability to 999, he quit his job and began looking for his bride.

lead character-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

10. Solo Spell Caster

The protagonist of the tale is a young boy who formerly worked as a salaryman on a monster-infested planet. The main character has always desired to become a hunter and rid the world of monsters. One day, as he was working in his office, a gate suddenly opened in front of him, and creatures began to assault him. At that point, the main character unexpectedly awoke a talent from a game he’d played when he was younger.

all main characters-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

11. Supreme Mad Emperor System

A youngster whose luck has never been good is the subject of this manhua. His parents passed away while he was a little child. He was defrauded by his lover once he reached adulthood, and she also took all of his savings. He decided to end his life since he felt he had nothing left to live for, but that also failed. Thunder hit the main character on the day he made the decision to pass away, and as a result, he was reborn into the form of a royal prince. The main character vows never to live in this world the same way he did in the one before.

great manhwa-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

12. My Level’s The Best

This manhwa is in the style of a video game, and the main character has applied to be a beta tester. However, the protagonist was unable to check out owing to a system issue, and as a result, a few years passed. He was able to regain consciousness after a few years and leave the game. He discovers himself in the hospital there. After regaining his health, he resumes his quest to play games to pay off his family’s debt.

beta tester-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

13. Limitless Abyss

Nobody knew where the monsters were coming from as they suddenly took over the earth. People throughout the world began to unexpectedly awaken incredible skills that no one had ever imagined. The human race began to fight these creatures after their emergence. To aid in their escape, the central protagonist was sacrificed by his fellow characters to the monsters. Even his childhood was not nice for him.

all characters-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

14. Levelling Up Alone

The protagonist of this manhwa served as a porter for a group that was out hunting monsters. The creature began to pursue him one day while he was attempting to save one of his buddies. He was ultimately pursued by the creature, and he was unable to flee. The main character at that point abruptly became a hunter.

manhwa-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

15. It Starts With A Kingpin Account

Humans’ regular lives were destroyed. After monsters first started to appear, the world completely transformed. The majority of global deaths were caused by these omnipresent beasts. After so many years, people began to develop the skills necessary to combat these monsters.

monsters vs human-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

16. Greatest Boss System

The girl who killed the lead character was the one he attempted to save. After passing away, he unexpectedly heard a voice that claimed to be able to fulfil his requests. Later, the main character awakens in a strange universe while inhabiting someone else’s body. This time, he makes a firm commitment to choosing villainy above heroism. He will also need to take care of his sister. Additionally, the main character was given a mechanism to aid with levelling up.

heroism-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

17. Askr Yggdrasil’s Wood

The protagonist of this manhwa was sent to a location reserved for the most heinous crimes. For nourishment, he once went monster hunting. After 100 years, a police officer’s daughter approached him and informed him that his exile was finally ended. The main character now simply wants to know why his exile was lifted after all this time.

protagonist-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

18. Trapped In A Webnovel As A Good For Nothing

The manhwa’s main character was reading a book when he eventually fell asleep. He read an online book last night, and when he opened his eyes the following morning, he discovered that it had entered. The primary issue, though, is that he enters the body of the person who is ready to do it.

main character-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

19. Solo Leveling

In the manhwa Solo Leveling, unexpectedly one day, a doorway leading to another realm opened, letting hordes of monsters and other creatures of every description entered. When certain individuals obtained the ability to hunt these monsters, they were known as Hunters, and this transformation also affected humans. Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter who is the least powerful of all hunter ranks and just slightly more powerful than a human, becomes stuck in a dungeon that is incredibly deadly with other hunters. He barely makes it out of the dungeons as many higher-rank hunters die before him by following its trail, which transforms him into a “player” who can see an interface between the actual world and the realm of the monsters that resembles a video game.

sung jin woo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

20. History’s Number 1 Founder

The protagonist was a typical human being from Earth who subsequently travelled to another globe. He awoke a system on that planet, and soon after that he was given the assignment to start a cult, if he fails, he will perish. He quickly takes the first move in recruiting followers for his religion.

cult-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

21. World’s Apocalypse Online

A video game realm unexpectedly landed on Earth in this manhwa. People began entering this virtual reality game to battle monsters and level up. But the game they believed to be easy wasn’t that simple. After a few years, creatures from the game began to show up in reality and raze everything to the ground. In the end, not many people made it.

battle of monster-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

22. Reincarnated As A Fish

The protagonist of this manhwa was the CEO of a 4-star business. He used to put in a lot of effort for the business, which left him with little time for his family, whom he ignored. He was slain one day when he was attacked by one of his coworkers as he was leaving the office. When he was ready to pass away, a system appears and grants him a second chance, but this time he is born as a fish rather than a human. The main character, who was born a fish, decides to do all in his power and with the aid of the system transform back into a human and return to his family. This manga is excellent.

born a fish-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Infinite Leveling: Murim (RECOMMENDATIONS)

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