Top Anime/Manga Like Spy x Family

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Top Anime/Manga Like Spy x Family

One of the most eagerly anticipated anime series of 2022, Spy x Family, has more than lived up to expectations. The silly antics of little Anya, Loid, and Yor as they attempt to act like a regular family despite their unusual occupations are both endearing and entertaining. It is hardly surprising that viewers could be eager for other shows like this definite blockbuster.

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Here are a few of the best anime shows that fans of Spy x Family would adore.

1. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Sousuke Sagara is a star of Full Metal Panic! Sousuke is charged with undertaking a covert operation, just like Loid. He belongs to the Mithril, a military organisation that fights terrorism. He needn’t create a temporary family, unlike Loid, though. All he has to do is try to blend in with other teenagers his age while guarding a high school student named Kaname.

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2. The Promised Neverland

One of the most-watched anime shows a few years ago was The Promised Neverland. Aside from the much-maligned second season, many viewers admired the show’s storyline, characters, and commitment to upholding their new familial bonds.

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3. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

When the first season of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War was released, it immediately became popular. All the characters, notably Chika Fujiwara, won the hearts of the audience. The idea of the show is ridiculous but sympathetic since Miyuki and Kaguya are competing to trick the other into confessing. As the show is so interesting that they watch Shirogane or Kaguya play mental games with one another, corner one another, and ultimately outwit one another, viewers of the show are readily drawn into the story.

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4. Bunny Drop

Daikichi is the star of the highly regarded josei series Bunny Drop. When Daikichi learned that his grandpa had an illegitimate daughter called Rin, he was horrified. Daikichi adopts Rin since she has become the family’s black sheep and defends her. An endearing interaction between Daikichi and Rin is shown in this series.

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5. We Never Learn

This series will appeal to fans of The Quintessential Quintuplets and Spy x Family since it exaggerates and mocks the difficulties of learning. All of the characters in We Never Learn are endearing, and the comedy is just plain amusing. Many people compare the younger sister of the central protagonist, Nariyuki, to Anya Forger since they both wish to support their families.

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6. Kakushigoto

It’s kind of like Spy x Family in how Kakushi Gotou and his daughter Hime interact in that both want to keep things under wraps. Here, the main distinction is that Kakushi isn’t a spy; instead, he merely creates incredibly pornographic comics.

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7. Kotaro Lives Alone

The fans of this anime will enjoy getting a glimpse of what an eccentric youngster like Anya might be up to if she lived alone. The story behind Kotaro’s family’s disappearance is complicated, but the four-year-old now lives alone and engages in a lot of mischiefs. His neighbours, who appear to be genuinely perplexed by the scenario but who yet go along with it, certainly make for a fascinating new family for him. Unfortunately, this performance was lighthearted and humorous.

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8. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

Even while Anya’s capacity for mind reading has frequently come in handy, it falls well short of Kusuo Saiki’s psychic abilities. The adolescent protagonist of the series Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is capable of almost anything except, it seems, drawing attention from his peers.

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9. Hinamatsuri

A yakuza member in Hinamatsuri finds himself unexpectedly responsible for a little girl who possesses magical abilities. Compared to Spy x Family, this spooky anime comedy shares a lot of parallels but yet differs significantly in tone.

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10. Princess Principal

Princess Principal places a little more emphasis on the espionage aspect of things, with numerous eminent Queen’s Mayfaire school students working as undercover operatives. Under Dorothy’s direction, Chise, Beatrice and Ange le Carré all collaborate.

ange-Top Anime Like Spy x Family

11. The Quintessential Quintuplets

When Loid Forger attempts to assist Anya with her homework, it is a famous scene from Spy x Family. It’s interesting to see Anya soon burn out because most fans can identify with this. The effort of many people to avoid studying is also portrayed in The Quintessential Quintuplets. In this series, the five Nakano sisters are repeatedly made to study, and while they finally learn to study voluntarily, it’s fascinating to watch how much work their instructor put into getting them there.

