Why You Should Read God of High School

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Why You Should Read God of High School

Why You Should Read God of High School

The world of comics is expanding at a fast pace. Out there are western comics, Japanese comics (manga), Korean comics (manhwa), and Chinese comics (manhua) gaining attention from lovers of this genre. These graphic novels have immensely transformed the entertainment medium as it now includes modern-day technologies to reach out to the far end of the world. And the worldwide reach of these comics/manga has led to them being created with numerous themes. Recently there has been a rapid conversion of Korean manga or manhwa into anime. Why should you read God of High School over anime is going to help you explore the trend.

God of High School is among the popular Korean manhwa that has been adapted into anime. Back in the year 2011, the series debuted in the southern part of Korea on Web Toon. Writer in illustrator Park Yong-Je contributed nearly 570 chapters to this work. In 2014 the success of the Naver Webtoon led to its conversion into anime. The anime release of God of High School made it count among the most compelling anime series of 2020. Since then the popular debate of reading the manhwa or watching God of High School fumed up.

Read God of High School

But first, let us explore what the premise of the manhwa consists of. The God of High School by Park Yong-Je is a high school adventure story. The story explores the theme of competition in a tournament organized to find the best fighter. The ultimate price for the winner would be one of their deepest desires being rewarded by the gods themselves. We have Taekwondo prodigy Jin Mo-Ri, The Karate Kid Han Dae-Wi, and a generational descendant swordswoman Yu Mi-Ra at the center of the story. The road to the heavenly boon is difficult and full of challenges. The fate of these participants is twisted with some of their deepest desires at stake.

This fictional journey towards finding the winner who deserved to get ‘any wish granted’ is interesting for the fans. The anime production that follows a lot of criticism on a rampage with the story, manhwa seems to be the better start for opinion building. Apart from the criticism here are some reasons why The God of High School Manhwa overpowers the first season of its anime.

Why Read God of High School

A complete and structured sequence of events

With the limitation of time and budget anime productions usually cram several chapters into small run-time of episodes. Manhwa’s version of The God of High School has a much more diverse story with some good supporting characters which are sadly missing in the anime. Along with great character building, there are detailed scenes on the introduction of the protagonist and the panel of commissioners recruited for a tournament that was omitted from anime.

Some of the amazing fight sequences along with back stories of borrowed power create a sort of gap and complexity in the visual version. We suggest you go through the manhwa for a clear picture.

Reasons to Read God of High School

Story with a convenient pace

The Webtoon manhwa God of High School was ongoing and strong with approximately 500 chapters at the time of anime production. For fan service and to catch up with the written comic a lot of stories have been put in a single episode. The voluminous Korean manga has many of its great sequences cramped up into small episodes. Rushing with the story and certain elements that justified the title did not go well with the readers. Every anime episode covering twice as much of the story content shows up with lots of pros and cons.

The manhwa version has a slow-paced story that covers each and every aspect created in detail. A lot of things that might seem logical to the anime viewers are a result of a paced-up plot.

Why is God of High School better

Explanation of divine intervention

Talking of the shortcomings like omitted arcs and paced the plot, the animation tends to serve the audience a binge-watching experience rather than a great story. The flip side of the great animation that MAPPA studio has to offer is little explanation provided in context to the narrative. The condensed story leaves loose ends for anime viewers. While the written version has a lot of detailed explanations for everything that happens in the plot.

Reading God of High School makes the lovers of GoHs connect better with the story as it has a better world and story-building.

God of High School Read or Watch

Better Action and Face-offs

God of High School Webtoon has far better action than shown in its anime version. The detailed manhwa paneling depicts raw beauty in battles as well. The clash of powers and summoned angels that seems chaotic in anime stands out in web novels. Specifically, the fans feel a ridiculous and rapid change in the tone from martial art/ murim to fantasia as the story escalates into the far-end stages of the tournament (as depicted in the novel).

Get Manhwa God of High School

Character Depth and Development

The character depth and development outshine the art and style in God of High School. In particular, the back story of the three primary characters Jin Mo-Ri, Han Dae-Wi, and Yu Mi-Ra is very interesting. While reading the manhwa you will realize that these three characters have distinct goals despite the cut-throat competition. the growth of each character is visible as you move along the chapters. The small moments of coexistence between these competitors and competition with the rivals seem extremely interesting as a read.

God of High School anime introduces several characters for fight scenes without giving a befitting explanation for their presence. On the other hand, a major number of fights that are displayed in manhwa add to the core theme of murim or martial arts in the story. Apart from the intense fight, there are comical moments that the characters add to their personality.

Why to read manhwa God of High School

Find the full God of High School Manhwa online for free

Despite the great work done on animation by Studio MAPPA, the original designs in art stick around with the fans. Because this manhwa was among the most anticipated anime production release the fans had a lot of expectations from it. However, the chugged-up arcs looked decent with the magnificent job done on the animation and soundtracks. If you are a fan of fast-moving stories with clear-cut plots and less detail the anime would fit your taste.

Perhaps if you love strong stories with intense backdrops then we recommend you to read the manhwa. The God of High School manhwa has better action panels and site stories with better explanations. Some of the factors that make God of High School Manhwa better than its anime might be opinionated. You can try out the anime to see if you want to invest your time in reading the webtoon.

God of High School Manhwa Read

Popular Webtoons Tower of God, Noblesse, and Solo Levelling are some of the similar stories that you should try out if you liked God of High School. And vice versa for readers who enjoyed the aforesaid series. We recommend you try out the popular manhwa and comment on whether it’s worth reading

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