Top 20 Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

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Top 20 Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

No Game No Life is one of those polarized tales that has finally divided the viewers into two camps. The sheer craziness of a feeble story mixed with memorable animation makes it difficult for people to decide whether to watch or skip No Game No Life. So, let’s get a critical overview and detailed list of the Top 20 Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life.

Top 20 Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

The clashing reviews on the sub-standard manga and decent anime might confuse you. And the question of investing time in No game No life will hopefully find an answer with the list of reasons we have.

Gamer-Geek World (plot overview)

No game No life is its true pleasure and world of imagination fit for gaming geeks. It takes around the life of step-siblings named Sora and Shiro who are dominant in the world of online games. Unlike a regular hero growth-oriented story, here the main characters are summoned to a Disboard (gaming world) with the sixteen sentient races and only they can do is save humanity by playing simple games.

An isekai with a twist

This isekai story might seem like a regular one but the intensity of the gaming world in it gives way to a twist. Where different races are participating in a game and the only way back for the human siblings is to defeat Tet makes it interesting. Disboard is the world that truly runs on gaming.

Straightforward writing

The writing of the light novel read No Game No Life is straightforward and feels insufficient at times. But when it comes to the anime version of No Game No Life it has the power to engage the viewers with its overall feel.

Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

Gaming is the Focus

The simple story only builds upon one central idea which is gaming. The characters and the world they have transmigrated into are only driven by the inherent gaming spirit of excelling. Many times No Game No Life is criticized for the poor story but the title itself states the importance of gaming present within the series. Each step in the light novel as well as the anime is driven by the sense of winning for survival just like it happens in any virtual game.

Last kingdom of Imanity

One of the crucial aspects in which the plot digresses from the cliché reality is the position of humans in the parallel world. In the real world, humanity is seen to be the most powerful of all existing species. On the other hand in the gaming world of Disboard, everything revolves around the idea of gaming. While breaking the norm author Yuu has molded the idea of survival of the best into the gaming fantasy.

Fantasy World-building

The success of any fantasy genre work relies largely on effective world-building. Even though the story is charged heavily for a feeble plot the world-building somehow fills in the gap. Taking up from the previous point in the creation of a fantasy game world in which species are divided into kingdoms and Imanity is the last; it’s unbelievable. A lot of thought has been put behind the creation of Disboard as it seems to leave no plot hole bereft of gameness.

Why to Watch/Read No Game No Life

Fascinating fiction feature

No Game No Life has one important quality that every successful work requires. And that is its fascinating feature to hold up readers or viewers with the story. The readers are always left wondering what would happen next in the story. The engaging factor in the No Game No Life light novel and anime keeps it in talks.

Hikikomori Comfort

The shut-in siblings perfectly represent the introverted and isolated crowd. The hikikomori image is used to represent that the siblings have a world of their own. Unlike the typical introverted setting where the main characters usually undergo isekai back in time, the main characters in the story altogether transmigrate to a new world where they excel.

Wars settled through the games are not easy

In the Disboard universe, the wars and matters are settled through the games but it isn’t that easy. Sora and Shiro the No Game No Life sibling duo are excellent at games. But in the alternate universe, it is not just about winning but proving humans are the best of all.

Top Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

Atrocious writing keeps the central focus intact

There are several criticisms about fractured writing in No Game No Life. But it somehow works in the favor of keeping intact the focus. Usually, a gaming geek or gamer is only concerned about what happens in the game. We can say that the shortcoming of grammatical errors and blurry writing represent a focused gamer. Reason being No Game No Life is not short of a gaming experience even with the bleak plot.

The harsh criticism of the novel often makes people wonder if the anime No Game No Life is worth watching. So, we have the rest of the reasons that focus on the good in anime with some spoilers included.

No Game No Life anime is better than the read

Generally, the manga reads or source novels are better than the anime adaptations. But in the case of No Game No Life, the anime has a more prominent fan base and higher ratings. The fantasy world seems more lively in the anime and the flaws of the plot go unnoticeable to the entertainer.

Not so uncanny main characters

The characters in No Game No Life are simple yet genius. Shiro and Sora are the two main characters but one gets more development than the other. Sora is the protagonist who has perverse shades. He is smart and shows off his mastered gaming skills. Whilst Shiro can be considered the deuteragonist with minor development. Nevertheless, the bond between these siblings is great to watch on screen.

20 Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

The story is not the selling point

More than the story the comedy elements and overdone fan service is the selling point. No Game No Life is a slow-burning entertainer that does not need a lot of wits involved. The small series primarily focuses on just the gaming experience as early as the set. If you are looking for something light then this anime is the apt pick.

Deviating art style

The deviating art style of No Game No Life is made with a blurry aesthetic. The artwork has a top fan following. The fantasy world and the characters seem like thriving in a parallel world with this kind of art style. The art style surely stands out among the contemporary ones with the unusual touch.

Subtle emotional connections

No Game No Life is not laden with emotions. But the subtle relationship between the brother and sister somehow replicates the sister complex in psychological terms. The siblings rely on each other and they trust to make them unbeatable. The anime builds the relationship between Shiro and Sora better than their characters individually.

Some Reasons to Watch/Read No Game No Life

Anime is sharper in articulation

Anime TV series and the film version of No Game No Life are sharper in articulation. The siblings will not leave the gaming world in some way shows how pathetic the real world is in comparison to this imaginary one. Even in a setting where humans are kept on the lowest pedestal, the siblings find a place for themselves.

Immaculate Animation

No Game No Life is a studio Madhouse production. Because it is associated with an experienced production house the animation style fits in. Anime No Game No Life is pleasing to watch as it has effective use of new styles. There is an uncanny beauty in the animation that smoothly covers up the feeble plot.

Delightful color schemes

The color scheme of No Game No Life has been very much in discussion since its release. The fantasy world is full of colors and details. The arc visuals complement the witty humor. The delightful visuals are somewhat the main reason for the popularity of No Game No Life anime.

No Game No Life Reasons to Watch/Read

Voice-acting and Soundtracks

Voice acting also plays a role in the success of any anime. The voice artist for Sora is the one who did Kirito from Sword Art Online. The anime OP and ED are relaxing in the feel.

Perfect for random binge-watch sessions

No Game No Life offers 12 episodes with sleek animation. The short series filled with comic moments and hard choices of survival in the gaming world makes it a perfect entertainer for binge-watch sessions. The average story with flourishing aesthetics makes make NLGL fit for random plans.

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