TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

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Every GL manhwa enthusiast should read at least one of the finest Yuri manhwas or GL manhwas recommended in this post. All of the Yuri manga webtoons and GL Manhwa (Korean GL Webtoon) listed below have fascinating plot lines. This article is beneficial for any Yuri or GL fans. This post is a blessing for fans of manga yuri if you are curious to learn everything there is to know about the greatest GL suggestions and their details.

Considering that fans are particularly interested in the best GL manhwas, as well as any information on those manhwas. Here, we’ll include the top GL manhwa suggestions along with links to the websites where you may read them all.

The Top 20 Best GL Manhwas Recommendations (Girls Love 2023) are presented to you as a result. Here are the top 20+ best romantic GL Manhwa recommendations in 2023.

1. Tsuki Ga Kirei Desu Ne (Itou Hachi)

Every fan of yuri or GL would adore reading this fantastic manhwa, which also features romance and humour. Readers adore this manhwa, which is still being published. So if you enjoy actual GL manhwa, try it out. The whole narrative, translation, and artwork are worthwhile.

NO. 1-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

2. Shimeji Simulation

A fantastic continuing yuri manhwa featuring a story about a student’s life. Yuri fans adore this manhwa since it is heartwarming and highly rated. Try it out if you want to learn more about this fantastic comedy-romance manhwa.

NO. 2-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

3. Would you? Could you?

Yunseo had affection for Juna in college, but after Juna got married, their love turned unrequited. Furthermore, Juna married her spouse, which had a disastrous outcome, as a result of her unexpected pregnancy.

NO. 3-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

4. What Does The Fox Say?

At the renowned gaming development firm, Seung Ji is a recent employee. She immediately captures everyone’s attention with her beauty and icy vibe. Despite the admiration from her coworkers, she develops an interest in Sumin, her team leader. Their connection wasn’t particularly unique at first, but it gradually changed into something more.

NO. 4-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

5. The Barefoot Nina

As a result of her mother’s intense pressure, Eunseo didn’t want to switch schools. S he was sent to a prestigious school. Nothing except academics was permitted in her new school, which was exceedingly severe about abiding by all rules.

NO. 5-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

6. Best Served Cold

The protagonist of this smut yuri manhwa, Minjoo, experiences constant rejection from her spouse. She makes diligent attempts to appease her spouse, yet she still receives no love or affection from him. She felt helpless after exerting so much effort until one day she meets Seo Jia, a stunning young woman. She charms Minjoo with her good looks and personality. She had recently moved next door to Seo Jia, and what had first been a friendship soon developed into an affair.

NO. 6-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

7. Maid In Heaven

Yet another incredible yuri manhwa is A mildly romantic Manhwa Maid in Haven. Despite being an orphan, Sherl Watson accepted her father’s friend’s offer to work as a maid in a lonely mansion in an unfamiliar location. Strange stories also circulated regarding the location of the governor’s wife’s murder in the mansion.

NO. 7-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

8. Her Tale Of Shim Chong

The story concerns Shim Chong, a blind man’s filial daughter who is sacrificed to the sea by sea traders. Later, she gains God’s grace and ascends to the position of Empress. The plot of this narrative resembles that of its inspiration while being significantly distinct from it. Here, we witness Shim Chong, a young beggar who depends on the kindness of strangers to support her blind father. A young lady is marrying an elderly minister who only likes her because of her youth somewhere else. These two young women meet and fall in love because they both simply want independence in their life.

NO. 8-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

9. Getting To Know Grace

A fantastic mediaeval girls’ love manga with a distinct aesthetic and plot is based on a Korean GL manhwa. Discrimination based on status is the theme of this manhwa. A narrative depicts one of the main societal issues wonderfully.

NO. 9-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

10. Ring My Bell

Webtoon artist Mai Sohn just received a publishing offer from a major publisher, but there is a catch. She needs actual life experiences to write about romance. She’d had a romance in the past. She thus had plenty of motivation. But after being dumped by her girlfriend, she loses all hope. At that point, her neighbour, who first comes out as homophobic, enters her life.

NO. 10-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

11. The Love Doctor

Based on Jung Erae, who was a free-spirited individual, this yuri manhwa is sexual. Whether it was her love life or her real life, she paid little attention to either. It was reaching a point where she may be blamed for it. Things have significantly worsened since her college friend’s abrupt uproar one day. Erae made false promises and messed with his emotions. Her pal said she had broken her word and made a mess at the coffee shop. She was fired from her work and severely injured as a result of this embarrassing incident.

NO. 11-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

12. Girl In The Birdcage

There is a specific regulation for Yeonkwang Arts High School. Two distinct programmes are available for two different types of students. The brilliant and talented pupils receive all they require. Everything, from art supplies to funding to exhibits. Poor pupils, on the other hand, receive nothing and are left to fend for themselves. What transpires when a girl from the talented part falls in love with a girl from the talentless area?

