Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

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Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

Naoki Urasawa is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Monster. The chapters were compiled in eighteen tank-bon volumes and released by Shogakukan between 1994 and 2001 in their seinen manga publication Big Comic Original. The protagonist of the novel is Japanese physician Kenzo Tenma, who now resides in Düsseldorf, Germany. His life spirals out of control as he becomes engaged with Johan Liebert, one of his previous patients who later turns out to be a violent serial murderer.

In a subsequent work, Another Monster, by Urasawa, published in 2002, the events of the manga were described from the perspective of an investigative reporter. There are seventy-four episodes of the anime television series is based on the manga produced by Madhouse and shown on Nippon TV from 2004 April to 2005 September. Viz Media obtained the rights to both the anime and manga for English-language distribution in North America, and the animation was aired on several television networks. The anime was given an Australian licence by Siren Visual in 2013.

The comic series Monster, which has sold over 20 million copies and is one of the best-selling manga series in history, was Urasawa’s first to gain widespread praise and success internationally. The anime adaptation of the manga has been hailed as one of the greatest of its decade and has received several accolades.

The series Monster-Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

Dr Kenzo Tenma is a neurosurgeon who works in a hospital in Germany. He is a young yet incredibly competent individual. He is admired by his colleagues for his extraordinary surgical abilities, revered by his superiors, and engaged to the hospital director’s daughter. But one day, as the result of a family tragedy, a little kid and his twin sister are brought in with significant head injuries, changing the bright future he had planned.

When his boss instructs him to cancel the boy’s operation and do it on the mayor, who was brought in much later, he is placed in a difficult situation. The mayor is killed as a result of his decision that every life is equal and the defiance of his superiors in order to preserve the boy’s life who came first.

Monster, the crowning achievement of manga artist Naoki Urasawa, is a psychological Cold War thriller that was translated from a seinen manga and turned into an anime that faithfully portrayed the whole plot. The manga has received high praise from critics. It has some of the most thrilling but sinister storytelling. Consider the case where you dislike the suspense and horror genres due to the uneasiness they induce. However, the pursuit in Monster between a murderer and his doctor is fascinating.

Here are a few reasons why you must watch the famous anime Monster.

  • Theme - No two men are identical, everyone has a unique background, a genuine point of view, and sympathetic feelings. The narrative is a slow burn of side plots and unrelated tasks that work together to create a vivid universe full of different characters, motives, and relationships. The people in the characters and settings have their own complex lives and are not only used as props for the story’s dominant arc a confrontation between Johan and Tenma. Naoki Urasawa’s presented universe is therefore viscerally engaging, both in terms of depth and serious art, which investigates darkness in a way that isn’t blatantly opportunistic but instead is honestly inquisitive: a dissertation of our morality in confrontation with the darkest aspects of human nature.

Main character-Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

  • Excellent Characters - supported by a sizable ensemble that is superbly developed and intricately entwined in a variety of subplots about them. Monster is a “coup de maître” in the sense of a psychologically intimate drama with a range of emotions from these individuals as an explanatory fiction of mankind forceful from the complex quandaries and philosophical issues we watch engage them throughout the extensive tale. At its core, Monster is a carefully crafted story that is sure to reverberate with viewers for a very long time because it indulges in themes that are always present in society, regardless of the state of the world. It is meticulous in its characterization, reflective in tone and meaningful in each plot point. When the novel is appreciated as a thorough character study and an affecting tale, patience is rewarded.
  • Animation - The series’ art enhances the tone and gives the characters more depth. Red herrings are frequently produced by the dynamic use of both light and shadow, turning certain characters’ features into merciless masks. The authenticity and attention to face structure in character designs, particularly when it comes to emotions, stand out. Characters are distinguished by their variety of body types, which enables viewers to recognise someone only by their face or even their silhouette. Older characters seem older, with drooping skin and age lines harrowed into it. Different nations are given unique characteristics, making it clear to the audience whether such a character is of Slavic, Middle-Eastern, or Asian descent. Even the backdrop art is outstanding. From idyllic vineyards to decaying metropolis, there is an amazing range.
  • A Difficult Choice - When faced with the choice between saving the innocent youngster or the town’s mayor who had been shot in the head, Dr Kenzo Tenma chooses Johan because he arrived first and because he firmly believes that all lives are equal. The mayor was asked to be saved for financial reasons. These moral systems and philosophy form the basis of Monster and determine how one’s life decisions are influenced by them and challenged by the darkness we might encounter that is contrary to everything we had previously believed. Tenma had spared a youngster who would grow up to become a ruthless, charismatic commander of mass devastation, but his decision would have unanticipated, catastrophic effects for which he also accepts responsibility.
  • The Sins of the Saviour - Dr Kenzo Tenma, a neurosurgeon, appears to be experiencing nothing but success. He is assisting those in need while steadily advancing in his job and getting engaged to the daughter of the hospital director. Up until the day the director instructs him to interrupt a life-saving procedure to operate on a well-known artist. Prior to the patient’s death, the performer endures at his expense of him. This traumatises Dr Tenma to the extent where, in a subsequent instance, he chooses to rescue Johan Liebert the kid rather than the town mayor. He may lose all of his social position as a result, but at least he can rest comfortably at night. However, after a series of fatalities, including the director, he is one day brought back to his previous grandeur.

Dr Kenzo-Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

  • Soundtrack - The voice acting cast performs admirably as a whole. Even in the more serious passages, they are flawless fits for their roles and never falter. Outstanding performances by Kiuchi, Sasaki and Isobe convey the richness of their characters’ emotions, personalities, and experiences. Throughout the whole series, sound effects are employed to heighten the sense of reality. Each gunshot accurately portrays the weapon that fired it, demonstrating Monster’s attention to accuracy in even the smallest aspects. The opening credits offer you a preview of what to anticipate, and one of the scariest anime closing themes, “For the Love of Life” by David Sylvian, appears in the epilogue. The music deserves praise for its masterful use of subtly.
  • A Horror that Builds - You may be familiar with the concept of a slow-burn relationship, which develops and lingers while setting the scene for some sex. Prepare yourself now for a slow-burning fear that seeps into your bones with each horrifying piece of information that emerges. Not because it’s particularly gory, but because of how alarming its disclosures are, Monster isn’t for the weak of heart. Dr Tenma only desired to uphold the standards of his profession and aid, someone. But it’s his good intentions that set off this disaster, where people are killed as a result of a choice he made.
  • An Anime You Cannot Miss Out On - It’s no surprise that Monster is regarded as one of the finest anime of the decade with its strong cast of characters, remarkable use of dynamic yet restrained visuals, and compelling narrative. It’s similar to seeing an accident unfold in slow motion while knowing you have no control over it. The way Monster builds tension and then releases it after a brief period of expectation leaves you feeling as though there are still unanswered questions at the conclusion. While simultaneously pleasurable, it also fills you with dread about what comes next. There isn’t a serial murderer in Monster. The mentality that propels you is important.

The plot-Why You Should Watch Monster Anime

  • Enjoyment - Monster will keep you riveted to the screen because of its outstandingly developed characters, fast-paced plot, and realistic environment. Finding a show like this is a true pleasure, and even though there are 74 episodes, which may sound frightening, they are wholly rewarding given the extensive voyage that has been made. The show’s compelling plot and atmosphere of mystery will have you guessing, considering, and feeling. This anime is one of the most original to come out in many years because of the complicated topics and relationships it tackles throughout. The questions it poses are ones that everyone should consider at least once. A genuine rarity in anime is the monster.

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