Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

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Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The ending of any show with a cliffhanger is the thing, I fear the most. We are left with almost no clues as to what the story might have gone into. I believe it is all up to the End part of any show that solidifies its claim to be a masterpiece.

Shows like Game of Thrones and Bleach despite having a great plot line at the start, failed to give a satisfying ending. Thus are steps away from being a masterpiece.

In the case of ending shows with a cliffhanger, it can be a smart choice. Leaving the viewers to decide the ending they like. It creates more hype for the show.

In this blog post, I have curated a list the of Top 30 Anime that Ended Up with Cliffhanger.

Yona Of The Dawn

It is set in an alternate version of Asia. The main protagonist, Tyona is celebrating her birthday. She is forbidden to marry the man she is in love with. This forces a chain of reactions as Su-Won murders the King.

Yona Of The Dawn- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

He then forces Yona and her bodyguard to flee the nation. It is a typical hero journey in which the hero leaves the home to go on an adventure of growth.

Deadman Wonderland

Gonda is a high school student and he is excited about his upcoming trip to an amusement park. A mysterious power attacks the school and destroys everything. He embeds a red crystal in Gonda’s chest.

Deadman Wonderland- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Gonda is falsely assumed to be the person behind the attack and send to the Deadman Wonderland prison. He gains the power to manipulate his blood and his journey continues.

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Panty and Stocking are two angels who were kicked out of heaven. As a punishment, they are sent to Earth to take out evil ghosts in return for God’s token. The other main character is Garterbelt, he has some of the best dialogue in the entire show.

Panty and Stocking- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Every episode has panty and stalking trying to fight ghosts in different ways. It gives a reference to American culture, a lot.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The ending sees Edward confronting Dante in the abandoned underground city where it is revealed that Dante has been the mastermind all along.

Dante separated Ed’s mind, soul, and body and send him through the “gate”. He finds himself waking up in a world without the existence of alchemy and wars waging all across.

Edward dies in the new world but his soul, mind, and his body make it back through the gate. Envy fatally stabs Edward and on the brink of death, Al sacrifices himself using the Philosopher’s stone to bring his brother back.

Fullmetal Alchemist-Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Edward is resurrected but Al is nowhere to be seen. Edward makes one final change, sacrificing himself and the four years he spent with Al. He revives his brother, although with no recollection of his brother or the events of the series.

Edward ends up in a world without alchemy and Al is determined to study the law of equivalent exchange.

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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Bebop finally leaves his past and finally faces Vicious. The audience is left on a cliffhanger as nothing of the aftermath is revealed.

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Spice And Wolf

It is a unique fantasy series. It is not about battles or politics, there are no wizards or knights. This anime is about economics and romance.

Spice and Wolf- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

It tells us the story of Lawrence a traveling merchant who wants to save enough to open up a store. The adventures continue after he encounters a wise wolf deity.

The Promised Neverland

Norman’s last piece of ingenuity and Emma’s belief in the rest of the kids. People manage to outwit Isabella and the other Demons. In the end, the audience is left with the question, What now?

The Promised Neverland- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

What is beyond the woods, the true state of the world, and Isabella’s fate?

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

This anime is violent, excessively gory, and in many ways. It is full of nudity and borderline hentai. The main character is named Lucy and has a very sad backstory.

Rosario + Vampire

It is a classic ecchi anime with quirky comedy.

Rosario + Vampire- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

It has a lot of ecchi action scenes. Though in my opinion, Manga is comparatively better.

No Game No Life

The anime has two overpowered main characters. They win every online game they play, even against computers. They are called by a mysterious entity, who challenges them to some games.

No game no life- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

After witnessing them firsthand, they are sent to a new gaming reality. The isekai adventure continues.


Nana is a decidedly realistic portrayal of the messy transition period in a young person’s life. The portrayal is through a feminine side and the anime creates believable characters.

NANA- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The characters’ conversations carry an organic feel to them. The show derives its humor from moments of levity dispersed amongst a heavier drama.


It is a unique comedy show. The show reaches heights of absurdism but unlike other comedies, the jokes aren’t just forgotten.

Hinamatsuri- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The anime plans its big laugh and it stays with you.


The story goes from a positive light to a dark and tortuous future with little mercy for the characters. Many compare this anime to Berserk.

