Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

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Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The ending of any anime is the final piece of art. The story plot line and the characters have carried the show and it all up the end scenes to make the show a classic. Say, If Naruto had gone with some weird ending, it might not have been the classic anime it is.

Anime viewers after dedicating so much of their time to a certain anime. Want a satisfactory ending. All of the good things come to an end, which can’t be considered for One Piece. It is upon us to deal with it gracefully.

In this blog post, I have curated a list of the Top 40 Anime With the Best Ending Story.

Hunter X Hunter

The ending to this anime is one of the most powerful, metamorphic, and indigenous integrations and implementations of a story’s main theme that I’ve ever seen. It is not the definite ending as the manga has yet more to offer.

Hunter X Hunter- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

But, this conclusion seems an appropriate end to the adaptation. Gon finally meets his father Ging and learns that there is even more to this world.

Gon’s primary goal throughout the series has been to find Ging. All the experiences and the people he meets have this as the starting point.

Check this anime’s ED:

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

By chance, a boy picks up a book while waiting in a hospital. He finds out that it belongs to a girl in his class with a fatal illness. Tied together by chance, it is a story about a boy and a girl with a time limit.

I want to eat your pancreas- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The ending is on a very sad note, capable to melt even people with stone hearts.


It is one of the most outrageous and funny anime of our time. The ending perfectly nailed that Gintama humor. It further solidified the anime’s position as a Comedy Gold.

Gintama- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The ending is much brighter as Edward sacrifices his door of truth to get Al’s body back. He can no longer perform alchemy without it. The result is, Alphonse gets his body back and his arm back.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

He ends up marrying Vinry and has kids. The ending is happy and much deserved.

Code Geass

Lelouch sacrifices himself, in the end, to bring the world to peace. He takes on all the hatred towards himself for the world to prosper.

Code Geass- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Cowboy Bebop

In the final episodes, the troubles of both the past and the present converge into a spectacular finale. Spike has finally changed as a person, he no longer is static and awakens from his dream.

Cowboy Bebop- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

He faces vicious and goes to the syndicates. This indicates that he’s finally liberated by making amends with his past.

Your Lie in April

The ending tone of the anime is made to make you cry.

Your lie in April- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Kosei and Kaori share their final moments as Kaori is counting her last breaths.


In the end scene, it all comes back to the first episode of the show. when Tomoya met Nagisa. He hears all the same lines but from a different point of view. All the memories he mentions have so much weight to them now.

Clannad- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Tomoya ends up realizing that he wants to take that risk again, he runs toward Nagisa and holds her tightly.

Then, cut to the present we see, Nagis give birth to Lucille and live. Tomoya finally finds his family.

Your Name

It ends with a happy tone when Taki and Mitsuha meet each other and their connection restrikes. They both ask each other’s name and the visuals close.

Your Name- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

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Steins Gate

The most detailed time travel show got a deserved ending.

Steins gate- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

In the end, everyone moves to the Steins Gate world line.

Death Note

The ending has mixed feelings involved with it.

Death Note- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Though it could have been made better, the actual ending is pretty satisfying too. But, on a sadder tone.


The ending is a satisfying one as Togame dies.

Katanagatari- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

She dies in peace knowing that she does not have to kill Shichika.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The anime is funny, it’s serious, and it’s action-packed. The story is a little bit rough around the edges at the start. I still think that it is a fantastic watch. The anime has a unique style and music that makes it memorable.

Love is War: Season 3

It stands out from other rom-coms in the way it has evolved. From making fun of over-the-top drama to eventually recognize it later.

Love is War: Season 3- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Both protagonists finally confess their feelings toward each other.

Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei collapses out of fatigue from his fight with Reaper 2.0. He announces that it was time for the class to kill him. The class reluctantly obeys.

Assassination Classroom- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

He leaves each of his students, a book of advice as a farewell. In end, he is proud of all these students who gave meaning to his life.


It is coming of age story that deals with the complex emotions and realities one has to face when growing up. Although many years have passed the characters have not grown up from their past selves.

AnoHana- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

A traumatic death changed their personalities and affected them in different ways.

Princess Tutu

This anime is dark, without being too graphic for the younger audience.

Princess Tutu- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

It is a magical girl anime inspired by ballet and a classic fairy tale theme.


It has one of the most satisfying ending any anime has to offer. Knowing the character and gradually watching his character grow. Naruto’s character got attached to the audience. We felt his defeats his wins and all the struggles he had to go through.

