Why You Should Read Nano Machine

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Why You Should Read Nano Machine

Why You Should Read Nano Machine

World of mangas and other comics cover every possible theme and genre. The largely loved world makes it impossible to not find a story that fits your taste. even the far-fetched theories of science have been incorporated into this entertainment medium. The rising technological development in the world has made science fiction one of the top genres in all forms of entertainment. The Korean equivalent of a great sci-fi manga/ novel can be found in the famous fiction manhwa like Nano-Machine.

Story writer Hanjung Wolya and artist Geumgangbulgoe began publishing their modern-age murim manhwa around 2020. The titled this WebToon Nano Machine. This story brings together modernity and tradition. In the popular concept, Cheon Yeo-Woon a descendant of the demonic cult receives the presence of a nanomechanical implant from his future descendant and combines it with his power of martial arts to save the day. Anyone who is into the manhwa world had undoubtedly heard about this huge hit that has an interesting combination of adventure and science-driven tropes. Let aside the story even its central conflict is so interesting that Google is flooded with tons of searches regarding more fiction manhwa similar to Nano Machine.

Read Nano Machine

The story is not just science or action-driven there is the politics of race and the struggle to rise in the social hierarchy behind it. The main character puts up tough competition with his half-siblings to become the priest. You might be wondering what are the other reasons that make Nano Machine worth reading.

Nano Machine is the manga that fits in the new age murim trend. Unlike a typical action comic here the motivations to polish the skills are more self-oriented. The traditional martial arts are put together with the new age discovery of nano machines to empower the protagonist. The use of technology and tradition to spark up a new concept with the story is a great attempt by the creators. Among largely cliché divine or fantasy murim, Nano Machine utilizes a much more westernized approach to the world of action.

You Should Read Nano Machine

Great world-building

WebToon Nano Machine is simply a masterpiece when it comes to world-building. Even though action and adventure are the focal points of the story it is not confined to a particular period of time. The story oscillates from the past to the future bringing the best of all timelines together. A protagonist is stuck in the struggle against discrimination based on bloodline. His origin partly from the Demonic Cult with the will to become the priest also brings different mythical bounds to fall.

Why Read Nano Machine

Weaves in classic themes

Murim manhwa and its equivalent shonen manga always have some common themes. Revenge, growth, or power are usually found in the action tropes. Nano Machine takes these usual concepts a step ahead by balancing them with the popularly existing theory of time travel. Apart from some good action, there are power politics and fantasy that enhance the charm of the story. Unlike any other cliché action, there is a diverse combination of concepts within the story of Nano Machine.

Nano Machine

Charming characters (including the antagonists)

Hanjung Wolya has done commendable work on the story as well as the characters. Where the main character is overpowered the antagonists are pretty addictive too. The desirability factor of the characters is marked by the skills they possess. The story is mostly driven by revenge have some gruesome moments and monstrous antagonists. Whereas the protagonist Cheon Yeo-Woon is upfront pragmatic and smart with his moves.

Read Nano Machine with art style

An alluring art style

A good manhwa or manga is characterized by the perfect balance of art and writing. Murim Nano Machine also does the job well. The art style adds character design that is difficult to compare owing to the challenging task of bringing alive the different worlds it moves along in. The use of darker tones and simple sketches enhances the story’s depiction. I love the action paneling and these shades are used to bring out the intensity of action in an arc. The character design is cutting edge in style with some minor issues despite that the main character is designed well.

Read Manhwa Nano Machine

The steady progress of MC

In particular if stories with steady progress interest you, Nano Machine is a good manhwa, to begin with. In contrast to other stories where the main character suddenly gains power due to a boon, Cheon Yeo-Woon moves one step at a time. By far he is one of the contemporary main characters who have skills and gets nano machine implants as an added advantage. Throughout the story, he improves and learns newer skill sets as he faces strong opponents.

You can read through a couple of chapters within one sitting and that’s how engaging the story is. The main character Cheon Yeo-Woon’s improvement is worth all the attention and time given to the story.

Must Read Nano Machine

Colliding worlds and themes co-exist to enhance the beauty of the story

It is very hard to combine contrasting worlds in harmony. But the creators of Nano Machine manhwa take up the challenge seriously and utilize every bit of their potential in it. Firstly, it has a main character hailing from a demonic cult contesting to rule the world with heroism. Another primary colliding world harmonizing in the story is that of science and traditional martial art. The coexistence of these poles apart concepts in a singular story shocks the readers.

As said earlier the concept of this demonic clan murim tale with a minor plot twist involving AI systems in form of nano machines itself is a juxtaposing idea.

Some reasons to Read Nano Machine

There are many other sci-fi mixed-action manhwas similar to Nano Machine. Yet the Nano Machine is worth reading. The deadly combination of modern concepts with the traditional world of murim makes this one shine. Because this one has an ongoing story you can pace up with it. The twisted journey of Cheon Yeo-Woon toward becoming the best martial art disciple and utilizing his nano machine embedded body to the fullest captivates a lot of detailing. It might not be the best written or illustrated WebToon yet it deserves to be read at least once for the effort.

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Some of the similar stories that you might have read like Return To Player and The Blood of the Butterfly will help you identify with the themes that Nano Machine exhibits. Try getting your hands on this amazing WebToon manhwa and let us know whether you find it worth the hype.

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