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This article has the top 20 reasons why you must watch the famous series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

The anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, widely recognised as one of the finest mecha and strategy anime ever, continues to gain new followers every year. Numerous anime productions have been inspired by the sad and epic tale of Lelouch’s battle while posing as the revolutionary anti-hero Zero.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a new season since the previous one ended in 2008, and they may soon be able to relax as a new season is scheduled to be published later in 2021 or 2022. Fans may sate their appetite till then by watching the finest episodes of the show so far.

Here are the top 20 reasons why you must watch the famous series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

  • The Plot: An exiled prince takes on the role of the disguised leader of the revolt against an all-powerful kingdom after receiving a secret ability to manipulate people.

    Using enormous robot weaponry known as Knightmare Frames, the Empire of Britannia attacked Japan. The inhabitants of Japan are now known as the “11’s” and the country as Area 11. Lelouch, a Britannian who was then residing in Japan, made a promise to kill Britannia to his Japanese buddy Suzaku. Later, when Lelouch is in high school, he frequently misses class to play chess and wager on himself. One day, Suzaku, a member of the British task team going after the terrorists, comes upon terrorist 11 who have stolen a military secret and captured them.

    Suzaku is killed for refusing instructions as the remainder of the squad arrives, and Lelouch is given the Geass power by the military secret, a young immortality witch, who makes everyone obey commands. Lelouch assumes the identity of the hooded Zero to lead the revolt to finally overthrow Britannia. At the same time, Suzaku is covertly appointed as the pilot of the brand-new prototype Knightmare for Britannia, Lancelot.

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  • Good Rivalry: This series will not bore you at all. In Code Geass, I thought that Lelouch’s fight with Schneizel eclipsed Lelouch and Suzaku to the extent that Suzaku would carry on with his conflict with Kallen. Midway, Suzaku was intended to be Akito’s competitor, but Shin caught up to him. Before Zero Requiem began, R2 pitted Lelouch and Schneizel’s strategy and mind games from the Chinese Federation through the Second Battle of the Tokyo Settlement and the Battle of Mt. Fuji.
  • Fight Scenes: During its superbly planned fight scenarios, Code Geass excels. Lines are drawn, ace pilots engage in combat, and the battlefield appears to be genuine, giving the impression that battles are their anime. In Geass, the main protagonists slaughter grunts before anybody else engages in combat, giving us a fresh perspective. There are many different personalities, as was already said, and they are all intriguing both on their good and negative sides. They are pitted against one another on the battlefield in a duel in which we know one of them must lose yet we feel sorry for the characters on both sides. The most remarkable and captivating battles from a mecha series of this era are produced by this kind of combat. The strategy of fights only contributes to enjoyment as commanders on the battlefield must make decisions depending on their opponents’ tactics and knowledge. A conflict’s intricacy and commotion provide the impression that a genuine battle is taking place in front of your eyes.

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  • Characters: Suzaku is killed for refusing instructions as the remainder of the squad arrives, and Lelouch is given the Geass power by the military secret, a young immortality witch, who makes everyone obey commands. Lelouch assumes the identity of the hooded Zero to lead the revolt to finally overthrow Britannia. At the same time, Suzaku is covertly appointed as the pilot of the brand-new prototype Knightmare for Britannia, Lancelot. The series’ biggest strength and the major reason the tale manages to stay current and engaging even though there aren’t many novel plot developments is undoubtedly this character’s ability to make the viewer identify with him. Suzaku and Nunnally and Euphemia could be first criticised for having a stereotypical sense of justice. In addition, it may be more difficult to accept Suzaku’s hax-level physical prowess than Lelouch’s genius-level brain. Suzaku is first shown as Lelouch’s major hurdle, making it more difficult to understand his depth because Lelouch is the focus of the audience’s sympathies. But as the story progresses, a lot about his personality is exposed, and he develops into a fascinating antagonist. If you actually think about it, their opposing views and mindsets are intriguing, and as gay, as it may sound, they do complement one another rather well.
  • Soundtracks: The popularity of the show is also attributed to the voice acting. Even if characters like Suzaku and Zero seem absurd or cliché, their voice actors can sell the roles because they are a perfect match for them. Lelouch and Zero are one of my favourite voice actors, and Jun Fukuyama does a fantastic job portraying them. For the series to continue to be engaging and exciting, his portrayal, particularly how seamlessly he transitions from the carefree high school kid to the more menacing and cunning rebel, is crucial. Fukuyama frequently portrays two roles, and he does so flawlessly. There isn’t anything wrong with the music either because the music in the background is excellent and perfectly complements the scene. My favourite parts of Code Geass are the openers. It moves quickly and is thrilling.
  • Art and Animation: There isn’t much to say about this, Sunrise invested money in it, and the characters and mechs look fantastic. Some individuals could be turned off by the artwork, though. As might be anticipated from CLAMP, characters are exceedingly tall and lanky, and grunt mechs are often mediocre. Even in episodes with limited budgets, the animation is still on the top end of the range overall.
  • Main Character: Lelouch is a lovely young guy who inherited his mother’s violet eyes and black hair. Lelouch, like the majority of the series’ protagonists, is rather skinny and has little muscle. Because of his aristocratic background, Lelouch is a very brilliant person who is also composed, refined, and conceited. Lelouch behaves in a friendly, likeable, and frequently laid-back manner while he is a student. Lelouch is renowned for having a stern demeanour.

