Why You Should Read Tower of God

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Why You Should Read Tower of God

S.I.U. wrote and drew the South Korean manhwa, Tower of God, which was published online. Since June 2010, it has been published in serial form on Naver Webtoon, a webcomics site owned by Naver Corporation. As of November 2022, Young Com will have gathered all of the individual chapters and published them in eleven volumes. In July 2014, Line Webtoon released official English translations of the Tower of God series.

It has been the subject of various merchandising and mobile game adaptations. Telecom Animation Film created an anime television series based on the web manhwa that debuted in Japan shortly after its South Korean premiere on Naver Series On. From April through June of 2020, its first broadcast. For its streaming service, Crunchyroll obtained a licence and replicated the anime’s Japanese television broadcast. The second season news was released in August 2022.

Tower of God, a gripping and cleverly written narrative of one young man overcoming insurmountable barriers to accomplish his destiny, is one of the most well-known webtoons. Webtoons are a highly popular digital comics genre in Korea that is finding an audience in more and more countries across the world.

The series is an online-only Korean webtoon manga called manhwa. The popularity of printed manhwa has decreased as a result of this format and publication technique, which has also made it simpler to produce official translations in many languages. There are now three volumes of Tower of God, and the chapters are known to as episodes.

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Here is a primer on the plot of the comic and how it was successful enough to be converted into a Japanese series for anyone wishing to catch up on Tower of God before its anime adaptation.

What is it About?

Twenty-Fifth Bam, a little kid, has lived his entire life underground beneath an enigmatic tower, alone save for his best friend and instructor Rachel. But one day, desperate to see the stars, Rachel disappears into the tower above. Bam, who is devastated, follows her inside the tower and discovers from a gatekeeper at the base of the tower that he will find answers at the top. He must complete exams on each floor to advance, which typically involves battling monsters.

Bam breezes over the first test after being given the renowned Black March by one of the tower’s princesses, Yuri, and finds companions in the crocodile man Rak Wraithriser and slumming aristocrat Khun as he takes on the trials that each floor of the tower has to offer.

Who Made it?

Lee Jong-hui, who goes by the alias Slave In Utero, is the author and artist of Tower of God. Before being compelled to enlist in the South Korean army, Lee studied graphic arts, and on the recommendation of a superior, he started cartooning.

After doing practice drawings for roughly 10 volumes, Lee began to see the plot and location for Tower of God. The show’s second season is now in progress, having started as a weekly serial in 2010.

What is unique about it?

From a creative standpoint, the sheer volume of panels in every chapter must be overwhelming, but Lee never exhibits any indications of creative exhaustion. His ability to compose his drawings and depict action sequences is astounding. The seamless blending of digital colouring, particularly a colour scheme that is reminiscent of the Blue Exorcist anime adaption, and CGI features like holograms with 2D figures and backdrops are also notable. The combination is eye-catching and captivating, drawing the reader in.

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The narrative, however, is more than that. There is a lot more going on than simply Bam’s straightforward task, and it becomes increasingly fascinating as the story progresses and the full nature of the Tower is revealed.

One of the most well-known webtoons is Tower of God, a genre of comics that receives very little attention in the West. Webtoons are digital comics designed for tablets and smartphones that are laid out in lengthy, vertically oriented chapters. Around 2003 saw the introduction of the first generation of webcomics, and today more than 10 million readers in Korea access the genre through websites like Daum and Naver.

What is the Plot?

The tale concerns a skyscraper that someone constructed. No, it truly tells the story of a youngster who, up until a girl discovered him, had been abandoned at the base of a tower. They later grew up next to one other on the tower’s outer reaches, and one day the girl chooses to climb it for unknown reasons, her dream, or just because she wants to view some sparkling objects up there. Because he didn’t want to be parted from her, the child then raced after her.

When they arrived at the door, our protagonist BAM was unintentionally the one who was drawn in or, more accurately, selected. BAM has a new journey in store. As he looked for the girl, more questions about his background, his family, and his power came to light. Finding out why no one has reached the summit while learning about the function of the levels and the tower itself regarding the harem king who is at the top. Each of these mysteries will be resolved by him as he makes new fierce friends along the way. The narrative continues in this manner.

The narrative is fantastic. There is a decent mix between drama and suspense in the pacing, which is neither too quick nor too sluggish. Given that I am thoroughly enjoying it, I don’t mind that it is taking too long.

How are the Characters?

Like one piece, this manhwa also boasts a sizable cast. It falls short of genuinely giving depth to its characters, in contrast to One Piece. Although each member of its enormous ensemble has a unique personality, the cast as a whole frequently detracts from individual characters. character traits

How is the Art?

The artwork is quite distinctive and was initially created by the author (SIU). Even though the narrative has been going on for about ten years, the artist’s abilities have improved significantly. He now likely has a fantastic team working with him, so be patient. If you’re interested in the periodic change in art, check out some recent chapters. The amount of detail and beauty in today’s animations for characters, shinsoo, backgrounds, battle scenarios, and deadly moves and techniques is at its highest.

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One of the most apparent reasons for the Tower of God’s appeal is its action, which has a comparatively sophisticated battle system and exciting conflicts to go along with it. Fans are probably eager to see it get a full animated version because its graphics and position as a webtoon show how stylized these bouts are.

The Korean Wave, which is still a significant component of popular culture, could have had a significant role in the decision to adapt the series into an anime. Before ever being prominent in the West, Korean media became extremely well-liked in Japan. Tower of God and Snowpiercer both featured a disadvantaged group working their way through a building to retaliate against the privileged and to reconcile with loved ones. Snowpiercer was directed by Bong Joon-ho, who is now an Oscar winner, and had a similar plot. Another welcome variation from other anime’s protagonists who seem to remain the same throughout time is the series’ use of time leaps and the possibility to watch the characters develop.

Tower of God has enjoyed a long history of tremendous popularity. According to Webtoon, five million people had read one of the series’ weekly chapters as of 2015. The series also received a mobile game in 2013, which is still very well-liked today, on Google Play. The mobile role-playing game Tower of God quickly surpassed 100 million players following its initial release. Action figurines for the series have also been produced, some of which are more expensive limited edition items. Tower of God is the manhwa that most deserves to be considered for an anime.

Is it Enjoyable?

One of my all-time favourite webcomics is still Tower of God, which I read for the first time when I first started reading them. It’s the sort of series that I hope I could forget and read all over again since the first time I read it, the experience will never be as good as when I reread the entire series. I believe the characters are the main aspect of this book that needs improvement, and to be honest, I sometimes think the funny segments grow a little old. Nevertheless, it’s such a nice read that I would suggest it to fans of shounen. It contains the ideal balance of adventure, drama, mystery and even psychology and philosophy-related issues!

Popular manhwa-Why You Should Read Tower of God

New readers should read The Lord of the Rings in chunks rather than one chapter every week, in my opinion. After reading the most recent chapter, I also suggest going back and reviewing the entire thing at least once. This will help you understand how much work went into creating this webcomic and will increase your appreciation for it. Enjoy your reading!

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regular readers of manga series like World Trigger, Seraph of the End, Blue Exorcist, and Hunter X Hunter. Everyone misses Bleach’s numerous characters and battles. fans of the fantasy webcomics The Order of the Stick, Cucumber Quest, and Sluggy Freelance

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