Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

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Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

All cinematic styles and emotions are represented in Japanese anime shows. When watching with friends, action-packed shows like Dragon Ball and Pokémon are enjoyable, and intellectually hard and profound shows invite viewers to watch them together and debate what they have just seen.

The greatest way to view some anime series is on your own. An easygoing anime may be watched at your leisure by a lone viewer in the comfort of their living room or bedroom, with nothing but the show and yourself for companionship. At first, this could seem lonely, but everyone needs some alone time, and even while these programmes are fantastic, there isn’t much to talk about them with a companion. The complete experience may be had by a lone spectator.

Here is the list of the top 30 anime that you must watch alone.

1. Love Is Like A Cocktail

Being a short and charming anime series, Love is Like a Cocktail is a great choice for someone to watch by themselves after a hard day at work or school. Additionally, the show’s small cast of likeable people gives viewers the impression that they are a part of the production.

Cocktail-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

2. After the Rain

To provide an emotionally stable experience for just any anime viewer looking for a cosy, intimate anime to watch on a wet afternoon, After the Rain is a romantic drama series with some light humour sprinkled in. Despite not being an iyashikei series, it has a reassuring and upbeat atmosphere.

Rain-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

3. Wolf Children

Although Wolf Children, an anime film based on the same-named manga, has some tragic moments, it is primarily a reassuring and upbeat animated film. Hana, a college student, encounters a lovely man who also happens to be a werewolf in this story. Hana and her boyfriend soon have a son and daughter who are part wolves, and she is left to raise them alone in the rural areas of Japan.

Hana-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

4. Blue Period

Even though it is simply a cliche, watching an anime about art like Blue Period is indeed an excellent way to unwind alone. People frequently have the idea that artists are miserable, reclusive geniuses. This is particularly true for anime viewers who are artistically inclined and desire a TV programme that will speak to them. Following Yatora’s life and his efforts to compensate for lost time by becoming a master painter, Blue Period has a very intimate feel to it.

Yatora-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

5. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

When something terrible occurs in a movie or television show, some fans don’t mind sobbing in front of other viewers, but if they can avoid it, other fans would prefer to cry dramatically in private. The anime I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is a romantic drama that is thus perfect for solitary viewing. The protagonists of this moving anime film are an unnamed youngster and Sakura, his new acquaintance, a vibrant young woman discreetly battling pancreatic cancer.

Sakura-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

6. Tonikawa

Some anime relationships continue throughout the whole season. Some just take a few minutes. The two central protagonists in the endearing romantic comedy Tonikawa meet and get married in the first episode, with Nasa Yuzaki falling deeply in love with Tsukasa after saving him from Truck kun’s wrath.

Nasa-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

7. Laid Back Camp

The endearing iyashikei subgenre, which is used to describe any anime series with a mellow, almost therapeutic tone, includes Laid-Back Camp. Laid-Back Camp is an example of an anime series that has lovely animation but no action or drama.

Iyashikei-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

8. Senryu Girls

Senryu Girl is a brief yet wonderful slice-of-life anime series, similar to its less well-known sibling Komi Can’t Communicate. This warm, personal anime series is ideal for any anime enthusiast who wants some alone time to unwind after a long day of work. The Protagonist Nanako Yukishiro is a sweet but reserved young woman who only expresses herself via the poetry she writes on a board she takes with her.

Komi-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

9. Aharen-San is Indecipherable

Some hilarious comedy shows are best viewed with friends so that everyone can laugh together and crack each other up over the most recent episode. Meanwhile, sitcoms with a kinder sense of humour, like Aharen-San is Indecipherable, are equally enjoyable on their own.

Aharen san-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

10. Eromanga Sensei

One of those anime shows, Eromanga Sensei, can turn off some viewers, but those who enjoy this specific style of humour should enjoy it. Because of this, an anime lover might choose to watch shows like Eromanga Sensei alone so their friends or roommates won’t find it strange.

Eromanga-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

11. Blue Gender

Since there was no treatment for the severe sickness that Yuji Kaido had been diagnosed with, he was cryogenically frozen. He awakens twenty years later to a world unlike any he has ever known, with mankind all but wiped out by creatures known as the Blue. Nevertheless, mankind is still there, a small number of chosen people have escaped to the space station known as Second Earth.

Yuji-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

12. Corpse Princess

In order to enter Heaven, an undead schoolgirl must hunt out 108 other undead with the aid of specially trained Buddhist monks.

