Top 20 Reasons to Watch Tokyo Ghoul

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Top 20 Reasons to Watch Tokyo Ghoul

Over the past several years, the manga and anime industries, in particular, have flourished outside of their home country of Japan and have somewhat merged with western popular media. It is currently a considerably more popular medium, although still very niche in comparison to other types of popular media in the west, such as superhero movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular. However, as shonen series are often the most popular, some more adult programmes may go unnoticed by certain viewers.

Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida is one such series for those who are not as familiar with anime or manga culture, yet it is deserving of the attention it receives. It’s a gripping tale set in contemporary Japan that never lets up on its pace or intrigue.

Here are the 20 reasons why this manga and anime series are essential to read and watch.

  • Plot: A ghoul, a superhuman being that feeds on human flesh, attacks a college student in Tokyo. He makes it out alive, but he has changed into a hybrid of a ghoul and is now on the run. The suspenseful dark fantasy and horror tale takes place in Tokyo, a city plagued by unidentified ghouls that are consuming humanity.

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  • Characters: Tokyo Ghoul’s broad and compelling group of characters is one of its main charms. Each character is distinct and well-developed, from the enigmatic and menacing Kishimoto to the likeable and kind Kuroko. As the story goes on, you discover more about the people, their intentions, and the decisions they have to make. This function allows you to discover more about the characters and their connections with one another, which is fantastic for individuals who appreciate witnessing a series develop in front of their eyes.

  • Romance: Tokyo Ghoul’s romance is one of its greatest qualities. Without it being the centre, the series has enough money and romance to satisfy viewers. For those who like a series with a variety of elements, this feature is fantastic. In one series, viewers may explore the shadows, solve puzzles, and experience a little romance. A fantastic range of characters and intriguing relationships among them round out the series.

  • Morally Gray Characters: In many other series, anime being only one medium as an example, the concepts of good and evil are frequently and, at least for the most part, clearly defined. However, the ambiguity surrounding good and evil is another element of Tokyo Ghoul that, as a result, also adds to the attractiveness of the entire story. Morally dubious traits are seen in many personalities.

  • Intriguing: The intrigue of Tokyo Ghoul is its main attraction. This series features a lot of mystery and intrigue. The mystery in which the protagonists are embroiled is one of the show’s key selling elements. The characters don’t just act like regular people, which is the finest part. They are a band of monsters and crooks. It’s a character-driven series, but it’s not just about the people. Because the show has become better and better with every new season, make sure to start with the first one. You constantly learn more about these incredible individuals and how they deal with their hidden faults from the first episode to the last.

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    The amount of information you may discover about these people and their reasons will astound you. Tokyo Ghoul features several unexpected turns and shocks in each episode. You’ll observe how they rear their kids, argue, and work to prevent the end of the world. You’ll learn more about them, how they changed in the past, and how they became Ghouls. By reducing crime and advocating for the rights of the populace, they benefited the populace. You should thus watch the second season for this reason.

  • Art: Tokyo Ghoul boasts fantastic graphics with a wide variety of drawing and backdrop styles. Also fantastic are the characters. Each character is distinct and well-developed, from the enigmatic and menacing Kishimoto to the likeable and kind Kuroko. The best aspect is that every character in the series has a motivation and a course to pursue, and they are all likeable and entertaining. Each character is distinct and well-developed at the same time. There are no expected elements in the series, and you are continuously surprised.

    The cast is diverse in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity, and the character voices are excellent. The main thing the show hides from the viewer is the fact that the anime isn’t your ordinary tale of intrigue or romance. No one’s story has a happy conclusion. There is nowhere to hide from the magical mysteries and the terrible secrets of the dark city. Therefore, the identity of Tokyo Ghoul’s protagonist is clear.

  • Soundtrack: Although some of the anime’s ED and OP themes are fairly bad, the music played never feels out of place and keeps the enthusiasm high. Excellent voice acting; must have been challenging to perform all that yelling. Both the emotional and the combat sequences had extremely great music.

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  • Relatable Real-World Issues: The themes of Tokyo Ghoul apply to and are related to everyday life. The show addresses challenging social themes like the growing living costs and the dwindling middle class. The series also addresses problems that the typical individual in the 20th century faced, such as the laws and restrictions that are becoming stricter and stricter about how we conduct our lives. You and everyone else are not safe! People are always looking for solutions, and Tokyo Ghoul allows you to experience the challenges that one individual could encounter. Additionally, the series features a tonne of lovable characters that make it so much fun to watch. The narrative, however, is the one area in which this anime series falls short. It is unfortunate because although the content is excellent, the execution falls short. The protagonists of this series deal with issues that common people deal with.

