Why You Should Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

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Why You Should Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Why You Should Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Webtoons and web novels are the newly popular way of accessing manhwa /manga/ comics. Access to great stories with majestic art and design has been only possible with the help of the Internet. Internationally the blooming count of anime and manga consumers had resulted in the rise of these immensely popular creations. Earlier comics that were just a medium for entertainment now have greater ways to imbibe culture and history. The Legend of the Northern Blade is one of the creative pieces that prove the diversity of the entertainment medium.

Why You Should Read The Legend of the Northern Blade? This is a doubt that might surround your mind as we recommend this manhwa read. The first reason that speaks volumes about this work is its popularity of it. Since its first publishing in the year 2019 as a novel series and later conversion into Webtoon series by Seoul Media comics millions of manga, readers have loved it. Here is the main premise of Legend of the Northern Blade and why you should begin reading the popular manhwa.

Why Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

The plot of The Legend of the Northern Blade strikes down the tale of Jin Mu-Won the main protagonist of the story and the 5th generation leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect. The darkness of betrayal and death all revolve around martial arts a brewing conspiracy. Northern Heavenly Sect is believed to be destroyed but the main character has the secrets to revive the sect. More than the revival of the martial arts group Jin Mu-Won has the responsibility to find out the one who conspired against leader Jin Kwan-Ho. With the end of one leader begins the journey of another murim hero, ready to save the world and rebuild the Northern Heavenly Sect.

The story of The Legend of the Northern Blade was written by author Woogack and illustrated by Hae-Min. This manhwa fits the taste of action lovers because the story is set in the world of murim (martial arts). Some of the reasons to read The Legend of the Northern Blade are listed below.

Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

A revenge story like no other

If the plot overview felt like this is a basic story to you it is only because we have held back the spoilers. The Legend of the Northern Blade fandom knows of the deep-set secrets in the story. Unlike another revenge story where the hero does not tackle bullying but is in the midst of a serious politically influenced environment. When everyone thinks he lacks talent he is building up his skills. The realistic tone is maintained alongside the magical elements linked to the martial art and cultivation world. Even with engaging subplots the revenge story does not fade.

Reasons to Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Fast-paced story field with action

A serious revenge story like this one cannot be complete without action. This is a Murim tale that we haven’t experienced before. Jin Mu-Won’s life surrounds several enemies who are against the rebuilding of the Northern Heavenly Sect. The action brews with the main character’s skill despite him being under the constant vigilance of the Central Heavenly Alliance and the Nine Skies. Power politics within the story intensifies each war creating lots of entertainment for the reader.

Few initial chapters of the story are slow in terms of progress. But the chapters succeeding in the 5th chapter are fast-paced. After encountering the intriguing chapters loaded with the action you cannot put down the manhwa for hours.

Must Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Complex characters with challenged lives

The Legend of the Northern Blade characters can’t be summed up with simple adjectives. Each of these characters including the villains is complex. Jin Mu-Won, Hwang-Cheol, and rival Tae Mu-Kang, etc. all of the characters have their own set of weaknesses and challenges. The main character of the manhwa yes not a hero but a distorted warrior. There is a very slight difference between the protagonists and antagonists in The Legend of the Northern Blade. The world building and the characters of this legend are created with so much detail that even the revenge story seems to have multiple shades. The complexity of the characters only adds to the engrossing storyline.

Worth Reading Manhwa The Legend of the Northern Blade

Variety in themes and mix of genre

Primarily The Legend of Northern Blade is counted among the murim manhwa genre. But it has elements more than just action. This manhwa has a mix of fantasy, action, and adventure. Even though martial arts is at the center of the story leaders can spot a lot of supernatural intervention in the plot. Revenge being at the center of the story there is a lot more to it in terms of emotional narrative portions. The grey shade of every character is reflected in the thematic concerns as well. The battle in this murim is simply revenge rather than being a regular good versus evil story.

Do Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Meticulous Manhwa illustrations

Manhwa’s illustrations in this graphic novel are meticulous and unique. It is difficult to find other Korean manga which similar art styles and designs. Most of the illustrations have a darker tone and the color palette used in the webtoons is also grim in shades; that instantaneously establish the darkness/ the intensity of the story. The character designs seem cool and the blade slashes present in the action sequences increase the beauty of the interesting fights. A lot of fans in the online manhwa/manga community believe that the art is no match to the story but it still is a pleasant read.

Despite some shortcomings within the initial story and the art style, the larger part of readers rate this manhwa a solid 8/10. The comic is similar to shonen genre manga/animes. But it has some elements that make it shine among similar stories like Solo Levelling or Dungeon Reset.


For anyone who likes complicated characters within a driven story would love The Legend of the Northern Blade. The character development is good and the potential of the main character is somehow underused. Aside from a lot of political intervention and the war of changing circumstances, the manhwa is an overall engaging work. This is an enjoyable original story that does not hype up the statue of a hero but put forward the reality of violence with a hint of goodness mixed into it. The tragic backstory and the progress into the story with the main character false together like a puzzle piece waiting to be read page by page.

If the manhwa plot intrigued you and you are convinced into reading this masterpiece, then this is how to access The Legend of the Northern Blade. The manhwa has a total of 137 chapters released online and approximately in number on TappyToon. You can also find the serialized version in the original Korean chapters from Legend of the Northern Blade on the Kakao Page.

Access Legend of the Northern Blade Online

Why To Read The Legend of the Northern Blade

Get ready to experience some great martial arts and dark realities when you decide to enter the murim world of the Legend of the Northern Blade.

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