Top 30 Anime Fan Service

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Top 30 Anime Fan Service

Using the basic term, fan service is anything included in the work of fiction that is included solely to try and please the audience. It generally doesn’t contributes to the plot or media other than making the fans happy.

It would be impossible to consume media before without seeing some kind of fan service. The cameos in Marvel movies are also an example of fan service. In a movie, a character getting more screen time because of his/her popularity is also a fan service.

But, by far the most common form of Fan Service is sexual kind and especially the anime kind. Most of the time the term Fan Service is now associated with anime.

Skimpy outfits, bouncing breasts, panty shots, and wardrobe malfunctions are all included in the media and referred to as fan service. The term is now used often as a criticism of a piece of media.

In this blog post let’s delve into the world of anime and scout out the Top 30 anime with Fan Service.

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Prison School

It is an out-of-box anime and there is absolutely nothing else like it. All the people who are trying the videos with “Top anime like Prison School”, have got no real content.

Prison School-Top 30 Anime Fan Service

It is kind of trash but in a good way. It is the Golden dumpster, shining brightly with gemstones intact. The anime girls in the show are appealing and of all kinds.

It has ecchi scenes, a lot of them. But, it is what makes the series hilarious.

Some boys are transferred to an all-girl institute. They are treated like hell in there. They are heavily punished and made to do all kinds of chores in school.

High School DXD

Showcasing the redhead devil supremacy, it has Rias Gremory, the sexiest redhead demon any anime has to offer.

High School DXD- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The story starts with Issei Hyoudou, the male protagonist of the show. He is a pervert with nothing productive going on in his life. She asks a girl on a date, who turns out to be a fallen angel, and kills him.

He is revived by Rias and made a servant to her. Rias gains new powers and tries to survive in the world of angels.

Monster Musume Noiru Niichiju

The story begins with a boy named Kimihito Kurusu. It is revealed that a law was passed so that humans could interact with semi-human species. It was a long-kept secret hidden from the public.

Monster Musume Noiru Niichiju- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

Kimihito is given a caretaker responsibility for a half serpent half human named Mia. Mia falls for Kimihito and tries to get intimate with him.

There is a load of such monsters in the anime who get involved with Kimihito and want to be his sole companion.

Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

Different schools fight in a competition for territorial supremacy. With loads of ecchi scenes, this anime is filled with fan service.

Kiss X Sis

Kiss X Sis- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

It displays the best lust by any anime has to offer. It has the concepts of remarriage and stepsisters. I leave your imagination and the show to do the rest of the job.

Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The main protagonist has an overall good personality. But as in the girls’ department, he is way too shy. It has a lot of comical ecchi scenes.


Shimoneta- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

To curb the issue of increasing Japan’s population. No more dirty jokes, words, pictures, and physical touch are allowed. The protagonist has the goal to meet his childhood love interest in his new High School.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

The entire series is structured around cooks who compete in cooking battles. The food looks extremely good and the anime girls give over-the-top reactions.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The reactions are ecchi and full of fan service.

To Love RU Darkness

To Love RU Darkness- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

If you are looking for some laughs and a way to spend your free time. This ecchi anime is filled with fan service.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The characters develop as the anime progresses. Five girls fall for one guy and the story follows. It is filled with fan service.

Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

It has great animation and story. A guy named Yamada switches body with a waifu. Only a kiss can change their body. They both join the supernatural club of the school and try to find the seven witches in the school.

Date A Live

Date A Live- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

It follows a seemingly average High School boy who is ordered to steal powers from creatures known as Spirits. The only way is to make the spirits fall in love with him.

My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The main protagonist is trying to master the craft of making clothes for dolls. The story follows a romantic story with a lot of fan service.

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High School of the Dead

The world s struck by a Zombie apocalypse. A nurse and a few High School students try to find their way out.

High School Of The Dead- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The anime is filled with ecchi scenes and fan service.

