TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy [2023 Edition] RECOMMENDATIONS

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In the renowned manga series Quest Supremacy, Kim SooHyun, a typical and rather frail high school student, is the target of bullying from his peers. Gaming is his only means of relieving his annoyance, and the next morning, he awakens to find that his desire has come true.

He starts to acquire tasks and awards that will propel him to the top of the school’s standings as he gains a new set of abilities and talents.

Here are the Top 9 Best Manga like Quest Supremacy of 2023. Without further ado, let’s see the different recommendations. If you have loved Quest Supremacy, then you must check it out.

1. Weak Hero

Weak people at Eunjang High School always worry about becoming the next victim since bullying is pervasive there. But when Gray Yeon, a frail freshman who measures no more than 157 cm tall, shocks the entire class by standing up to a bully twice his height and easily overwhelming him, their luck is sure to change. Gray earns the moniker “Eunjang’s White Mamba” thanks to his gallantry, ingenuity, and original thinking. Gray, despite his small, keeps exchanging punches with bullies from larger and more powerful local high schools to stop history from repeating itself. Despite having an action-packed focus, this series does a fantastic job of portraying the characters’ personalities. Weak Hero has a tone much more grounded than other action mangas since it is situated in the “real world,” and I believe was discovered that Jiksae’s stream camera had captured this as a major factor in the dependability and realism of each of the main characters’ personalities and how they interact with one another. Even though this is a sophisticated narrative, the main characters in a positive way have the air of typical teens. There may be some discrepancies throughout the chapters of Weak Hero because the artist and writer are two entirely different persons. This is especially true when comparing flashbacks to real situations.

NO 1-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

2. Guard Pass

Sejun is a kind and calm high schooler, but when he discovers his closest buddy in the hospital after being battered by bullies, he changes. Sejun makes the time to study jiu-jitsu, and when he learns that the police have not made any headway in his friend’s case, he resolves to take matters into his own hands and confront the bullies.

NO 2-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

3. Study Group

Yusung Technical High School, also known as the “school for future criminals,” isn’t exactly the best place to learn. Gamin is an unusual kid among his friends since he just has one ambition: to get into college. He gets turned down by many study groups at his all-male school before deciding to start his own. Hankyeong, Gamin’s old tutor, enrols in his high school on an effort to obtain her teaching certification, and it appears that both of them are doing the impossibly difficult. Fortunately, Hankyeong, his previous tutor, visits Yusung Tech to get her teaching certification, and the two work together to realise their seemingly unattainable goals. Can they overcome the challenges and realise their goals? The opening narrative is highly realistic and centres on bullying and studying, even if it has been done before and is quickly turning into a cliche, such as when bullying in schools turns into rival schools competing for control.

NO 3-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

4. Girls Of The Wild’s

Song Jaegu, a high school student, has a lifelong dread of women as a result of having to take care of himself and his brothers after their mother abandoned them. He receives a three-year scholarship to Wild’s High School as a result of good fortune. Known for producing world-class martial arts champions, Wild’s was once a private school for only girls. Jaegu quickly discovers that he is the sole male student at a school full of attractive but dangerous females, despite the school’s attempts to utilise the new lads to reform its female people. He has three years to figure out a way to live.

NO 4-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

5. Lookism

Park Hyung Seok, a boy, the protagonist, is severely tormented for being overweight in a school outside of Seoul and endures horrible name-calling. He relocates to the city and changes schools since he is fed up with the bullying. He wakes up one night to discover that he has exchanged bodies and is now a tall and attractive lad before his transfer is fully complete. Now that he has the power to switch instantly between his normal and altered physical states, he chooses to attend school in his altered form during the day and work shifts in his original body at night. In contrast to being mocked when one doesn’t meet traditional beauty standards, Hyung Seok soon discovers that having beautiful looks may bring you a lot of advantages in this society. The characters are well-developed because each one plays a significant part in the plot. Even the villains have interesting backstories, and as the plot develops, you may learn more about their motivations. Like other webcomics, the art is rather beautiful and colourful. The chapters are not short and there are updates every week.

NO 5-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

6. Mercenary Enrollment

Yu Ijin, at eight years old, was the only survivor of a terrible jet accident in another country. He honed his arm-to-arm skills, marksmanship, and fighting proficiency into those of a skilled predator to live and eventually became a well-known mercenary. However, ten years later, he re-discovers his remaining family—a sweet young sister called Dayun and a kind-hearted grandfather—after running across South Korean soldiers on duty. Ijin is given a brand-new challenge when he returns to his own country: to take on the ordinary life of an average high school student. Every encounter is fresh to Ijin, from cunning bullies to new friendships. Ijin will need to utilise his years of combat skills to defend his loved ones as his past starts to catch up with him.

NO 6-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

7. Viral Hit

Yoo Hobin endured humiliation and torture throughout his high school years at the hands of his classmate and well-known Newtube streamer Pakgo. However, Hobin’s problems don’t end there. Outside of school, he toils hard at a part-time job to cover his mother’s medical expenses. One day, Hobin slips on a cord while tripping over a cord and accidentally pours ramen over Pakgo’s cameraman “Jiksae,” cutting off the other youngster from his gaming feed. Hobin strikes back after becoming finally frustrated with his wretched way of existence and gets into a pitiful altercation with Jiksae. The next morning, it is discovered that Jiksae’s stream camera had captured the entire humiliating altercation between the two lads. Additionally, the video was unintentionally published on Newtube and quickly became popular, earning Hobin an incredible ten million won in views. To make more films of him fighting and to see how far Newtube streaming can take them, Hobin teams up with his odd buddy Jiksae. He is drawn to the money that Newtube streaming can bring him and his mother. Hobin will either conquer the streaming world or run across an opponent he can’t outwit after taking on bullies like Pakgo and other opponents who look unbeatable.

NO 7-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

8. Get Schooled

The author of the well-known manga Get Schooled is Yongtaek Chae. The main character of this manga, Na Hwajin, is a legendary martial artist who leads a charmed existence until he runs across bullies at school or dishonest professors. Few schools are ready to hire him because of his reputation for using aggressive ways to discipline troublemakers. However, Na Hwajin ends up being their only option when traditional punishment strategies don’t appear to help troubled students. To instil some much-needed grit in the pupils and instructors, the administration is compelled to hire the very bright Hwajin.

NO 8-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

9. Reality Quest

A harassed gamer named Dowan Ha is compelled to grind for in-game stuff on behalf of his tormentors. Dowan plays video games day and night for a week until he passes out from tiredness after one of these bullies commands him to get him an impossible-to-find item or be thrashed in front of the prettiest girl in school. He respawns returned in his class one week before his death, though, just after his death. Everything remains the same as before, except he now possesses all the real-world talents he learned from playing video games! Will Dowan be able to fight his bullies with his newly discovered skills and gamified existence?

NO 9-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

10. Hanlim Gym

Yeongha, a new transfer student who is tired of being teased, tries to fight back after realising he has some punching power. He quickly rises to the very top of the food chain and relishes his new position as the hardest student in the school. But he runs into trouble when Suho Kang, the PVP games’ champion, destroys him and his team by himself. Yeongha decides to play in the PVP games to regain his dignity. Will Suho’s pounding eventually satisfy him? Or will he get more from it?

NO 10-TOP 9 BEST – Manga Like Quest Supremacy \[2023 Edition\] RECOMMENDATIONS

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