Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

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This article is the list of the top 30 anime where there are uncensored and uncut anime scenes.

This article contains a list of the top uncut anime scenes that feature lots of ecchi, harem, and breasts for the fans. We have chosen the most challenging unedited anime which is to watch in public. We won’t lie about our lists. These uncensored anime are equally as good as they are evil. We will also look at the people and genres along with the characters and plot. Ecchi genres won’t be regarded as hentai because they serve another function. We will consider them, but, if you can see the finest ecchi without restriction.

Here is the list of the top 30 uncensored anime scenes that you can watch.

1. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

In the realm of anime, there are female characters that are prone to contracting a particular NSFW weapon virus. A schoolgirl named Mamori Tokonome is identified as an outsider. She hurried over to the Rusalka island. She encounters an adult Miray Shikishima on the island, who with a single kiss turns her into an axe. The adversary attacks Mamori, but Mirai manages to save her. assuming that their initial meeting did not stop there. It’s still possible that the two females will decide to part ways or possibly cross paths and become pals. What will happen next?

mamori-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

2. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

The main character of the story is Fuyuzora, a spiritual person who has been haunted by ghosts since she was a little girl. He’s been in difficulty his entire life, but he now understands how to defend himself against demonic spirits. Fuyuzor is likewise impoverished and homeless. He desires a standard, enjoyable high school experience. They have shown via their well-liked series that they are the ones who can advance the anime business over the coming few years.

3. Kill La Kill

One may say that Ryuko Matoi’s narrative, about a little girl, is the most stunning. She is a memorable representation of systemic resistance. It is jam-packed with fun, humour, and, most significantly, the most dramatic and furious battle sequences.

ryuko-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

4. Monogatari

The animators are constantly excited to try out fresh visual concepts. How they draw changes. The fact that the most famous sensual moments appear in this specific anime makes it much funnier.

5. Strike the Blood

The strengths of this uncensored show are its artistic quality, escapism, and simplicity. Nothing about this uncut anime is novel or ground-breaking. There are just a few minute details that viewers of this anime fail to notice. They contribute to the show’s enjoyment.

enjoyable anime-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

6. Highschool of the Dead

When you watch this action-based series, you can experience anxiety. The incorporation of zombie stories into any movie, even anime, is always interesting. However, each female character will also provide you with a variety of Opai.

7. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

It will be appealing to different anime fans. Those looking for a meaningful love tale could be let down by it. Considering that romance-based anime shouldn’t be expected to have such. Saekano is a great ecchi series to check out if you enjoy mellow romantic comedies. This is due to the abundance of comedy, dramas, and fantastic fan service.

saekano-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

8. Manyuu Hiken-Cho

The Taiheimeji Era is the era of the breasts. Fame and money are guaranteed if you have them. In other words, it nearly seems like it isn’t human at all.

9. Heaven’s Lost Property

This anime series isn’t all that uncut. The character development is really sensitive while simultaneously being tragic and passionate. College student Tomoki Sakurai is a devotee of tranquilly and quiet. But he consistently feels someone beckoning him in his nightmares.

10. Golden Boy

The storyline is simple and an antique gem. Kintaro is a teenage boy who accepts any job that is given to him. He wants to gain the attention of someone he admires, loves, and respects.

kintaro-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

11. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Whatever the ecchi genre, anime is a wonderful medium for fusing originality and innovation. The fantastic crazy of monster girls, who can change from being regular girls into women, is now a reality. This is the threat posed by Monster Musume at Iru Nichijou. The only means through which monsters may be created are monster girls. For better or worse, these creatures will do whatever to satisfy human desires.

12. Masou Gakuen HXH

The story centres on Asou, a kid who joins a military academy and is in charge of a team of girls battling aliens. The idea is standard, and things get off to a very typical start. But then you discover that the protagonist offers the females energy boosts and recharges through sensual encounters.

asou-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

13. Mayo Chiki

The goal of this typical ecchi harem anime is to have fun and entertain viewers. The characteristics of Mayo Chiki’s characters make them all more likeable.