NO. 12-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

13. Tamen De Gushi

One of the greatest GL manhwas available is Tamen de Gushi. It presents a passionate high school love tale in addition to being hilarious. When Sun Jing and Qiu Tong first met as teenagers and fell in love, the narrative begins. When Sun Jing first sees Qiu Tong, she almost immediately falls in love with the cool, tomboyish girl. She ultimately succeeds in becoming friends with her after several failed attempts to talk to her. Their friendship gradually develops into a healthy yet vibrant partnership.

NO. 13-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

14. Soul Drifters

The action, fantasy, and romance, in this manhwa, are expertly balanced. The narrative takes place in a futuristic society in which people no longer dread dying. Eternal Life Corporation is a firm that focuses on similar life-altering initiatives now that humans have ultimately conquered mortality. Here at this company, researcher Claire Clayton works on these topics. Sheryl Goss, her wife, also occupies a prominent position in her firm, so her life must be very good. But why does it appear like Sheryl is keeping something very important from her?

NO. 14-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

15. Mage & Demon Queen

This narrative takes place in a fantasy role-playing game where players can band together and attack the demon tower. They can then go to battle the demon queen Velverosa, the tower’s last adversary. If someone succeeds in doing that, they will be able to play the game repeatedly in addition to obtaining enormous fortune and renown. But Malori, a gifted wizard, has often ascended the demon tower only to exploit such occasions to solicit the demon Queen’s hand in marriage. Velverosa first rejects her attempts, but eventually, she manages to win her over.

NO. 15-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

16. My Darling Is The Cutest

Sadie is without a doubt the best student in Brilliant Minds High School. Because of her stunning features and cool personality, she is praised by everyone as a cool beauty. When rumours about her dating the second-best student started to circulate, her tranquil existence came to an abrupt end. She says, without really thinking about it, that she likes Lex Qi to put an end to these rumours. She was unaware that Lex had been watching the proceedings the entire time, and she was thrilled to learn that Sadie liked her. When Lex also declares her affection for Sadie without actually understanding it, things get messy.

NO. 16-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

17. Soulmate

Both Yuanzi and Yu Qi are 27 years old, and they have a good connection. Both in high school and college, they initially ran into each other. They fell in love over time and are now happily married. But all changes when Yu Qi swaps souls with her previous incarnation, a 17-year-old, one day. Yu Qi, who is now 27 years old, must now make up for the mistakes made in the past so that Yuanzi can live better in the future. In addition, Yu Qi, then 17, must learn how to function in the body of her 27-year-old future self.

NO. 17-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

18. Sora & Haena!!

Two females who couldn’t be more different from one another are introduced to us in this tale. Yoon Sora, a topping who struggles to make friends, is there on the one hand. She lived alone her entire life since she was so shy. However, all of a sudden, a girl from a different school seized her and led her on a group date with one person missing. Sora first met the utterly outgoing girl Haena in this manner. Initially just friends, they gradually start showing greater interest in one another.

NO. 18-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

19. Everyday Lily

A wonderful depiction of the romance between two lesbian females can be seen in Everyday Lily, one of the more realistic GL webtoons. Jua is a female that mostly engages in hookups and seldom pursues meaningful relationships. Nayoung, in contrast, hand, has only read romance in comic books. Somehow, Nayoung develops feelings for Jua and begins to pursue her, but is first rejected. Finally, they both begin to go out and establish a healthy connection.

NO. 19-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

20. Moonlight Garden

The purpose of flower maidens is to provide amusement and pleasure to others. Anybody who clutches one of these maidens can become intoxicated because of their extraordinary abilities. Dohwa is an immature flower girl who has not reached adulthood. She devotes her time to figuring out how to break the flower maiden’s curse because she detests the concept of becoming one. However, she encounters a new Mistress of the Garden, which interferes with her goals. Even though they get off to a bad start, they eventually start to gel.

NO. 20-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

21. The Third Party

In The Third Party, three erratic characters engage in an odd love triangle. The daughter of a prominent corporate director, Gu Jeong Hui is a wealthy and well-sheltered young lady. Her father is the main person in charge of her life, and it was on his orders that she even married a successful anchor. She doesn’t dislike her spouse, but she also doesn’t like him. When she begins working as an intern at her father’s business, her life is radically transformed. Here, she meets the guy or woman with who she will have a romantic yet risky relationship.

NO. 21-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

22. My Food Seems To Be Very Cute

An adorable love tale between a vampire and a naive werewolf is the main theme of My Food Seems To Be Very Cute. To protect herself from Asian monsters, Maria shut herself inside a coffin and slept off for a very long time. But after a long time, she finally awakens when her coffin is opened. She wanted a companion to go on the trip with her, so a werewolf woke her up.

NO. 22-TOP 20+ BEST Romantic GL Manhwa RECOMMENDATIONS in 2023

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