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  • Voice Acting: I’ve watched the majority of Code Geass both dubbed and subtitled. Johnny Yong Bosch’s portrayal of Lelouch first terribly put me off, but it kind of evolved on me, and now I believe it suits well enough. However, I do wish he’d alter his voice a bit more when Lelouch is Zero. I was astonished at how suitable Suzaku’s dub voice was. The subtle distinctions in manners between characters, such as between Lelouch and Zero at different points in their lives and between Lelouch and Suzaku at different times, are something I truly hope we could translate into English.
  • New Stories: Several fresh stories might be told if the Code Geass universe were the setting for a new anime. In the vein of an anthology series, new characters and tales might be developed using the themes of war, fate, and life as inspiration. Imagine watching a new programme where a young Japanese boy gets moved by Lelouch and embarks on a mission to transform the world.
  • The Politics: One of the series’ most alluring elements is the universe of Code Geass. The complexity of social classes and racism, as well as the wars against Britain and Japan, are all fascinating and riveting topics to learn about. With characters like Lelouch and Suzaku, Code Geass excelled at examining the interactions and politics between Japan and Britain.
  • Geass Powers: Geass’s abilities are very fantastic. It’s such a fantastic theme notion to be endowed with this magical ability and use it to alter the course of history. It was captivating to see as Lelouch would employ his Geass to carry out a devious plot. The protagonists in Code Geass face challenging obstacles to conquer because other Geass users like Charles and Mao are so drastically different.
  • Resurrection of Mecha Genre: This list’s potential effect on the Mecha genre as a whole runs through it all. If executed well, Code Geass may serve as the umbrella term for all other mecha series. The anime community might point people to Code Geass if they ever asked, “What mecha series should I watch first?” For newbies and programmes like Aldnoah, Gundam is too big and intimidating. The Franxx had awful endings for Zero and Darling.
  • Relationships: While Lelouch, the main character of Code Geass, has had several relationships with women during the series, one of these romances stands out above the others in the hearts of fans. The character connections in this series are frequently endearing.

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  • Past Repetition: What we don’t want to see is a Code Geass continuation, although these continuations are useful for recaps. The Code Geass is a show that keeps repeating the same story points. This was done by duplicating several moments in Season 2 so that the programme could move on to the intriguing storyline developments. Season 3 should be a brilliant development of the characters and plot, but if the programme simply repeats what has already been said and offers nothing new, it will be a waste of time. But the series’ surprises will keep you hooked.
  • Keeping it Classic: It’s sometimes a good idea to allow a building to preserve its classic status and live up to its effect when it was built. The possibility that it will never be as great as the first series is one reason why there won’t be a continuation. But this show made the series a timeless classic.
  • Interesting Female Characters: Many attractive and fascinating female characters with powerful wills may be found in this series. But Milly Ashford is the sexiest and most appealing female character in Code Geass! She is the most attractive and well-designed woman. Other characters remark on Milly’s extreme attractiveness.

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  • One of the Best Endings: Lelouch decides to attract all of the anger in the world to himself in the Code Geass ending. Everyone else will then get a second opportunity, one that will enable them to go on while putting warmongering behind them. It is made very plain by Lelouch of the Resurrection that his plan was successful but only briefly.
  • Enjoyment: Code Geass can be seen by me more than one time in a row. This anime is lovely and fantastic. You will be interested in seeing which side will prevail and lose given the constant activity. You may be grinning one second and weeping the next. happens occasionally to me.
  • Overall: The great anime Code Geass will undoubtedly elicit varied reactions from fans and critics other than me. Many people have expressed their admiration for Sunrise, but it’s not because it employs mecha, action, or drama; rather, it is praised for how well it fulfils one of anime’s primary objectives of entertainment while seldom being discussed. Geass is not for you if your primary interest in anime is the calibre of the narrative or the characters. Take a peek at this anime, nevertheless, if you simply want to have fun or laugh a lot. You won’t be let down. The series is a remarkable feat, no doubt.

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  • Similar Anime: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is similar to some of the classic anime of all time. Some of them are Hunter x Hunter, Re: Zero, Psycho-Pass, Monster, Death Note and others.

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