  • Kaneki Accepts his True Self for the First Time: Finding the cause of his condition’s origin is what drives Kaneki. He seeks to learn the truth to put an end to the terrible misery brought on by ghouls. He is curious about the meaning of Aogami Island and what sets him apart from the previous inhabitants of the city. Only he is aware of how to halt the ghouls’ study and keep them away from the city. He can’t help but become a crucial component of the plot, and it could be his only opportunity to save everyone.

    Since Kaneki is who he says he is, this anime series’ actual twist is that. This is because Kaneki is not who he believes he is. He attempts to show that he is a human with a strange ailment rather than a ghoul at all. Although the tale has the potential to be quite gloomy, the author may make it interesting, keeping the reader interested and flipping the pages. The things that keep him going in this challenging circumstance are his affection for his buddies and his capacity for retaliation.

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  • Main Character: The series’ central character, Ken Kaneki, is known as Tokyo Ghoul. Hide was the only close friend Kaneki had; he was a quiet individual. He frequently read books, primarily novels, for the majority of his free time. He was kind and most of the time seemed to be hopeful. He voluntarily accepted criticism and punishments from others because of his mother’s influence and because he is a real example of humility, allowing him to become a person who does not harm others but instead absorbs their suffering. However, because of his lack of assertiveness, he was frequently tormented and used.

  • Journey Worth Embarking On: In the anime, every character you grow to care about has their own goals and secrets, yet they all end up cooperating. As a result, watching anime is like taking a fascinating voyage through the depths of human nature. The Ghoul Kaneki, who is attempting to learn the cause of his sickness, is a fantastic illustration of this. Kaneki is not just interested in unravelling the mysteries of his illness. He seeks out those responsible for tricking him into that situation. Strong, knowledgeable, and morally upright Kaneki is searching for the truth.

  • Script: Character growth and delivering a tale from a character’s perspective are prioritised. As a result, Tokyo Ghoul’s animation is highly distinctive from those of other anime. The animation in many anime is so quick that you see the actors moving, yet in Tokyo Ghoul, both the animation and the characters’ movements are sluggish. The tale moves more slowly as a result. Being able to mix live action and animation in the animation is a fantastic feature of this programme.

  • Exploration of Duality and Change at its Finest: The show investigates the mysteries of the illness as well as the character’s growth in duality and development. For instance, Kaneki is both shocked and incensed to discover that he has been transformed into a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid. Despite this, he resists the urge to force his change of heart. Instead, he swiftly accepts the shift as he works to comprehend his actual abilities. The roster of characters has a wide range of personalities and complexity. Each person has a distinct personality and set of goals. The idea is interesting and the narrative is original and deep.

  • Intense Actions: Tokyo Ghoul’s action is among the game’s main charms. Since this anime series is about monsters, wearing headphones while watching it is one of the finest methods to fully immerse oneself in its universe. The writing is continuously amusing, and the action is powerful and riveting. Like other anime series, the action scenes are not overpowering. The series’ action is fantastic because the authors make each scene suspenseful and intriguing. The action is dramatic and exhilarating, and the language is snappy, humorous, and insightful.

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  • Constant Air of Danger: Tokyo Ghoul’s setting and characters’ ability to cause uneasiness is one of their most terrifying characteristics. Ken Kaneki in particular never really knows who is on their side and who is out to get them to kill and consume them. There are plenty of ghouls that are not quite as kind as there are who are typically peaceful and would want to find a way to cohabit.

  • Blending of Action, Supernatural and Horror Elements: Any sort of series that so skillfully integrates many themes and genres into the environment and its characters is always very compelling. In Tokyo Ghoul, Sui Ishida does a fantastic job of fusing supernatural, action, and even horror aspects and genres. One might easily argue that this series’ seinen target audience gives it greater leeway to explore these features and genres.

  • Characters are Drawn Expressively: Character expressiveness, especially in their expressions, is undoubtedly a feature and a strength of the artwork, but since this is such a significant strength for the series as a whole, it merits its article and some explanation. When reading Tokyo Ghoul, anime enthusiasts will soon note that the panels frequently feature extreme close-ups of the characters, especially during scenes of terrifying or emotional intensity.

  • Plot keeps a Steady Momentum: The Tokyo Ghoul story never has a quiet moment, but it doesn’t imply that the action moves so quickly that the readers become confused and worn out. Additionally, it does not imply that there are no times when the characters’ exchanges are calmer and more serene.

  • Modern Japanese Setting: It is fascinating to witness a universe come to pass with a contemporary backdrop, but the different fantastical worlds and settings in many manga and anime may be extremely effectively done provided the author has great world-building abilities. Having a twist to make it interesting in some manner is, of course, the other half of it. A wonderful location for presenting the many characters, especially the ghouls themselves and their numerous factions, is modern Japan. The Japanese environment has the appearance of an urban jungle because of the pervasive sense of danger in this world.

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  • Similar Series: This anime is similar to some of the other anime such as Deadman Wonderland, Blue Exorcist, Parasyte - The Maxim, Pupa, Shiki, and others.

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