Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

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The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing is a mixture of several other genres, even though it may look more like a typical mediaeval fantasy tale than a Murim one. This is only because the main protagonist, Eren Steelguard, uses a system known as “Dimensional Trading,” which enables him to barter, establish a business, and conduct trade with others throughout other worlds, essentially acting as a multi-dimensional internet marketplace.

The primary trading universe that Eren interacts with, System 1, often known as “the Murim World,” is greatly influenced by traditional Wuxia tales throughout a significant amount of the narrative. Eren can combine aspects from his world, such as the “Breath of Steel” method from his own family, with Murim’s techniques, such as cultivation and qi, to increase his power to insane proportions as a result.

Every every day, fresh anime, manga, manhwa, web novels and even webtoons are released or demonstrate their superiority. And as a result, several new series have emerged that are inspired by or centre on the Murim and Wuxia.

To determine which Murim stories are popular in 2022, let’s go over all of these tales featuring strong martial arts, ancient clans and sects, and conflicts between the evil and good forces once more.

Here are the top 20+ best Manhwa or Webtoons like Murim Login and you must check these out.

1. Solo Glitch Player

Paradiso, Taepung Shin’s all-time favourite online multiplayer game, is something of a pro. But he didn’t know that he would die and that he would utilise that knowledge to make his new life in Paradiso the greatest it could be. Jared was brought back to life as a fat city king. He sets himself the objective of losing all of his weight. Jared develops into a powerful force to be feared. Murim Login and this manhwa are pretty similar.

taepung shin-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

2. My Dad Is Too Strong

A talentless, haphazard civil servant returned as the heavenly Demon. Now he wanted to spend the rest of his days tranquilly. He unexpectedly gave birth to a daughter, and she wants him to be her father until she graduates. Murim Login and this manhwa are pretty similar.

demon clut-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

3. Solo Leveling

In the manhwa Solo Leveling, unexpectedly one day, a doorway leading to another realm opened, letting hordes of monsters and other creatures of every description entered. When certain individuals obtained the ability to hunt these monsters, they were known as Hunters, and this transformation also affected humans. Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank hunter who is the least powerful of all hunter ranks and just slightly more powerful than a human, becomes stuck in a dungeon that is incredibly deadly with other hunters. He barely makes it out of the dungeons as many higher-rank hunters die before him by following its trail, which transforms him into a “player” who can see an interface between the actual world and the realm of the monsters that resembles a video game.

sung jin woo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

4. Ranker’s Return

Early on in the augmented reality game Arena, Meleegod held the top ranking! He deleted his character and departed immediately. He came back to Arena to save his impoverished family!

areana-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

5. Mystic Musketeer

Ha, Yiha is resuming play in the game of virtual reality “Middle Earth,” where he hopes to advance and make a profit, but an untimely logout sees him starting as a musketeer. Fortunately, he can make excellent use of his real-world sharpshooting abilities and advanced musketeers. Yiha is confident in his ability to succeed, but he has just put himself directly in harm’s way.

yiha, ha-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

6. I’m Destined For Greatness

In the reality, Taehyun Kim has a bland, uninteresting life, but in virtual reality, he yearns for a challenging task. Taehyun hopes to either become the greatest blacksmith in the entire world or, even better, to continue to be unemployed. Unfortunately for him, this game does have a thing for him and his natural powers keep getting in the way! He becomes the lucky god in the end.

taehyun kim-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

7. Overgeared

After a difficult life, Shin Youngwoo now finds himself carrying bricks on building sites. Even work was required in the virtual reality game Satisfy! On the other side, luck will soon come into his chaotic existence.

shin youngwoo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

8. Station Seoul Druid

After travelling to a different planet for a thousand years, Park Sooho has come back to Earth. At that time, monsters appeared, turning Earth into a place where the strongest survive. The animal king that has endured for a thousand years, Druid, is currently in route to taking control of the whole globe.

park sooho-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

9. Warble

The only direction in which humans may move between the underworld and the overworld is that direction. The primary character in Warble is Jude Park. He was to rise to power and rule the Grimoires in the future. Warlock changed his fate. He is now working to stop the end of the planet.

jude park-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

10. Limitless Abyss

Numerous gates have descended from the sky upon several Earthly lands. These were the dungeons, teeming with beasts hungry to consume and obliterate everything. The character F Rank Hunter is the main protagonist. He couldn’t help but believe he was dreaming, but that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t a natural chasm, it was the Limitless Abyss.

f rank hunter-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

11. God Of Blackfield

During the African struggle, he was known as the “God of Blackfield” or “God of the Black Land.” Kang Chan was killed in battle. His goal was to get rid of Masallan. Murim Login and this webtoon have a lot in common.