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12. Sweetness & Lightning

Iyashikei, or soul-healing anime, is what Sweetness & Lightning is. Like Spy x Family, it likewise centres on a father attempting to figure out how to take care of his kid, however, the tale is unquestionably fluffier and lighter. Following the passing of the girl’s mother, it centres on Kouhei Inuzuka and his daughter.

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13. Aishiteruze Baby

In Aishiteruze baby, a high school playboy Katakura returns home to discover his cute little five-year-old cousin left by his aunt, Baby reveals another peculiar family dynamic. He is unexpectedly forced into parenthood without any preparation. Even more challenging is the little girl’s struggle to come to terms with the abrupt loss of her mother.

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14. The Millionaire Detective - Balance: Unlimited

The humorous exploits of the obscenely wealthy Daisuke Kanbe and the justice-obsessed Haru Katou may not be a spy thriller, but they are amusing. The two must collaborate to solve mysteries even if they vehemently disagree on the best ways to approach problems. The two begin the tale by resolving separate cases, but it eventually expands into something far more than what viewers initially anticipate.

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15. The Way Of The Househusband

An ex-yakuza leader named Tatsu stars in the comedy animation The Way Of The Househusband. Tatsu gave up his life in the underworld to be a stay-at-home dad for his successful wife Miku. Tatsu has trouble fitting in with everyday life and frequently makes references to illicit activity while performing routine tasks like cooking or doing laundry, just as Yor from Spy X Family. Tatsu makes an effort to please Miku and be the greatest househusband he can be.
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16. Wonder Egg Priority

The show Wonder Egg Priority has beautiful visuals. As the show depicts the challenges of real life, viewers instantly identify with all the characters and even find ways to relate to them. The main character, Ai, engages in adventures resembling those of a magical girl while battling demons to save her buddy, who has already perished.

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17. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

According to MyAnimeList, many fans believe Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to be the best anime of all time. Thematically similar to Spy X Family, viewers of this programme would adore it. Both tales centre on a battle between two countries, with the protagonists trying all in their power to avert it.

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18. Attack On Titan

Undoubtedly among the most horrific anime series is Attack on Titan. This series is far more explicit and violent than Spy x Family, even though both are animated by the same studio, and the two have certain similarities.

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19. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

The series Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is simply The Terminator in anime form. Time travel and deadly robots are involved. The main character, Vivy, has to travel back in time to stop the story’s interpretation of Judgement Day. The combat sequences in this series are stunningly hand-drawn and animated.

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20. My Hero Academia

Anya is one of Spy x Family’s most cherished characters. Anya and Eri, one of My Hero Academia’s younger heroines, are very similar. Similar to how Spy x Family viewers fell in love with Anya, everyone who has seen My Hero Academia has taken an immediate fancy to Eri when Deku and Mirio protected her from Overhaul’s torture.

eri-Top Anime Like Spy x Family

21. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

A very different kind of show from Spy x Family is ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. but it is as interesting as Spy x Family. The plot of Madhouse’s anime, which is set in the made-up nation of Dowa, centres on Jean Otus, a civil officer tasked with looking into reports of a putsch. Jean conducts audits across the states of the nation in order to covertly acquire information.

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22. The Yakuza’s Guide To Babysitting

Kakushi makes every effort to keep his daughter from learning because he worries that if she does, she would lose hope. An unexpected delight was The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting. Tooru Kirishima, a vicious yakuza enforcer, is charged with caring after Yaeka Sakuragi, his boss’s reclusive daughter, according to the plot. The series Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting is mostly a sweet slice-of-life comedy, but it also explores the darker aspects of Tooru’s existence.

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23. Listen To Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!

After his parents passed away, Yuuta’s sister raised him from a young age. He finds it impossible to decline her request to watch her girls while she travels abroad with her spouse. He unexpectedly finds himself caring for the three daughters permanently so they won’t be separated in foster care, however, after the couple’s plane vanishes and they are thought dead.

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