Top 20 Yuri Anime

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Top 20 Yuri Anime

Numerous anime genres are less well-known and less favoured by fans but feature fantastic character development and intricate, thought-provoking plots. While many fans believe that shonen is the only anime genre that is the finest, there are many more. Although Yuri does not fit the typical girl-on-girl action cliché, they are quite similar to every other ecchi and romantic anime.

The Yuri genre in manga, anime, and novels is characterised by love relationships between females. Yuri means “lily” in Japanese and is also a feminine name in that country.

Here is a list of the top 20 Yuri anime that you really must see.

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A girl fights a lost struggle against a monstrous thing that dwells above, and a mystical cat-shaped creature instructs Madoka Kaname, then 14, on how to deal with it in a nightmare that takes place against the background of a shattered city. She may enter into a contract with him and transform into a magical girl to change that awful event. The adolescent girl’s wish appears to come true the next day when Homura, the student she saw in her dream, inexplicably advises Madoka to keep acting in the manner she has been. Homura enrols at Mitakihara High School as a transfer student. However, when she and her closest friend Sayaka subsequently run across the same magical cat-shaped being from their dream, acting as Kyubey, they learn that magical girls are real and that they may even choose to become one. All they need to do is enter into a contract with Kyubey and consent to combat fictitious creatures known as witches that sow sorrow throughout the human world; in exchange, each of them will receive any desires they choose. But as Homura’s omen implies, Madoka and Sayaka might not be aware of all the complexities involved in becoming a magical girl.

Madoka-Top 20 Yuri Anime

2. Bloom into you

Yuu has always liked shoujo manga and longs for the day she hears a declaration of love that sends her heart fluttering with bubbles and causes her to blush. However, that day hasn’t come yet—not even when a classmate from high school declares his emotions to her. She is emotionless. Yuu enrols in high school disappointed and perplexed, yet unsure of how to react. When Yuu witnesses the attractive student council president Nanami reject a suitor in such a mature manner, she is motivated to seek his assistance. But Nanami herself is the next to confess to Yuu.

Yuu-Top 20 Yuri Anime

3. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Tokonome Mamori is relocated to Mermaid, a man-made island used as a quarantine facility for those with superpowers. A recently moved girl called Mirei defends Mamori as she is attacked. The adversary does not relent, though, and soon the two are surrounded. When everyone has given hope, Mirei kisses Mamori, and Mamori transforms into a sword. Then Mirei draws the blade and attacks her adversaries from behind.

Tokonome-Top 20 Yuri Anime

4. Strawberry Panic

Young redhead Aoi Nagisa has recently been moved to Starrawberry Dorms, a Catholic institution for female students. The school is separated into three divisions (Lulim, Miator, and Spica), each with its president, dress code, and extracurricular offerings. Assigned to Miator, Nagisa draws the attention of the whole school through a series of episodes involving the student Etoile, Shizuma, a long, silver-haired beauty who is the envy of all the other girls. Shizuma and Nagisa start to fall in love, but a love triangle gradually develops. Soon after, Nagisa learns a heartbreaking story from Shizuma’s past years that will strengthen their bond.

Aoi-Top 20 Yuri Anime

5. Sakura trick

Yuu and Haruka are close friends. They decide to share a particular moment that most friends wouldn’t share, a kiss, nonetheless, after beginning high school together and understanding the necessity to make new friends. Their bond grows stronger as a result.

Yuu & Haruka-Top 20 Yuri Anime

6. Noir

Noir is a story about killers, especially one by the name of Mireille Bouquet, a henchman who gets a message from a young person who has no recollection of who she is but is a highly effective killer. The narrative takes us on a journey through both ladies’ pasts that get them to France, Paris, where someone is attempting to stop them.

Mireille-Top 20 Yuri Anime

7. El Cazador De La Bruja

Ellis and Nadi are the two main female characters in the narrative. According to the plot, Ellis is a murder suspect who is evading a group of criminals known as “Hunters.” She eventually encounters Nadi, a bounty hunter who first wants to collect the money for the price on her head but ultimately agrees to assist her in her quest to learn the truth about her background. Nadi goes with Ellis to the Hometown, where she was allegedly born, despite doing so earning her the wrath of the Hunters.

Ellis-Top 20 Yuri Anime

8. Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

The ideal well-bred young girl, the noble Himemiya Chikane, is chilly and distant. Himeko Kurusegawa is devoted to her and, in secret, to her companion. When an old evil unexpectedly rears its head, her schoolmates’ lives are not disrupted. Himeko and Chikane must act as the maidens of the Moon’s and Sun’s sanctuaries in order to defeat it.

