Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

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Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The Endings/EDs of anime enhance the feel of the show. Revisiting the past is usually therapeutic but not in this case. I recalled all the Sad anime I had watched for this blog and ended up with depressive thoughts.

Though, It is important to deal with such thoughts and move on. The lyrics of songs sometimes are not sad, but they get associated with anime. And lead us back to the same emotional feeling we had when we first watched the anime.

Here, is my curated list of the Top Saddest Anime EDs/ Ending that will shatter you into tears. Listen at your own emotional risk.

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Canvas [Katekyo Hitman Reborn]

The sixteenth ED of the show is sung by the voice actors of the show.

It does not have that sad melancholic vibe to it. But when reflecting on the anime journey of the characters, I feel nostalgic and sad.

The friendships that form in the anime are the best part of KHR. The anime makes us grateful to have a family. It shows what the values of a true family are.

Owaranai Melody wo Utaidashimashita [Sunday Without God]

The first ED of Sunday Without God is sung by Mikako Komatsu.

Sunday Without God ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The rhythmic, slow music of the song takes me back to the emotional journey the little girl had. And how a small girl turned tragedy into something of meaning.

The song makes me sad, but it also gives me a sense of hope. At the end of the dark tunnel, there would be a bright opening.

Brave Song [Angel Beats]

It is among the top list of songs that make me sad.

Aoi Tada’s vocals give the lyrics a different meaning. Angel Beast is a ride of emotions. It represents the concept of death and the afterlife very well.

Dango Daikazoku [Clannad]

The ending theme song of Clannad is performed by Chata and was released in 2007.

Clannad ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The visuals shatter you inside and the chorus hit the eyes. The song has blended itself with concepts of love and family.

The childish sound of the song enhances its effect.

Last Theater [Death Parade]

The complete opposite of its opening. This ED is performed by the Japanese rock band Noisy Cell.

A whirlwind of emotions ran through my body when the credits played. The lyrics are dark and talk about isolation and feeling of self-harm.

Death Parade ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

Visuals are used as metaphors to summarise the series well. This is one of the saddest anime ED I have listened to in a while.

Aqua Terrarium [Nagi no Asu Kara]

This Ending theme is performed by Japanese singer and songwriter Nagi Yanagi. The cover and the anime are both sweet.

This song was made to shatter hearts. Lyrics are nostalgic and take you back in time.

The visuals are beautiful and summarise the show.

Wind [Naruto]

It was performed by Japanese folk singer Akeboshi. It was run as the ending for the first 25 episodes.

Naruto ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The wind is a very emotional song and delves into the journey that Naruto underwent to become the Hokage.

The lyrics talk about figuring out oneself and never giving up whatever the situation. The visuals show how lonely Naruto is and how everyone is scared of his demonic entity.

Orange [You Lie in April]

This Ending was the first to run in the twelfth episode of the anime. It is performed by the Japanese band Seven Oops.

You Lie in April ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The characters make me emotional and the music of the series enhances the experience. The show makes you appreciate music and fall in love with it.

The visuals are a piece of art and this ending is the final masterful stroke.

Home, Sweet Home [Grave of the Fireflies]

This ED captures the devastation a war causes. And the way it affects the lives of common people.

Grave of the Fireflies ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

Home, Sweet Home is emotional. And makes one realize the uncontrolled power humans possess.

Dreka, Umi wo [Zankyou no Terror]

It is a dark atmospheric song sung by Japanese pop singer and lyricist Aimer. This song sends a shiver down my spine every time I listen to it.

Hyori Ittai [Hunter x Hunter]

Performed by Pop rock duo Yuzu. It was the fifth and sixth ending theme of the show Hunter x Hunter. This song was also used in the movie, The Last Mission.

Hunter x Hunter ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The visuals open old wounds. The symbolism in the visuals summarises the plot line.

The lyrics delve into the lives and problems of our heroes. The anime is perfect and this ending further adds to it.

Grey Wednesday [Mawaru Penguidrum]

It is performed by the South Korean musical group Triple H.

This Ed has a melancholic and transient vibe to it. This ED version of the song has an amazing build-up to it.

Secret Base [Anohana]

The melody is peaceful and soothing. It makes me think about how simple my life was when I was a kid and how harsh it becomes as we grow.

Anohana ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

The lyrics reflect the innocence of a child and a happy place.

All Alone With You [Psycho Pass]

This Pop-Rock rock song is performed by the band EGOIST. It was the second ED for the show Psycho-Pass.

Psycho Pass ending- Top Saddest Anime EDs/Endings

This ED leaves you with a sense of emptiness and gives the final touch to a great story arc.

Lullaby [Now and Then, Here and There]

The Ending to Now and Then, Here and There is sung by Yasuhara.

The show is dark and psychologically draining. Lullaby is painfully beautiful and shatters me every time I listen to it.

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