Top Anime/Manga Like Classroom of the Elite

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Top Anime/Manga Like Classroom of the Elite

High School of Elite follows the story of Kyotika. This High school (of the elite) is a town on its own. It has its currency, stores, and dorms. The school makes the students, undergo tasks and different student groups try to overcome the challenges to climb the ranks.

This anime is so interesting because of the different tests the school throws and how these groups use their combined IQ to solve the problems.

The main character is overpowered but it suits in context of this anime.

The mysteries of each different game were interesting and different from the last one. Kiyotaka as a character was interesting to watch.

It has been influenced by a lot of animes before and it continues to inspire other animes to come. Here in this blog post, I have curated a list of anime similar to High School of Elite.

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Considered to be the best of its time, it was made by Kyoto Animation. Comparing it with Classroom of the Elite, it involves a similar main protagonist, both of them being lazy, anti-social characters but excelling in being intelligent and problem-solving.

Hayoka-Top Anime Like High School of Elite

Though one of the schools is technologically advanced and has a strict points system, and while other one is casual and normal. They both share the same main character and mystery-solving

It is a perfect fit for being similar to the classroom of the elite.

Danganronpa: The Animation

This is a classic killing game in a school setting which is quite a similarity to the classroom of the elite. It is a story about students in an isolated academy who are still striving to become the sole graduate by killing other kids or having them expelled.

Danganronpa- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

Because of the nature of the show, it carries a heavy atmosphere. The characters utilize their wit to remain safe from others.

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Prison School

You come back to Prison School whenever you find similarities with Classroom of Elite. Both take place in a school with strict rules, which challenge the main characters into thinking of different strategies and ways to overcome obstacles.

Prison School- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The story is set in an old girls’ school where a bunch of boys get admitted. They get disciplined and accused of something in school they did nothing wrong.

Both shows are intense in their way, constantly challenging the characters to think of ways to counteract their opponents.

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It takes place in a similar setting where competition between characters is absolutely everything. The characters have to outsmart their opponent using decision-making tactics to win.

Kaegurui is a huge gambling anime series where students compete with others in gambling games and the loser becomes humiliated. The low points mean you getting expelled from the academy.

The storyline is intense and extremely enjoyable.

Assassination Classroom

It is the closest resemblance to the classroom of the elite. Both are set in similar settings and revolve around a class that is looked down upon by the rest of the school. The characters have to overcome different trials and events to succeed.

Assassination Classroom- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

If you need to find something very similar to the Classroom of the elite, this anime is the closest resemblance.


It is among the top romantic comedy of all time. It has a main character who is completely disinterested in everything with good intelligence and poor social skills.

The characters are similar to the High school of Elite, the popular kids, the athletic kids, the smart kids, and the protagonists that do not fit in any because of their unique personalities.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

It too is one of the best romantic comedies ever created. This anime shares similar main characters to The High School of Elite.

Bunny Girl Senpai- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The main characters have no friends, disinterested in what is going on, and have cold deadpan speech in any emotional condition.

It is easy to bond with such mysterious characters who tend to isolate themselves.


It shares a lot of similarities with the High School of Elite. Both are set in a high school.

The main characters share experiences that result in making new friends in a brand-new school. There are adventures to find truth and building of relationships.

Both anime focus on a minority of the characters who undergo tasks and adventures.


This show drives our attention toward the psychological tendencies of the characters and their way of interacting with their environment.

Kiznaiver- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The setting of the show is a large city of highly educated students with guaranteed employment and university admissions.

The main setup is around teenagers trying to deal with trials imposed on them from above by a powerful system

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

This show is about a psychic boy named psyche who was born with strong psychic powers. He has powers like telekinesis, x-ray vision, and super strength.

He does not want his powers and just wants to lead a normal life. The reason is that these powers intrude on his daily life. He has to listen to the thoughts of other people because of his strong mind-reading ability.

With every power of his, there comes a drawback.

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No Game No Life

The plot is similar to the standard tournament anime formula, the main characters are faced with challenge after challenge.

No Game No Life- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The story begins with two siblings who lie around and do nothing except play games. But, they are good at it. So good that they are known worldwide by their online alias.

A God from a magical fantasy world challenges them to a chess match. after analyzing their skills, he invites them to his world.

Talentless Nana

It is written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya. Earth has been invaded by some monsters termed “Enemies of Humanity”. People with supernatural powers called “Talented” are trained to defeat these enemies.

Nana, a new student also joins this academy. She doesn’t have these powers but is charming which makes her a lot of friends.

Later it is revealed that she is a trained spy sent to assassin “Talented”.

The Irregular at Magic High School

Created by Tsutomo Sato the story is set in a fantasy world. In this fantasy, world magic exists and has been advanced by technology. But, the usage of magic is only limited to a few people.

The Irregular at Magic High School- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The anime follows the story of Tatsuya Shiba and her sister Miyuki Shiba who are members of the Yotsuba clan.

Blue Period

The anime is written by Japanese Manga manga artist Tsubasa Yamaguchi. It is the definition of true work of art.

Blue Period- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

This coming-out-of-age story about Yatora Yahuchi is a popular high school kid who finds a way to express himself through art. The anime’s creative point is centered on the artist Pablo Picasso.


This anime is a high school rom-com, with the lead protagonist 27 years old Kazuki Errata. He is at a standstill after failing every job interview has applied for months.

He is given an opportunity to become a test subject at the “real-life” Research institute. In an experiment, he is given a pill that makes him 10 years younger.

He is then sent to a High school, and if everything goes alright he will be given a job offer.

Baka and Test

In the Academy, staff divided the students into a ranking system divided by a placement exam at the end of each year. Based on these rankings the classes are allowed to students.

Students can change classes by using the examination common battle system.

Tomodachi Game

The storyline is about a bunch of friends.

There is a big school trip coming up and each student paid 700 dollars for a school trip. These friends made a small mistake and all the money got stolen.

Tomodachi Game- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

One of the friends receives a letter asking him to meet at a place. They are brought to a place and told to participate in a game to get their money back.

Throughout the anime, you try to figure out, who the bad guy anime is. A lot of fights happen, which breaks apart their friendship.

Death Note

It has a similar psychological element to the High School of Elite. Shinigami named Ryu accidentally drops a tool for killing into the world of humans known to humans as the Death Note.

It is picked by a high school kid named Light. “The name of the person written on this notebook will die” is explained in the notebook.

The story takes a turn when Light realizes the power, he wields.

Cautious Hero

This follows the story of Rista, a useless goddess. She summons an overpowered player but one who is extremely cautious. The storyline is the adventures they both have in the world of the goddesses.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

2000 years ago, the demon lord of tyranny, Anos sacrificed himself to build a wall to separate all the races. 2000 years he is reincarnated.

The Misfit of Demon King Academy- Top Anime Like High School of Elite

The protagonist is an overpowered character who defeats the enemy with just strokes of the hand.

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