Top Anime/Manga Like Chainsaw Man

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Top Anime/Manga Like Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a popular manga that made its mark on the world. Drenched with dripping fear and shrieking horror elements its character designs and subplots all have become matchless. Its anime adaptation also has people’s attention on it.

If you are searching, for Top anime like Chainsaw Man, you have found your way. The list of recommendations right here resembles the iconic manga/anime in style, story, and genre.

Devilman Crybaby: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudou is the foil Faustus of the anime world. He signs ups for the devil to save the life of his best friend. While most people would be completely taken over by evil the main character’s strong enough mindset makes him a devil man on his own.

The overtly sensitive Akira is the center of a story with dark tones and edgy matters. Similar to the story of Denji, Akira is also best out with the power of immense demonic forces but they chose two very different ways to use it.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Jujutsu Kaisen

2020’s mega-hit Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime like chainsaw man. In a world full of demons and curses creating chaos in human life the powerful existence of demons like Sakuna loosens hell. The fantasy element of this anime starts dominating the plot as the powerful Yuji becomes one with the cursed.

It is a perfect fit for your taste if Chainsaw Man is one of your favorite animes. The reason is the general action sequences, deeper themes of camaraderie, pricking sense of fear, and shades of characters fit in well with the title of best shounen fantasies.

Berserk: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


Berserk is one of the dark fantasy action animes of all time. The story follows the life of a mercenary Guts; who escaped death as a child. This man has some ambitious plans as he fights several battles with the Band of Hawks.

It is a graphic depiction of surreal action with a pinch of horror and psychological thriller elements in it. Like ‘Chainsaw Man’ the group of misfits in the anime what past agonizing tragedy of battles and isolated life. But the friendship only survives till the bad time lasts.

Demon Slayer: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Demon Slayer

If the animation design of Chainsaw Man blows your mind, this anime will be your next. Demon Slayer is strikingly similar anime to Chainsaw Man has a stunning fantasy backdrop. Tanjirou along with his family lived in the mountains shadowed by the fear of bloodthirsty demons. One day in an attack the demons kill his family except for his sister. But the sister is now a demon herself.

To avenge the demons the main character sort of becomes a monster approach is taken. The beautiful action scenes adjust as stunning as the ones shown in Chainsaw Man.

Soul Eater: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Soul Eater

Chainsaw Man unveils the horror in every mind and so does the anime Soul Eater. It is a dreadful story caught between visual metaphor and spooky vibes. This promising anime like chainsaw man is a supernatural academy greatness in animation.

The unproclaimed mission to raise Death Scythes for standing against the evils of this fantastical world is intriguing. The obsessive students who round the city fighting the world’s threats create an adventure story fit for comparison with a big tale like Chainsaw Man.

Attack On Titan: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Attack On Titan

AOT is among the most popular anime right now. The very background of the story is that where humanity is massacred by giant humanoid monsters, the Titans. It follows the life of Eren and Armin living on the other side of massive walls trying to save themselves and others.

The mysterious yet heartbreaking story compels to keep viewers to binge episodes over episodes of the show. Apart from the quality action scenes and animation these shows share the same studio.

Blue Exorcist: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Blue Exorcist

here the humans and demons are faces to face as Assiah and Gehenna. These are 2 worlds, a different realm can only be traversed through possession. Rin who is your rather rare mix of a human and Satan’s bloodline finds himself hanging in the middle of these two worlds.

The decision is his for which side he wants to choose. Either he can choose demonic origin or a human heart to exercise the power of exorcist and defend Assiah against Gehenna’s mission.

Claymore: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


This is again a demon story that magnifies immense human struggle. Stopping these demons was difficult as they got shapeshifted into the appearance of the human they devoured. Claymores solely held the power to identify these demons in fight them.

Clare the main character is also a claymore who is hired to fight the demons in a village. She joins hands with Raki a village girl seeking vengeance for her family. The visual of this anime is fantastic and unforgettable. The classic action plotline keeps us glued to the screens throughout the series.

Dorohedoro: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


It is a post-apocalyptic anime that follows the life of Caiman. The story takes a twist when Caiman is transformed by a sorcerer into a half-lizard with no memory of his past life. It has a unique background and characters as compared to other anime.

The cool character design and background score music are as intriguing and alike the aesthetics of Chainsaw Man characters.

Elfen Lied: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Elfen Lied

This is the most violent add entertaining show released in the early 2000s. It plays a major role in making space for dark fantasy anime shows. This mainstream piece of animation revolves around the life of Lucy a woman who looks like a human with horns and immense power.

She loses her power when held captive in the lab. The struggles of Lucy make this the darkest animated show that resembles Chainsaw Man. It is a genre that stands out as an experimental piece in mainstream anime.

Bleach: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


At first, Ichigo looks like a normal teen but possesses the supernatural power to see ghosts and spirits. The story goes through a turbulent change when the family of this boy is attacked by strange creatures. We discover the unknown connection of the main character to the supernatural world. The amusing part of the story is humans fighting when’s full spirits and hollow ghosts.

With the sudden gift of power that he receives his life changes as he turns into a Shinigami. His valor and intentions to safeguard what is left keep him going.

Parasyte: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


Similar to anime shows like Chainsaw Man is the top featuring horror thriller Parasyte. The invasion of a strange parasite race on earth creates havoc. All humans including the protagonist of the series Shinji are taken over by the parasites. There is an unusual trope of the coexistence of the main character and the opposing force in this anime.

Providing some extraordinary strength to Shinji the wild alien parasite keeps alive on his energy but fails to win over his mind. The audience is felt bad for Denji’s conditions and compromise in the Chainsaw Man. But you can’t feel a lesser pain for Shinji. They both similarly go through the torture of mastering a power they never wanted.

Afro Samurai: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Afro Samurai

Childhood trauma brings up dreadful stories. Afro who witnessed his fathers cut down in a duel with Justice seeks an opportunity to settle scores. As an adult, he goes out hunting for the man and on his way faces many obstacles.

The myriad powers of this samurai against mighty foes make for a binge-worthy anime show like Chainsaw Man.

No Guns Life: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

No Guns Life

Sci-fi No Guns Life is full of violence and high-end fantasy elements. Visually similar to the Chainsaw Man it shows the world where humans become cyborgs. One day the human turned cyborgs called Extended face Juzo Inui is hell-bent on solving the problems that created them.

The eye-catching cyberpunk elements give this show a worth-watch tag. For all those lovers of anime who prefer watching hardcore sci-fi, this is a fitting show.

Dororo: Anime Like Chainsaw Man


It features a grim plot and the main character with a weaponized body comparable to the Chainsaw Man. The plot might seem quite unsettling and compelling and somewhat dark. Lord Diago signs ups with the devil to ensure gaining power over realms.

In exchange for his unborn son the Lord gains supremacy. The limbless child survives the abandonment but the dark secrets of his past might be the death of him. Dororo has some deeply disturbing moments that shake us to the core as the Chainsaw man does.

 Chainsaw Man: Anime Like Chainsaw Man

Do let us know what interests you the most in top anime like chainsaw man.

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