TOP 7 AMAZING Lances: The Beginning After The End

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The Beginning After The End is a popular fantasy manhwa. The reincarnation-themed story of the life of King Grey is loved widely due to its glamorous world-building. The character designs and the unimagined world filled with alchemy and monsters perfectly capture the attention of each reader. Because the world of The Beginning After The End interests all of us so much therefore we have come up with a list of the Top 7 Amazing Lances from The Beginning After The End.

This fantasy manhwa is written by author Brandon Lee, pen name TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23. The webcomic is based on the original web novel work of the same name. All the characters within the story are beautifully written with the core connected to the main plot.

TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Who Are The Lances In The Manhwa?

The term Lances used multiple times in the manhwa The Beginning After The End stands for the group of gifted individuals chosen for a purpose by their monarch. All the lances are supposed to work directly under the monarch and obey their command. In layman’s terms, the lances are where is similar to a group of commandants who work only for the monarch. All the powerful artifacts that the lances possess are given to them by the gods for the protection of their respective races.

The Dicathen continent primarily consists of three races Humans, elves, and dwarfs. all these races come together and form a council of Dicathen. Lances form the very core of the manhwa The Beginning After The End. Now let’s get to know about the lances and their origin story from the manhwa.

Top Lances Of The Beginning After The End

Primarily there are 7 Lances at The Beginning and After The End. Among the count of 7, there are three humans, two elves, and two dwarves. Now, let’s discuss these lances in a bit more detail.

Bairon Wykes : TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Bairon Wykes

First on the list of lances is Bairon Wykes. This land belongs to the human race and the deviant for him is lightning. The code name by which Bairon Wykes is addressed is the Thunderlord. As one among the seven Lances of Dicathen. Wkyes represents the Kingdom of Spain. He is the elder brother of traitor Lucas Wykes and the rightful heir of the family name of Wykes.

Bairon Wykes is by large a critical man. The man takes pride in his lineage and stands up against anyone who tries to hamper the family image even when it is his brother Lucas. He is also a white-core mage. Apart from being a Lance Bairon Wykes is known far and wide for his powerful mage quality. Some of his special powers are lighting deviant, the ability to magnetize, using his deviant to enhance performance, the Blue-White Orb, using bolts to physically damage the opponent, and the Thunderbolt Wrath added with the ability to fly.

Arthur Leywin: TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Arthur Leywin

Our main character King Grey who is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin plays the Lance too. Arthur is a really powerful Lance with 3 deviants blessing him with multiple skills. Lightning, Ice, and Gravity are the deviants he is blessed with. Godspell is the code name given to Arthur Leywin. After being the monarch himself in his past life this Lance is born into the new world with brand new challenges and responsibilities.

Arthur has carried his personality and memories from his past life that influence him in the reincarnated phase. Because of an evolved personality and understanding of warfare from his past life, this Lance has a refined thought process and mature attitude. The possessed by this character are not purely a gift from the gods but also the carried forward attitude from the past life.

Varay Aurae : TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Varay Aurae

Another Lance of Dicathen belonging to the human race is Varay Aurae. This Lance is blessed with the deviant ice. Also, she is known by the code name Zero. She is one of the 2 lances who stands in as the representative of the Sapin Kingdom. Her white hair and grey eyes are extensively used to characterize her in the webcomic as well as the novel. She is one of the powerful war Lances.

Apart from mage Wykes, Varay is also a powerful white-core mage. She can transform into as many weapons as she wants. She uses her deviant ice magic to control an ice dragon. She can increase your speed and power and turn into an Ice Ninja. She also can fly and use her deviant in multiple ways against her opponents.

Alea Triscan : TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Alea Triscan

Next up in the list of the seven Lances that represent Dicathen is Alea Triscan of Code Aureate. Alea belongs to the race of elves. This Lance’s deviant is a plant. This Lance is counted among the three Lances that represent the Kingdom of Elenoir. Because her deviant is a plant she is close to nature. The prominent capability of Alea Triscan is to convert and create swords out of plants. This Lance character is also strong and revered like the other Lances of the monarch.

Aya Grephin: TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Aya Grephin

Next Lance from The Beginning After The End also represents the Kingdom of Elenoir. Aya Grephin is yet another Lance hailing from the race of elves. Her deviant element is Illusion (Sound). She is from the code Phantasm and known to be one of the deadliest lances among the group of seven. She is arrogant and tortures her victims most horribly than one could imagine. Apart from manipulating people with her illusions, Aya possesses the ability of wind magic, sound magic, and presence concealment. Aya Grephin also has the super ability of flight like some other Lances.

Olfred Warend : TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Olfred Warend

Olfred Warend is the Lance who belongs to the dwarf race. He is a member of code Balrog and stands in for Darv Kingdom. Olfred has a rigorous personality but also has submissiveness toward his superiors. His deviant is magma. This Lance shares a very cordial bond with Arthur despite his apprehensive nature towards other people because he was raised on the streets without a family. He is cautious by nature with a pinch of confidence and the appreciated trait of unwavering loyalty.

Along with powerful personality traits, this Lance so has abilities like the power of earth magic, magma gauntlet, and magma armor. Also, he has the power skill of flight.

Mica Earthborn: TOP 7 AMAZING Lances The Beginning After The End

Mica Earthborn

Mica Earthborn is the last of the seven Lances in the list but an equally strong one. She also belongs to the dwarf race and represents the Darv Kingdom. Her deviant element is Gravity. And Mica is rightly identified with the code Ohmwercker. Mica Earthborn chirpy individual who loves to refer to herself in the 3rd person. She is as much dangerous as she is fun. She cannot teach magic to anyone as she acquired her magic skills through intuition. She has some power skills that defeat science. She can manipulate weight, is gifted with strong senses, and holds the right to a giant mace.


This was a sneak peek into the world of The Beginning After The End. We have tried to simplify the world building and the character setup in the story for you. If you like the article do let us know in the comment section. All the fans of the manhwa The Beginning After The End should check out the link given below.

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