Himemiya-Top 20 Yuri Anime

9. Citrus

Elegant Yuzu had a different idea of what the first day would be like at the new school she went to when her mother got remarried since she didn’t realise it would be a very traditional and rigorous girls’ school. She instead challenges Mei, the severe president of the student council and her new stepsister, instead of a beautiful high school romance. She must now discover that hatred and desire are frequently not that dissimilar.

Mei-Top 20 Yuri Anime

10. Yuri Kuma Arashi

Sumika, a character in the manga, is a young woman who collects teddy bears and who harbours love emotions for Kureha but chooses to remain her friend and aids Kureha in helping Ginko.

Sumika-Top 20 Yuri Anime

11. Shoujo Kakumei Utena

The protagonist of this series is a young woman named Utena who received support from a charming prince through a trying moment. She resolved to become a royal after being so inspired by him. She enrols at boarding school where she attracts attention for her gender-bending fashion sense and masculine uniform. She also makes friends with other students there, most notably an oddly subservient Indian girl named Anthy. When the guy Utena adores publicly humiliates one of her friends, she objects, and the lad challenges her to a battle in an unfamiliar venue. She manages to prevail and learns that Anthy is now betrothed to her as the Pink Bride, which is the catalyst for a global uprising. She now has to contend with Anthy’s persistent problems, rivalries similar to those she encounters in her own life, and attempts to aid Anthy in developing some self-will. Although she is not yet aware of the repercussions, the battles she must fight from her side push her toward a goal of a global revolution.

Utena-Top 20 Yuri Anime

12. Aoi Hana

Akira Okudaira, a close friend from childhood who attempts to make her friends happy in trying circumstances, and high school lesbian Fumi Manjme are the main characters of the novel. Shimura felt intrigued by a scenario between girls while composing Dnika Naru Hibi, which inspired her to develop Sweet Blue Flowers. Although Shimura believed that the series should centre on females for yuri’s works, she also wanted to incorporate some guys since she believed that they would provide an intriguing element to the show.

Akira okudaira-Top 20 Yuri Anime

13. Sasameki Koto

The narrative occurs in a secondary school. Murasame Sumika, the main character, has a secret crush on Kazama Ushio, her closest friend. For years, Kazama has shown interest in other girls but is frequently turned down. She has no idea that Murasame adores her since she is constantly hunting for a girlfriend.

Murasame-Top 20 Yuri Anime

14. Yuru Yuri

First-year students Akari Akaza and Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou finally rejoin each other at girls’ high school after a year in elementary school apart from their childhood pals. Yui and Kyouko established the Amusement Club, which presently resides in the space formerly occupied by the Tea Club, during their first year as a pair. Shortly after Akari joins in, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, one of her classmates, visits the group under the guise of the Tea Club. Chinatsu can only be persuaded to join the Amusement Club, an organisation whose sole goal is to amuse its members if the three girls explain that the Tea Club has been abolished.

Akari-Top 20 Yuri Anime

15. Adachi and Shimamura

They often gathered on the second level of the gym. Classes should have started by now, but in a setting like this, there were none. Shimamura and I met at this point and became close. We socialise here while playing ping pong and discussing TV shows and cuisine. Here, they develop their friendship.

Shimamura-Top 20 Yuri Anime

16. Kiniro Mosaic

Japanese high school student Shinobu Omiya previously shared an apartment with Alice Cartelet in England five years ago. When Alice writes to Shinobu one day, she informs him that she wants him to move in with her in Japan. Without a doubt, Alice makes an appearance and meets Shinobu and her pals at school.

Alice-Top 20 Yuri Anime

17. Konohana Kitan

There is a stunning hot spring inn ready to welcome visitors from all over hidden in a yokai settlement. Here, a number of Mononoke foxes work, including Yuzu, who just joined the company. Yuzu charms everyone in his path as he learns what it takes to work at this upscale inn while being awkward and sometimes unconscious.

Yuzu-Top 20 Yuri Anime

18. Riddle Story of Devil

Teenage assassin Tokaku Azuma is a cold-blooded killer with a killing wish. In order to play in a murder game against eleven other stunning murderers, she has been sent to a prominent boarding school for females. She set out on her heinous mission: to murder the jovial and innocent Haru Ichinose.

Tokaku-Top 20 Yuri Anime

19. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Suzu Nekoyama, who resembles a cat, adores dogs, whereas Yachiyo Inugami, who like a dog, prefers cats. An immediate attraction develops between the two at their first meeting. To be honest, it is a very enjoyable anime series

Yachiyo-Top 20 Yuri Anime

20. Canaan

At a counterterrorism convention in Shanghai, three women Canaan, a Middle Eastern killer, Alphard, Canaan’s adversary and the head of a terrorist organisation, and Maria, the victim of a horrendous terrorist attack cross paths. It is an anime that focuses on action and suspense.

Maria-Top 20 Yuri Anime

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