kang chan-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

12. I Am The Sorcerer-King

Mankind started to gain strength at the same time and started going on monster hunts for glory and money. Lee SungHoon, who is helping the hunters hunt those monsters because of his mother’s sickness, accepts a dangerous task four times a month acting as bait.

lee sunghoon-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

13. I Login Along

When he reaches the age of 16, the world degenerates into anarchy, and an enormous castle suddenly materialises over the planet. It started with picking out special people, giving them wings, and turning them into Players who eventually changed the world. Jung Si-woo, despite his incredible power, hasn’t given up on his goal of becoming a Player. He accidentally fulfilled the requirement to be an “Underground Player” by rescuing a Player who had fallen.

jung si woo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

14. Return To Player

All people on Earth were changed into players in a cruel game ten years ago by a group of gods. Sehan Kim has already foreseen the outcome of the game, stating that no one would survive who rescues him.

sehan kim-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

15. Descent Of The Demonic Master

He became well-known in Zhongyuan in his second life as the Red Demonic Master before being betrayed by the one he trusted the most. His third life is about to begin. After returning to the present, Gang Jinho decides to lead a regular life. He could not, however, adjust to normal life since he was too used to Zhongyuan life.

zhongyuan-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

16. The Second Coming Of Gluttony

Seol Jihu is The Second Coming of Gluttony’s central protagonist. At the beginning of the book, Seol is a gambling addict who is also heavily in debt and hated by his ex-girlfriend and family. But he was granted a second opportunity to set things right thanks to a gift from a prior life.

seol jihu-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

17. Second Life Ranker

Yeon-woo has had a lost twin brother for the previous five years. One day, he received a pocket watch that his brother had left behind. Inside was a secret notepad that said, “By the time you read this, I feel I’ll be dead,” which was what he eventually found. After learning the truth about his brother’s death after being tricked while ascending the Tower, Yeon-woo is desperate to ascend the tower through his brother’s journal.

yeon woo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

18. Trash Of Counts Family

Kim Rok Soo has just begun reading The Birth of a Hero, a fantasy book series that follows Choi Han, a Korean teen who is transported to a fantastical world full of elves, demons, magic, and dragons that is ready to devolve into chaos due to a fight.

kim rok soo-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

19. Survival Story Of A Sword King In A Fantasy World

When the protagonist Ryu Han-Bin was sent to another dimension, he was a common person who had just finished his conscription into the military. He was left alone in a hostile world full of creatures, trying to live and get stronger.

ryu han bin-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

20. Legend Of The Northern Blade

Long years have been spent fighting to defend the world from the evil Silent Night by the valiant fighters of the Northern Heavenly Sect. The sect’s fourth-generation head, Jin Kwan-Ho, is compelled to disband the cult and end his life to safeguard his son, Jin Mu-Won, however, when he is believed to be working with the enemy.

jin kwan ho-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

21. The Breakers

This is by far the greatest Korean manga (manhwa) I ever have read and one of the first manhwa I was able to read. As a result of the murder of his martial arts instructor, Chunwoo Han (Nine Arts Dragon) despises the Murim’s (the secret martial arts society) administration. Currently, he works as a teacher in a school in Seoul where he meets the main character, Shiwoon Yi, a weak child who is often picked on by his classmates. Shiwoon unexpectedly came across his master and used his martial arts expertise. tries to track him down so he can teach him martial arts so he can protect himself and becomes embroiled in the Murim universe.

chunwoo han-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

22. Lookism

One of the wonderful things about Korean comics (manhwa), which I prefer over manga, is how occasionally their stories may explore the darkest side of humanity. In the movie Lookism, an obese and unattractive guy who is frequently teased by a classmate is depicted. Up until the day he wakes up and discovers himself in a very attractive new body while his original body is still asleep next to him. The title of the manhwa was inspired by his observations of how people behaved differently after he started moving about in his newly discovered physique.

great manhwa-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

23. Noblesse

Noblesse resembles manga (manhwa) far more closely than the typical manga we see. A vampire named Nobel Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai) is the subject of the tale. He has just awoken after an 820-year slumber. By coincidence, he runs upon Frankenstein, his dependable servant and a human with the same level of strength as a vampire. Rai enrols in high school with Frankenstein’s assistance and makes friends with a few human youngsters, including Shinwoo, Ikhan, Yuna, and a few more.

nobel cadis-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

24. Tower Of God

Twenty-Fifth A child named Bam and his lone companion Rachel have lived their entire lives cooped up under a tower. Bam, who has only known Rachel, chooses to follow her by unlocking the tower’s gates when she decides to climb the tower to realise her desire to see the actual sky and stars. Bam makes many friends as he enters the tower and encounters strangers for the first time in his life while attempting to pass the several exams necessary to ascend the tower and catch up to Rachel. He encounters several obstacles and betrayals.

bam-Top 20+ BEST Manhwa/Webtoon Like Murim Login (RECOMMENDATIONS)

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