Why You Should Read/Watch Chainsaw Man

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Why You Should Read/Watch Chainsaw Man

Why You Should Read and Watch Chainsaw Man

Studio MAPPA never leaves the chance to grab the rights for anime production of the best manga out there. Chainsaw Man manga is just one more gem added to the list. The popular series authored and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto became a berserk hit with its first part published in Japan’s popular magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in December 2018. It later garnered attention with its second part shifted to publication in Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ web magazine in July of 2022. Like the prior hit of Shueisha’s magazine (seinen manga) No Guns Life has a similar concept that Chainsaw Man has; it surely was destined to be loved by the people.

Should I watch Chainsaw Man or read it? If that is a question, you are seeking the answer to then this is the right place for it. This is the story of a high school boy named Denji. The tale of Denji’s disrupted and boring life comes through what 360-degree turn as he takes up the job of a part time devil hunter. The story seems very normal and like a regular anime trope taking place in the humdrum of a town. Yet the mysterious devil hunters living in the world of mortals are fun to watch.

You Should Read/Watch Chainsaw Man

Things get spiced up when frail and helpless Denji turns out to be a very loved title protagonist for the manga the Chainsaw Man. The lonely persona of the main character emerges as a hoodlum chasing devils in the town. All the tangible and chaotic concepts come together as the main attraction of the plot. Amongst all of it the appearance of the hero with protruding Chainsaws’; blew up everything.

Here are some spoiler-free insights that hint to grab the page-turner Chainsaw Man manga, ASAP!!

Read/Watch Chainsaw Man

An unusual half-man and half-devil hybrid concept hero

Almost all high octane action manga/anime have martial arts or supernatural intervention in the story. And the hero is sort of stuck with no powers in an excelling world. On the other hand, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s brilliant manga has a unique concept hero. After No Guns Life or Dorohedoro, Chainsaw Man was added to the list of popular atypical main characters. Denji’s fluid transformation into a half-devil hybrid with mechanized limbs stood out among the rest. This outlandish main character with a human heart connected people instantly.

Chainsaw Man Manga Characters

Extensive design and variety behind character choice

Talking of the characters we cannot miss out on the extensive side characters. Tatsuki’s skill of developing characters and bringing them to the level of the main character is wonderful. Ranging from the fiery character of Power to the composed disposition of Makima; each character is incredible. Each character stands for a different emotion. They can be literally put together to form a mood chart representing aspects of humans in real life.

Why You Should Read Manga Chainsaw Man

Hard to predict the story with twists

As difficult as it was to imagine a hero with protruding Chainsaws, the story turns out to be equally unpredictable. Each character’s individual presence is accompanied by an amazing writing style. Chainsaw Man Manga has well-planned arcs and conceptualized action that everything falls into place. The demonic appearances and extremely violent illustrative panels are the key to success for this one.

Why Read Chainsaw Man

Fujimoto’s artwork

I feel that a good manga needs to have illustrative panels in addition to nuanced writing. And Fujimoto believes in too. Chainsaw Man’s detailed artwork is light by a lot of manga fans and makes it inevitably appreciated. Each stroke within the manga panel enhances the intended rates. Alongside it intensifies the action. The line work harmonizes the detail with the chaos brewing inner a particular scene. And the radiating passion of artist Fujimoto for delivering quality work to the fans is visible in the artwork.

Read Chainsaw Man

A fictional world with real emotions

Chainsaw Man’s manga fans would agree on this one. As said, the fluid inclusion of emotions within any intense plot like this can never go unnoticed. Even if you picked up the manga for its high octane action, it still will have an emotional impact on you. Fans sympathize with Denji and by contrast, support his growth in the story. The interesting back story of each character reflects a part of us. Even if an absurd miracle like this would never happen in real life but the verismo of the character breaks off the 4th wall.

Aside from all the experimenting done with the panel sizes, layouts and full-page emotional spreads are fantastic. And for those of you who are looking for thematic beauty, there is surely a lot of horrors, trauma, and full-blast action.

Why Watch Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Anime/Manga: the better choice?

All of you anime lovers rooting for the anime version has a good choice. Yes, even the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is up to the mark. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s hit is very well executed in animation by studio MAPPA. After getting uploaded for excellence with their work in Attack of Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, and a similar experimental piece like Dorohedoro; it hopped on to animate this one. And it did a fair job on it.

The initial action sequences of Chainsaw Man faced a lot of criticism for the poor use of CGI. By contrast, the whole series was widely appreciated for bringing to life the manga. Particularly the use of raw 2D frames enhanced it. The art and style are very close to Manga’s aesthetic. The blood filled battles of Denji aka Chainsaw Man create the intended horror with visuals. It is a signature modern-day anime. Chainsaw Man anime is sure to leave behind the mark just like its manga if the makers keep up with the quality.

Why You Should Read Chainsaw Man

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Does Chainsaw Man get better in anime? Yes, we can say that it justifies the level of manga’s brilliance. It would be too early to compare the source manga and the anime production. Because till now only a couple of chapters have been adapted. And the progressing storyline would be quite challenging for the animators to match up with. In totality, both the Chainsaw Man manga/anime are a good investment of time.

Watch Chainsaw Man

Fujimoto’s narratives and the light-paced emotional premise are not to be missed creations. Primarily, whether you read/watch Chainsaw Man you are going to be free of regrets. If the manga is an invincible masterpiece, the first anime production is no less entertaining. The one fitting answer to should I watch chainsaw man or read it; is experiencing it yourself. We hope the article inspires you to get going with Chainsaw Man.

The bibliophiles who love intelligent and deep novels should kickstart their manga love journey with Chainsaw Man. Also, the lovers of My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Dorohedoro can find a resemblance of their favorites in the Chainsaw Man anime. So, what are you waiting for? Go, find the Chainsaw Man manga/anime online and lose yourself in the enthralling story.

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