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Top MC Like Mob

Mob is one of the most well-written protagonists I have ever seen. The way he is written and designed makes the show outstanding. Mob is a middle school student with possibly the strongest psychic powers in the world. He interns with Regen, a con artist psychic to better learn to control his powers.

Mob joins the body improvement club because it makes sense for his character. Mob is not a character to choose an easy way out. He understands that to truly become special you have to work hard.

Overpowered characters with a bit of innocence make them likable.

In this blog post, I have curated a list of Top MC Like Mob from Mob Psycho 100.

Saitama [One Punch Man]

This overpowered character is known by many names like Caped Baldey, Saitama, and the One Punch Man.

Saitama- Top MC Like Mob

Saitama is a guy who wants to be a hero just for fun. He can destroy any enemy with a single punch. Saitama is a reflection of the question, What happens if someone is so powerful that any task put before him seems menial?

Saitama struggles to find meaning and any thrill in his job of being a hero. Balancing hilarity and inspiration, Saitama proves that being a great hero has more to do with conviction than strength.

Izayoi Sakamaki [Problem Children are Coming from Anther world, Aren’t They?]

Izayoi Sakamaki self describes himself as vulgar, brutal, and hedonistic. This young psychic has overpowered abilities.

He is transported to the world of the little garden. Here, he is tasked with restoring prestige to one of the little garden’s falling communities. He is asked to compete in high stake gift battles.

Diablo [How Not to Summon a Demon Lord]

The main character goes from a basic gamer all the way to the Demon Lord of his virtual world. In the game, Diablo is an insanely powerful character. He possesses all the rarest items of the game.

Diablo- Top MC Like Mob

His only difficulty is living up to his reputation as a dark force of unparalleled brutality and savagery. Without giving away his true nature as being socially awkward.

Seiya Ryuuguuin [Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overy Cautious]

When a novice goddess has to pick a human champion to help her save a world in danger. She selects Seiya by looking at his stats. She hadn’t realized that his strength is paired with prudent and infuriating caution.

He pretends to not care about anyone. But his actions are actually driven by the safety of his loved ones. Inside he is a kind person, who always tries to protect those people whom he loves.

Anos Voldigoad [Misfit at Demon King Academy]

The Most powerful demon in the story gets reincarnated and enrolls in a school that specializes in training demons. He notices that magic and his descendants are following a downward trend.

Anos- Top MC Like Mob

Anos across the series Anos tries to reclaim the title of The Demon King in his new body.

Shiba Tatsuya [The Irregular at Magic High School]

Tatsuya Shiba enrolls in a magic school as a second-course student. Tatsuya is so overpowered that, part of the reason for his sister’s creation was to seal his abilities.

He can predict attacks and use a type of magic that requires no activation. He is gifted both in Engineering and martial arts.

Rimuru Tempest [The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime]

After dying in his real world, Salaryman Satoru gets isekaied into a fancy land. He is trapped in a body of an unthreatening-looking Slime. However, its predator abilities, allow him to gain any physique and skills by devouring any creature.

Rimuru- Top MC Like Mob

Rimuru also has a growing army at his command, his soldiers can evolve just by receiving a name.

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Kusuo Saiki [The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.]

The show is one of the best comedy shows out there. Saiki is a psychic boy who was born with Psychic powers. He has abilities like telekinesis, X-ray vision, super strength, and whatnot.

This overpowered character just wants to lead a normal life and envies other people who don’t have such powers. While his powers have some benefit but it also intrudes into his daily life. He is tired of listening to everyone’s thoughts due to his psychic abilities.

Every power that he has comes with a setback to it. Even though he wants to remain low-key, he is in sight of many in his school.

Meliodas [The Seven Deadly Sins]

Meliodas is the son of a Demon king and representative of the sin of wrath. His innate strength is powerful enough to knock anyone out. Due to his dark ancestry, he can also use some sinister spells.

Meliodas- Top MC Like Mob

He also possesses a full counter ability which allows any attack to reflect back on itself with double the force.

Shinra Kusakabe [Fire Force]

He is so powerful that he recreates life on earth and creates Gods. He is capable of creating new worlds.

Shinra joins Special Fire Force to complete his childhood dream of becoming a hero and uncover the mysterious death of his family twelve years ago.

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Hotarou Oreki [Hyouka]

Hyouka follows the story of Hotarou and his time with the Classic Literature Club. He prioritizes Energy conservatism more than anything.

He is dragged into an investigation about a 25-year-old mystery associated with the clubroom. Hyouka is an overpowered character but is socially anxious.

Mahiru Shirota [Servamp]

Mahiru lost his mother at a very early age and lived with his uncle. He spent most of his time alone and in this free time learned household chores.

His weapon of choice is a broom, which can be summoned at any time. The broom can be used to fly and create a whirlwind.

Mahiru- Top MC Like Mob

Mahiru’s abilities include the Servamp bond. He and his Servamp grew stronger after Kuro drank his blood.

Miharu Rokujou [Nabari No Ou]

Rokujou Miharu is a 14-year-old who is the bearer of a special Jutsu This Jutsu is the desire of many clans to become the ruler of Nabari.

Slowly she takes steps to become the next ruler of Nabari.

Zero [Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho]

The story is set in a world of humans, witches, and Beast humans.

Beast humans are cursed to be born human with the appearance and strength of an animal. These creatures are feared by both humans and witches.

Zero is a light-hearted witch who sets on a journey to find a magical book.

Toru Acura [Hitsugi No Chaika]

Toru was raised to be a killer from a very young age. All his life he was trained to be part of the war and to kill his “proof of living”.

He gets to know a girl named Jasmine, who dies when some bandits attack the village. This changes the perspective of Toru towards life.

Ryner Lute [The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes]

He is an alpha stigma wielder in a world of magic users. An alpha stigma wielder can copy and analyze the magic of any individual. However, the alpha stigma is infamously known for taking over the body in times of extreme sadness and causing destruction.

Ryner Lute- Top MC Like Mob

After many of Reiner’s classmates winded up dying in war, he vowed to make a peaceful nation with his best friend. Some years later, his best friend becomes the king and he orders Ryner to locate relics that can assist in fulfilling their lifelong dream.

Simon [Gurren Lagann]

One day in the underground village, Simon stumbled across an ancient artifact of war and uses his new machine to fend off a surprise attack to open up a path up to the surface.

On the surface, Simon and his friends find themselves in a battle against beastmen and humanoid creatures.

Spike Spiegal [Cowboy Bebop]

He used to be in a crime syndicate with Vicious and Julia. Spike decides to live a normal life outside of the syndicate with Julia. He pretends to fake his own death. The plan fails, but Spike gets out of the syndicate but not with Julia.

Spike- Top MC Like Mob

In the present time, he is stuck in his past, thinking about his life with Julia.

Shichika Yasuri [Katanagatari]

Katanagatari follows the story of Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman who fights using Katoryu. In this form, the user’s own body and wield as a blade.

Shichika Yasuri- Top MC Like Mob

Togame is an ambitious young strategist who seeks to collect the 12 legendary swords.

Together they embark on a journey to collect the twelve deviant blades. Standing in their way are the fierce wielders of these legendary weapons and the others who wish to ruin the two’s plans.

Satan Jacob [The Devil is a Part Timer]

The ruler of the underworld Satan himself is made to work at a nearby McDonald’s to make ends meet. His idea of world domination has transferred over as well since he is determined to climb the corporate ladder and rule the earth.

Satan Jacob- Top MC Like Mob

Satan in this misery always makes a good laugh.

Goku seems similar too.

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