14. To Love-Ru

For people who like laughing and don’t bother about other things, To Love-Ru is an alternative. Despite all the wickedness, pleasure, and fan service, this thorough anime attempts to make you giggle.

humours anime-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

15. Ishuzoku Reviewers

It resembles otaku forums at the lowest bottom of the internet. This summary will clear up any confusion for you. In our world, the human race argues on a variety of important topics. Which female is the finest, for instance? How much is kappa material worth? Which perversion do you find most alluring?

16. Queen’s Blade

This anime depicts the events leading up to the battle that crowns Leina as the Queen’s Blade and determines which among the warriors is the greatest.

17. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Japanese anime Seikon no Qwaser stunned everyone who viewed it in 2010. It centres on a group of females who are being sought after by a sect. A young man using his iron manipulating skills to attempt to defend them. When they show the main character and all the warriors, though, things start to seem a little weird.

seikon-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

18. Haganai

The story of the futile attempts to join “the Neighborhoods Club” is told in the fun ecchi anime Haganai. He makes new friends and finally gains notoriety. Even though the majority of his endeavours fail. It serves as a reminder that love may be discovered in the most unlikely places.

19. Ladies Versus Butlers

A student who appears to be a delinquent wants to become a butler, Hino Akiharu. Consequently, he enrols at a prestigious women’s institution that focuses on butler and maid training.

20. Maken-Ki

Takeru Ohyama, a normal adolescent pervert in a society where martial prowess is put to the test, is the star of this romantic comedy. In this television show, the females fight or participate in other activities. It displays a lot of content that not all viewers are permitted to see.

takeru-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

21. Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete

In the story, a young man named Densuke joins Eiken’s club because he wishes to participate in extracurricular activities. But the club sells bikinis and other accoutrements.

eiken-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

22. Yosuga no Sora

The television drama demonstrates how Kasugano Haruka’s choices might impact the twins’ destinies. Overall, things are going well, but he may have sexual intercourse with other girls after making all of these choices. Even his sister was involved in affairs.

23. Kanokon

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings are limited to the twisted and intense fantasies we have. Ecchi is what Kanokon is all about, therefore that’s what you receive without even any guarantees.

24. High School DxD

High School DxD frequently receives votes from viewers as the finest adult uncensored harem anime series for a very long period. This is due to the level of the deep, sensuous fan service scenes growing. This contributes to High School DxD’s accomplishments.

high school daram-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

25. Kissxsis

In the anime Kiss x Sis, a boy’s half-sisters are the target of bullying. They still attempt to get into his pants with the approval of their insane parents. Up until teachers made them unpleasant, they are content.

half sisters-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

26. Prison School

Laughable and unique, Prison School is an ecchi. Located outside of Tokyo is the girls-only Hachimitsu Private Academy.

27. Shimoneta

Lewd activities, serious dialogues, and perverse humour are all things we like. What if everything is prohibited? This may either make life duller or make it better. Shimoneta’s world is how it is.

28. Seitokai Yakuindomo

These days, men and women of all ages, whether young, middle-aged or older, talk about sex on a regular. This interest is at its highest throughout adolescence. With a comedic twist, this is the major subject of Seitokai Yakuindomo.

seitokai-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

29. Shinmai Maou in Testament

Some anime shows to look into alternative approaches to breaking away from customary garments damage and unrestrained fighting since it is insufficient to generate ecchi. Testament by Shinmai Maou combines humour, harem, and action. The adult scenes that go above and beyond what the soft-core H can handle are to be expected.

maou-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes

30. Freezing

A battle against humanity was initiated by beings from another dimension. A school called Genetics was founded to train the human troops (Pandora) and equip them with specialised armour and weapons in order to counter this danger.

genetics school-Top 30 Uncensored Anime Scenes


It is very likely to run into these storylines in the realm of animation. Let’s just say that they are challenging to comprehend. We have chosen series that, in our opinion, are challenging for viewers to comprehend. This list will help you to choose the perfect uncensored anime for you.

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