Why You Should Watch/Read My Hero Academia

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Why You Should Watch/Read My Hero Academia

Why You Should Watch/Read My Hero Academia

The confusion around whether you should watch or read My Hero Academia has been constant. Like every anime based on a source manga version, there are differences in the story and modes of depiction. Every anime/manga lover before beginning with a work doubts which medium is the best to take up. And with a popular story like My Hero Academia, the dilemma of choosing anime over manga or vice versa needs a dedicated discussion. So, here are the reasons why you should read My Hero Academia or watch the anime instead.

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hīrō Akademia was created in the year 2014 by Kōhei Horikoshi. The popular Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump contains a collection of 36 volumes of this superhero saga as of October 2022. The anime adaptation for My Hero Academia was initiated by studio Bones and its first season aired in the year 2016. The franchise expanded its popularity with several spin-off mangas such as My Hero Academia: Smash!! and My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions. With the release of its latest anime season in the fall of 2022 the watch or read war is on again. Let’s find out what’s in the plot!

why you should read My Hero Academia or watch the anime

We all have idol heroes even if not we love to believe in the existence of superheroes. Izuku Midoriya is a young boy similar to us. He is born without superpowers in a world where 80% of the population has superhuman abilities. This is a setback for him as his dream is to become a hero just like All Might, his idol superhero. The replication of All Might’s’ success for him seems like a pipe dream until things change for good. His bestowed upon with a superpower quirk and enrolls in the U.A. Academy to begin his journey of heroism.

The premise of the anime does seem like a typical underdog story from the shonen world of anime series. But My Hero Academia had several other interesting factors that made it shine among other mainstream shonen anime/manga. For someone beginning their journey as an otaku here is a list that will help you choose the better medium for sticking around the amazing story of Deku or Izuku in My Hero Academia.

why you should read My Hero Academia or watch it

Manga is usually the original add unedited creation of any artist before it gets visually transcribed into motion animation. So, if you like books over movie person grab the page-turning manga of My Hero Academia. Here is a list of points that might convince you to indulge in the MHA manga or light novels.

Published manga have an up-to-date story

Knowing the trend of anime productions we are aware that the story of anime seasons follow the manga. Majorly the amount of story progress in a manga takes extra time to be converted and designed into anime. My Hero Academia manga is always a couple of steps ahead of the story in anime. Fans who cannot wait in suspense can get through the story’s progress while reading manga. The temptation to find out what’s next always makes reading manga a better option than waiting for the release of new seasons in anime.

Reason to read My Hero Academia

Manga serves more of a story and fewer spoilers

The voluminous manga of My Hero Academia or for that matter any other one is hard to spoil. The spread-out storyboards and manga panels cannot give you a deeper insight into the story unless you read it. Whereas a couple of excited fans pick out clips from the anime itself making internet fan clubs a spoiler-prone place.

The influence of western comics can be seen in the MHA manga. The silhouettes of Japanese pop characters like Devilman and Kamen Rider are featured in the manga along with western characters like Spiderman, Wolverine, and even Joker. The intersecting universe of superheroes is however omitted from the anime version because of copyright clashes.

Read My Hero Academia

Heavy on art and detailed creativity

My Hero Academia manga is a testament to the perfection of its mangaka Hirikoshi’s creativity. As the anime adds extra filler scenes to enhance the story the manga artist is adept at adding flavor of detail to the source work. My Hero Academia manga has plenty of artistic details that cannot be matched with CGI or animation. And because the manga is a precursor to the anime My Hero Academia the manga fans experience joy in seeing the vibrant visuals that led to the popularity of the concept. And the lack of restriction and tight schedules help a mangaka set off at the desired pace with the story.

Read Manga My Hero Academia

The story is structured with the original pov of the creator

Most animes adapt the manga closely with minor changes or inclusions. My Hero Academia also has a sizeable chunk of exclusions and inclusions that hamper its pace of it. Manga gives a more authentic experience and the structured point of view that the mangaka originally designed. Whilst in the anime the creative input of a group of people somehow complicates the process and becomes very different from how it was intended to be. As said earlier My Hero Academia anime closely replicates the manga plot but some of the areas that are reworked are an addition to it.

Why You Should Read Manga My Hero Academia

Source manga is always ahead in the story without cuts

The most obvious advantage for any My Hero Academia read is that they will be ahead in the story and up to date with the content. The manga will help you catch up with the story and the place of publishing hence preventing spoilers. The fact that anime always lags behind the manga makes set the biggest detractor in the authentic experience of a story. Also, the manga isn’t censored so you might miss out on the things that are censored in the My Hero Academia anime adaptation due to restrictions.

Next comes the list of reasons to persuade you to watch My Hero Academia in an anime adaptation. My Hero Academia manga is undoubtedly par excellence yet for people who prefer watching movies over going through hefty volumes of comic/manga strips the anime might interest you. Here is Why you should be watching My Hero Academia

Why You Should Watch My Hero Academia

Quality of animation and amazing representation

Almost similar in semblance to the art of the manga, My Hero Academia anime also has plenty of thrill. Studio Bones has left no stone unturned in stepping up the story with its quality animation. Among all shonen anime, the action quality of Baku no hero academia surpasses the standard of anime action. The modern-age adaptation makes the images seem more fluid and memorable for the audience.

Why You Should Watch anime My Hero Academia

The action looks good in motion

My Hero Academia is the best superhero shonen anime in today’s time. The manga has some illustrative panels that are perfectly matched in animation. The explosive fight scenes between Todoroki and Deku are represented well in motion. The action choreography in anime escalates the intensity of the superhero trope in My Hero Academia that looks better when blended with modern animation.

 My Hero Academia is much watch

A mix of humorous and heartfelt scenes

All the story arcs are interesting to watch in anime. From Deku’s origin story to the progressing action, everything is in sync. The balance of action and comedic scenes overall makes the anime’s overwhelming roller coaster ride. There are some emotional moments as well. On the flip side, the story that seems to be just a superhero anime has quite a diverse theme palette akin to its source manga.

Watch the op My Hero Academia

Enthralling soundtracks and catchy My Hero Academia opening

The one thing that manga cannot offer is soundtracks. My Hero Academia OST is something to enjoy that can be useful even while reading MHA manga. The sound design is a distinct feature of the anime world that adds life to it. Other than that even the voice acting immensely adds to the emotion of any scene. The exclusively curated tunes and songs add beauty to the cinematic excellence of top anime like My Hero Academia.

Why To Watch My Hero Academia

Anime falls in place with the Manga

If you have already read the manga of MHA and are a fan of it, then you will love the anime adaptation. One of the reasons that many fans love anime and manga of MHA alike is the close affinity in creation. Even the scenes missing in the anime do not seem like a loophole. And My Hero Academia with Deku in a world of heroes mission is known for being close enough to the original/ reference version.

Reasons to Watch and Read My Hero Academia

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is worth all the hype. Irrespective of whether you read/watch My Hero Academia you are going to love Deku’s journey of becoming a superhero. Get onto the bandwagon and experience art with MHA. If you are done binge-watching all the episodes or shuffling through the pages of the manga then there are special movies (My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission) and spin-offs ( My Hero Academia: Smash!!, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions) that might hold you back until a new season is aired.

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