Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

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Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

This summer came with a heavy dose of sequels and some pretty splashy new titles to keep us distracted throughout the stickiest of seasons. It was now the falls, time to shine, and they step in to shut a riot.

And I must admit, they look pretty freaking impressive. Chainsaw man, Blue Lock, and a row of sequels have all been vying for our collective attention this autumn. But what’s been holding my attention is the latest offering from Clover works. They have somehow found the greater sense to casually drop a Dark Horse Anime of the Year contender.

Bocchi- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

In the case of Bocchi the Rock, what we have in mind here is unquestionably an absolute gem in every sense of the word. It stands alone and not just from its counterparts in the genre space, but across the entirety of the anime landscape of 2022. And this is no small part, thanks to this wildly chaotic industry.

In this blog post, I will discuss the anime Bocchi the Rock! And while delving into it, I will give you the Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock. So let’s rock and roll.

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What is the Story about?

The series’ protagonist Hitori Bocchi is a pent-up ball of absurd social anxieties mixed with maniac delusions of Rockstar grandeur. The show uses its high-intensity Hard Rock soundtrack in conjunction with high-energy experimental digital and mixed media animation. To put you in her hilariously messed up headspace.

Hitori wants to become rich and famous. She sees a way out of her normal life by joining a music band. She learns to play guitar to play in front of her middle school.

Bocchi playing guitar- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

She starts uploading on Youtube and gains more than thirty thousand subscribers within the first eight minutes of the anime. She then decides to make friends and join a band.

Nijika, a member of the school band approaches her to join them. Because the leading guitarist of the band had left. Hitori is dragged to the concert.

She meets the rest of the crew and the story of this socially awkward girl begins.

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Recommendation by Gigguk

Gigguk is a famous Youtuber with following over a million. His recommendations are taken as the final lining. In one of his recent videos, he put Bocchi the Rock in the S-tier category.

Gigguk- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

He said that the anime was a pleasant surprise this fall.

Cute girls doing cute things

Cute girls doing cute things is in essence, a genre onto itself by this point. And like many genres, the fruits that it produces are very great in terms of quality.

Cute girls- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

It is lively watching these girls live their dreams and perform.

Finding Purpose

It is a whimsical story of a loner girl finding purpose. Discovering themselves through the joy that they find in a shiny new activity, hobby, or community.

Bocchi’s dreams- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

As Bocchi finds a motive, and a purpose, it is inspiring to watch.

Relationship between the Characters

The group’s dynamics are fantastic and it gives the series a heart.

Characters- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

All of this touchy interpersonal stuff and the technical accouterments that accompany them are great. The jittery interplay between what is going on around Bocchi and how she internalizes those goings on within her own mind makes the anime more appealing.

The show is relatable

This is where the creative team truly gets to shine in a way that continually amazes me from episode to episode. And it is actually from the comedy that so many of the more human moments bleed through and gain both their sincerity and their sense of relativity.

Show is relatable- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

It is fantastic seeing those kinds of relatable moments given artistic consideration.

The show is weird but in the best possible way

This is all to say that Bocchi the rock is hilarious. The humor is erratic. It’s effortlessly idiosyncratic, with the tendency to snowball way beyond the realms of the conventional and get downright weird, but it’s always weird in the best possible way.

Show is weird- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

And if you vibe with that kind of humor, you’ll love the series.

The Show is Funny

Bocchi the Rock is so fucking funny because it boldly rides the waves between its subjective experience and bounces it like a skull on the pavement. Against the reality of what is actually going on around her birthing moments that are both absurdly creative and absurdly funny. Every time Bocchi breaks melts or pops, it is so visually unique that the gag never gets old.

Show is funny- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

And then beyond that, whenever Boochi’s imagination takes hold over the show. The resulting scenes are legitimately stunning, and this is where I need to single out that spiral sequence in the opening moments of episode six. Bocchi is fretting about selling her ticket allocation. This scene is a legit work of art.

Bocchi is Relatable

Bocchi is a mess, but she’s a relatable one. She’s a mess that you can’t help rooting for despite herself. So if you haven’t done so already, please make sure to take the time out to check the series out.

Bocchio is relatable- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

We have a potential classic on our hands. Because Bocci does indeed rock.


Put aside animation of shows like Demon slayer and Attack on Titan. I am in love with the animation that is simple.

The animation of the show is simple but suddenly goes over the top with funny facial expressions. Clover Works recently has recently been putting out amazingly animated shows all year long.

Spy X Family and My Dress up darling to mention some.

Animation on Bocchi anime- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

The animation team went all out for Bocchi the Rock. The attention to detail adds further to the experience of the anime. The show suddenly changes the animation style for jokes.


The music is something that really stood out for me. Not just because it sounds nice but because it was based more around the voice actors. The characters sound amazing during the performance.

Music in Bocchi- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

Attention to detail in Music

Whenever the characters were nervous their voice sounded shaky in a natural sounding way. It surprised me the most.

Short Length

It as of yet only has one season which just finished airing. This season consists of only 12 episodes. There is no confirmation or announcement about the next season.

Bocchi holding guitar- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

But, the show is highly rated and popular and it would definitely be a surprise if a second season is not announced.

Easy Availability

Bocchi the Rock is available on everyone’s favorite Crunchyroll. You can always pirate it but I would not recommend doing so. VPN can be used in countries where Crunchyroll is not available.

Show on crunchyroll- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

The anime is also available on Hulu Japan.

The show is an Underdog

Ranked number 11 on the Ani chart and number 12 on My Anime List. There is a good chance according to this list that you probably have not watched it. At the time of its release, there was already so much going on.

Underdog show- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

Blue lock, Spy X Family, Mob Psycho, and Chainsaw Man, just to name a few. These shows were undoubtedly popular, but Bocchi is truly special. It deserves way more attention than it is getting.

One of the reasons it has been so enjoyable to watch is that it feels like a safe haven from high-end action.

It is Highly Rated

Judging by others’ opinions, Bocchi the Rock is a highly-rated show. My Anime List has rated the anime a score of nine out of ten. IMDB rates it at 8.7 out of ten.

highly rated show- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

All the scores are pretty high and in places, it is rated higher than Chainsaw Man. Despite both releasing at the same time and Chainsaw Man being way more popular than Bocchi. It also led to a hilarious Twitter war between both sides.

The creativity of the show

Comedy anime use extreme art style changes to deliver punch lines to the jokes. Horror movies use practical effects to create a more uncanny feeling to the ideas. This show leans into these elements to illustrate points with visuals that would otherwise be hard with the standard visual language.

It jolts the attention of a half-attentive viewer and uses that curiosity of the new visual effect to further engage the viewer with the idea being portrayed.

show is creative- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

At one point, Hitori’s anxiety is shown in visuals as a physical deconstruction of the layers of animation. Deforming around her into a mess of lines and colors.

As simple as it might sound, visuals as such a medium are rarely utilized.

Another Example of Creative Brilliance

The show’s creativity was limitless. Giving an example, In one of the scenes the character slowly degenerates into a 3-D model. In another scene, in which the character is described as a slug, the team put a plushie of the character in a forest.

Creativity in bocchi- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

They even used stop motion for one scene.

Freedom given to the Animators

The reason for all such hilarious scenes is that the animators were given complete freedom to draw how they wanted. They took as many ideas as they could to create the most fun experience.

freedom to animators- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

It seems that the team really enjoyed themselves.

Slice of Life

To those who like the slice-of-life genre.

slice of life- Top 20 Reasons to Watch Bocchi the Rock!

This anime is undoubtedly the best made in the year 2022.

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