Claymore- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

It is unique and trailblazing in its own right, influencing many other major works to come.

Death Parade

The ending is terrible in narrative definition and tone. It is the best and the world ending of all. All the characters had worked for mattered absolutely nothing in the end.

Death Parade- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The show is about extreme human emotions and man’s unrelenting jealousy.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

The story takes place in a world where Mafia families are still relevant in this world. The main protagonist is bad at everything.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

His life changes when, the world’s strongest hitman, a baby informs him that he will succeed the boss of a Mafia family in Italy.

Gakuen Alice

It is a comedy shoujo anime with a serious undertone of sinister. The story begins with Mikan, campaigning to keep her school open. So, that she and all her friends can stay together.

Gakuen Alice- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Her best friend transfers to a magical school known as Alice academy. Mikan also admits to the school, after it is revealed that she also carries magical powers.

Black Bullet

In the show, certain monsters eat people for pleasure. They can only be killed with a special metal. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of our protagonist and a cursed child.

Black bullet- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The anime copies Attack on Titan in a way.

Re: Zero

Re: Zero- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The show has made me believe that everything we see has many different sides to it. It is a conventional isekai with the main character having a unique ability that allows him to reset the world every time he dies.

High School of the Dead

There is a zombie apocalypse in the world and for some reason, the High school students are busy with their own pleasures.

High school of the Dead- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The anime is filled with ecchi scenes.

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Sword Art Online: Alicization

This was a completely different experience. It was similar to the SAO movie but on a much grander scale. The anime builds on all the past seasons that came before it.

Sword art online- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The only difference is that it also builds the SAO material outside of the anime.

Parasyte: The Maxim

The anime involves a parasite that takes over humans, it kills the human and their body becomes a humanoid. Each of these parasites needs a host and eats human beings.

Parasyte: The Maxim- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The protagonist of the show becomes one of these creatures one day. The parasite becomes a part of him. The show dives into the essence of humanity and the making of a monster.

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No Game No Life

Sora and his sister receive a mail with a challenge attached to a chess match. They end up winning the match and completing the challenge.

No game no life again- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The siblings are then transported to a new reality. They conquer this new world of games. In the end, the priestess asks what the siblings intend to do now as their final aim to beat the true God is complete.

In the end, they ask the priestess to summon the first-ranked and the strongest being to challenge to a game.

Aldnoah Zero

The ending is an abundance of bloodshed, tragedy, and awkward love triangles.

Aldnoah zero- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

On the opposite side of the war, Slaine’s foster father shoots the princess and a blood bath starts around.


A tragic incident sends the main protagonist 18 years back in the past. Satoru in the past goes through his childhood but in a different way.

Erased- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

Back 18 years ago, a girl child was murdered and Sotaru knowing the future is determined to change it.


In the end, the moonlight boy becomes Griffith. At the end of the chapter, we have Griffith crying. Guts is in shock staring down at the face of the person he hates.

Berserk- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The ending is mind-boggling and solidifies Berserk’s story at the top of the ladder.


The anime is set in America with gangs, mafia, Alchemists, thugs, and loads of characters. It has no protagonist and the story is viewed through multiple lenses.

Baccano- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

An elixir of immortality is obtained and the story revolves around it.

Flying Witch

There is something truly beautiful and peaceful about this anime. This show is a healing anime, everything that happens in the show is realistic and mundane.

Flying witch- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

In the show, a family will just go on walks, talk to one another, pick plants, and does everything that comes across as boring. But, it is yet somehow magical.

The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

A High school student finds himself in the Sengoku period. The country was exactly the way in the video game he played.

Oda Nobuna- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

He helps a young female Oda Nobuna in her conquest of conquering the whole of Japan.

Hunter X Hunter

The anime’s ending shows Gon finally meeting his father. From the start of the series, the main goal of Gon was to find out about his father and learn the Hunter ways.

Hunter x Hunter- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The ending shows us how vast the world is in the anime and that there is yet much for them to explore. Bigger problems and better adventures.

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In Medabot’s world, the hottest sport is Row battles. These are official matches in which robots of different contestants fight.

The show follows a young kid, who wants a medabot which his parents are not allowing. He saves up his money and buys one for himself.

Medabots- Top 30 Anime Ended Up with Cliffhanger

The journey begins with his contests in street and official battles.

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