Naruto- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Finally, Naruto is acknowledged by the village and he later completes his lifelong goal of becoming the Hokage of the Hidden Village of Leaf.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The show is a deep dive into mental illness and how it can shape a person’s worldview. Every character in the show is a representation of different traumas that people can face.

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The characters are intentionally unlikable and the cinematography of the show is strangely beautiful.


This anime is amazing on almost all levels. It dives into the beautiful yet ugly truth of human nature.

Monster- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Monster is a brilliant psychological thriller about a serial killer who can turn people around him insane, even make them murder.


It teaches us the most romantic truths of what it means to live for a goal.

Bakuman- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Bakuman is a very intricate and detailed yet simple story. It is a story of a young boy who is recovering from the tragedy of his dead uncle.

Angel Beats

This anime is an emotional rollercoaster. It is emotionally damaging and all the backstories in anime make you cry. It is a small 12-episode anime, you can give it a try.

Angel Beats- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Kill la Kill

The final scene is the epic battle between Ragyo and Satsuki’s mother.

Kill la Kill- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Ragyo sacrifices herself at the last and warns others that the fibers can come back later.


The ending is satisfying and establishes Dororo as one of the GOATs. Hyah gets his body back at the end but continues on his journey, now to gain back his humanity.

Dororo- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story


It is a great romance anime. Realistic and flawed characters go along as the show progresses. A 27-year-old is given a special pill that makes him younger.

ReLife- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

He is asked to attend High school again and to relive his life. The characters go through actual development and the story of the anime is well written

Carole and Tuesday

It is the story of two misfit girls that form a musical duo in the AI age.

Carole and Tuesday- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Music is the main element of the show. The ending is satisfying in its own right.

Astra Lost in Space

In the future, all the planets other than Earth are colonized. Some high school students on their way to another planet get stuck in space.

Astro Lost in Space- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The story develops satisfyingly and the show is well-produced.

A Place Further Than the Universe

The anime has some truly breathtaking scenes. It juggles complex and compelling character arcs, which contribute to a greater overall theme.

A Place Further Than the Universe- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The show involves cute girls traveling together, overcoming obstacles, learning, and growing along the way in their adventure to Antarctica.

Fruits Basket

It beats all the emotional beats perfectly.

Fruits Basket- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The ending was satisfying and not just the ending but the whole anime was perfect.

Planet With

Planet With- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The show is wacky and fun, but also has dramatic moments which show off the depth of the writing. Every episode after episode 7 is a series finale. It covers all the major parts of the story and some bits thrown here and there.

Madoka Magica

On the surface, it seems like an anime about magic girls but it is everything except that.

Madoka Magica- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

It is psychological horror anime. This show carries a darker tone to it.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

It explores how night cities can be terrifying in ways that go way beyond. As the main character, David goes into debt, capitalism becomes the early villain in the show.

Cyberpunk Edgerunners- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

David meets Lucy and joins a mercenary group. This story is about his journey of becoming a mercenary in the night city.

Gurren Lagann

Most of humanity has been trapped underground, and our protagonist and his friends cross the underground village. They discover a world they couldn’t ever imagine.

Gurren Lagann- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The anime makes you feel hyped, entertained, and inspired.


It asks the viewers many complex psychological questions. It enlightens on what adults should learn on their journey.

Berserk- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The anime shows us the horrors of humanity as well as its beauty.

Dragon Ball Super

It is one of the most controversial Dragon Ball properties in circulation. In an epic battle, in the end, Android 17 becomes the winner of Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Gunbuster and Diebuster

It is a criminally underrated anime that kickstarted the careers of many greats in anime history. The story follows Noriko Takaya whose dad was a hero who died in a battle.

Gunbuster and Diebuster- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

She had promised his father to become a space pilot so they both could be in space together. The story continues the journey of Noriko as she climbs through the ranks to become a space pilot.

JoJo Diamond is Unbreakable

Jotaro finds out Jotaro Kujo, son of our beloved Joseph Joestar. Josuke and his crew try to stop a serial killer.

JoJo Diamond is Unbreakable- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Why you should watch this anime:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The show is lavishly praised and critically acclaimed. The universe is not at peace, the Galaxy is divided into 2 warring nations.

Galactic heroes- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The two main characters of the show are rivals who will bring an end to the century-old war, one way or another.

Birdy the Mighty

The story is filled with twists and turns.

Birdy the Mighty- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

The end to the anime is one of the Best Ending stories.

Death Parade

In the anime when you die you transport to a bar and forced to play parlor games. Participants have no memory of their lives just a few minor details.

Death Parade- Top 40 Anime With Best Ending Story

Their behavior in the game decides which soul is to be reincarnated or to be sent to the void.

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