Princess-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

13. Welcome to the N.H.K

Satou Tatsuhiro is the protagonist of this bizarre comedy-drama, which follows him as he tries to flee the NHK’s diabolical schemes.

Satou-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

14. Munemoshune no Musume Tachi

In the Shinjuku neighbourhood of Tokyo, Rin Asogi manages a private detective firm that takes on odd assignments. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to live a regular life because of the bizarre instances that keep coming her way.

Shinjuku-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

15. Food Wars

The show centres on a budding chef who enrols at a prestigious culinary institute where students compete in culinary challenges. In addition, Yuki Morisaki contributes by providing the series’ recipes.

Yuki-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

16. Flying Witch

The protagonist of the tale is Makoto, a young witch from Yokohama who, as part of her training, relocates to Hirosaki, Aomori, to live with family. What follows is a day in the life of Makoto as she adjusts to her new surroundings.

Makoto-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

17. Death Note

Until he finds a strange notebook on the ground, Light Yagami is an average, unremarkable college student. He quickly learns that the notepad is magical. It will kill the person whose name is put on it as the writer visualises that person’s face. Light murders people he believes are undeserving of life because he is intoxicated by his new godlike power. But an enigmatic investigator who goes by the name L resolves to end his rule.

Light-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

18. A Silent Voice

A grade school student with hearing loss leaves one school after being brutally tormented. One of her old tormentors decides to make amends years later.

students-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

19. Kill La Kill

In the series, Ryuko Matoi, a homeless schoolgirl, engages in a violent battle with Satsuki Kiryuin, the head of Honnouji Academy’s student council, as well as Ragyo Kiryuin’s fashion empire, while trying to find the person who killed her father.

Ryuko-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

20. Kino’s Travels: The Beautiful World

A traveller called Kino and her talking motorcycle, Hermes, are the subjects of a television series that follows them as they visit each place for no more than three days before moving on. Each place they visit has its own distinctive culture and inhabitants.

Kino-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

21. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

To salvage a fantasy game, two maidens call for a top player. Two maidens in distress in the land of Cross Reverie call upon the dread Demon Lord Diablo to help them. Cross Reverie, however, is only a virtual reality game, and Takuma Sakamoto, an accomplished player with social problems, is represented by Diablo in it.

Diablo-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

22. The Garden Of Sinners

The Garden of Sinners is a Japanese drama that takes place mostly in the late 1990s and tells the tale of Shiki Ryougi, a young girl reared as a demon hunter who gained the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception after escaping a tragic tragedy.

Shiki-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

23. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Making friends is a challenge for transfer students in Kodaka. He meets Yozora, a fellow student who is also lonely and converses with an imagined friend. They come together to create a club for those without friends.

Yozora-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

24. Kurozuka

After falling short against his brother, Kuro, a man from the 12th century, retreats into the mountains, where he encounters Kuromitsu, a weird and stunning woman. Kuro discovers Kuromitsu is hiding a sinister secret as she falls in love with her. She is unable to pass away and lives on for countless ages as Japan develops into a futuristic civilisation.

Kuromitsu-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

25. Gurren Lagann

Simon and Kamina, two friends who were coerced into living underground by the mighty Spiral King, end up being the faces of the resistance.

Simon & Kamina-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

26. FLCL

When 12-year-old Naota encounters a strange woman driving a Vespa and carrying a large instrument, weird things begin to occur.

Naota-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

27. Jyu oh Sei

The Bulken system’s worst offenders are transferred to a planet where Thor and his younger brother Rai, who must survive to see their destiny, are placed.

Rai-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

28. Elfen Lied

Unaware that the seemingly innocent Lucy is a mutant serial murderer with a dual personality, two university students come upon her.

Lucy-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

29. Samurai Champloo

To assist her in locating the samurai who smell like sunflowers, Fuu, a waitress who works in a teahouse, saves two expert swordsmen named Mugen and Jin from being executed.

Fuu-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

30. Texhnolyze

The offspring of a generation that was exiled fight for control of Lux, a dying metropolis, in a man-made subterranean civilization. This abandoned man who became a prizefighter sacrifices an arm and a leg to appease a furious fight promoter. He is saved from certain death by a young doctor who adopts him and uses him as a test subject for the next iteration of Texhnolyze. With the new limbs, Ichise is taken under the wing of Organ, a group with some influence over Lux, by Oonishi, a strong leader of Organ.

Lux-Top 30 Anime You Should Watch Alone

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