Kill la Kill

The animation of the anime is its best part. The character is given cool outfits.

Kill La Kill- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The plot follows a totalitarian school run by Satsuki with an iron fist. The story progresses into a battle that decides the fate of the human race.

Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The heroes are on an expedition in all the red-light areas to review all kinds of monster girls. The brothels are on arise and our heroes let us witness different beauties.

Love and Lies

In the world, there is a constant decline in the population. Japanese government devises a system that calculates levels of compatibility of individuals. It assigns 16 years old marriage partners based on these stats.

Love and Lies- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

Two 16 years old defy the rules and carry their relationship in secret.

World’s End Harem

A virus named the Mankiller virus has wiped out the men population in the world. Only five men are left on the planet.

World’s End Harem- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

To restructure society, these five men are to repopulate the planet.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil

The father of the protagonist adopts two demons. He marries one of them and the other is adopted as a daughter.

The Testament of Sister New Devil- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The step-sister is involved in many ecchi scenes in the anime.

Rent a Girlfriend

Rent a Girlfriend- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The protagonist rents a girlfriend for a day. He goes on a date with her and enjoys the day. It is later revealed that she is a neighbor and in the same school as him.


It is a fantastic romantic comedy series with elements of a harem. It also has a long-running manga behind it. The story follows Keiki, he is a second-year high school student. He is a library helper and a member of the calligraphy club.

Hensuki- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The story kicks off when our hero finds an anonymous love letter addressed to him. And attached to this letter is a pair of panties.

He goes on to investigate his secret admirer and names her Cinderella.

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time

It is an interesting and fun harem series. Peter Grill has been crowned as the strongest man in the world. He plans to marry Luvelia Sanctus, this catches the attention of women from other races.

Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time

They all wish to knot their ties with Peter. They all wish to satisfy Peter, the way Luvelia can’t.

Girlfriend Girlfriend

It is a well-made romantic comedy series. When released, it sent huge waves across the anime community. The story follows our hero who recently starts his relationship with his childhood friend Saki.

Girlfriend Girlfriend- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The story begins to take shape as another classmate Nagisa also reveals her feeling for him. Our hero accepts the request of both girls and dates both of them.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

It is a brilliant fantasy harem series. There are hidden dungeons in the world that are considered legendary. They are extremely hard to find but are filled with rare treasures and magical items.

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

The protagonist teams up with his childhood friend Emma as they set off to become adventurers.

Omasaki Romcom

The story surrounds a 17-year-old High school boy who has never had a girlfriend. He was actually a former childhood actor and has been traumatized by his mother’s death.

Omasaki Romcom- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

He is very easy to read and naive in romance. The story begins to shape after his childhood friend reveals his love interest in him.

He rejects her and expresses his feelings for the most popular girl in the school. She reveals that she already has a boyfriend and embarrasses him.

He and his childhood friend plot to take revenge on her and fall in love.


Monogatari- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

This series is well known for the uncanny way it uses fan service. It is not just fan service but it is characterization. There is always a carefully crafted context that has a deeper meaning behind it.

Golden Boy

It is a six-episode-long OVA series that follows an episodic narrative. The main character is a master of working part-time. He transverses many highways in Japan and is always on the search for employment.

Golden Boy- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

There is an element of edgy classic 90s comedy in the anime. It makes the anime more fun to watch.

Nisekoi False Love

This anime started countless waifu wars within the anime community. The story revolves around a young boy, Ichigo, and the girls associated with him.

Nisekoi False Love- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

He has a whole harem going on for him.

Vai X Love

The story follows Takama Atutsu, a strong and scary MC with a timid personality. Takama saves a girl one day, who turns out to be the voice of Odin.

Vai X Love- Top 30 Anime Fan Service

Takama is sent nine valkyries down to the earth to save the world. The only way to save the world is through love. The set up of the anime is a harem and there is a lot of fan service in the anime.

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