Why You Should Watch/Read Naruto

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Why You Should Watch/Read Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Naruto. It follows the tale of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who aspires to be recognised by his peers and the Hokage, the head of his village. The narrative is divided into two halves, the first taking place when Naruto was a preteen and the second when he was a teen. The two one-shot comics by Kishimoto that served as the basis for the series are Naruto and Karakuri (1995), which garnered Kishimoto an honourable mention in Shueisha’s monthly Hop Step Award the following year (1997).

From 1999 through 2014, Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine serialised Naruto, which was then published in tankbon form in 72 volumes. A television anime series based on the manga was created by Pierrot and Aniplex and aired 220 episodes in Japan from 2002 to 2007. From 2005 through 2009, Cartoon Network and YTV broadcast the show’s English dub. A follow-up to the original series called Naruto: Shippuden debuted in Japan in 2007 and ran for 500 episodes. Beginning with episode one, the English version was initially aired on Disney XD from 2009 to 2011, broadcasting the first 98 episodes. In January 2014, the English dub began airing on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block.

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Even now, Adult Swim still broadcasts the English dub every week. The anime series was first made available on Viz Media’s streaming platform Neon Alley in December 2012 with 99 episodes. It finished in March 2016 with 338 episodes. Pierrot has created eleven films and twelve unique video animations in addition to the anime series (OVAs). Various firms have created trading cards, video games, and light novels that are also linked to Naruto. Viz also distributed the series’ movies and the majority of the OVAs, with the first feature having its world premiere in a theatre. Boruto Uzumaki, Naruto’s son, continues the narrative in Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations. Boruto wants to break from his father’s ninja tradition and establish his own.

With 250 million copies in publication globally in 47 countries and regions 153 million of which are in Japan alone, Naruto is one of the finest manga series in history. The other 97 million copies are distributed overseas. The English translations of the books have frequently appeared on The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and the seventh book earned a Quill Award in 2006. It has now become one of Viz Media’s greatest manga series. Reviewers complimented the manga’s characters, compelling plots, and well-done combat sequences, while some thought the latter dragged out the narrative.

Although there was supposedly a Big Three for almost every manga era, the phrase didn’t become popular until the early 2000s, when it was used to group the three series Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. There are several arguments for each series, yet it is unknown which is the finest. Specifically, Naruto will be the focus of this list.

Here are some reasons why you should read the best-selling manga Naruto and watch the great anime Naruto.

  • Overall Plot - Nobody would ever tell you that the narrative or complexity of Naruto is the best or most sophisticated in any manga, but that is precisely what makes it so amazing. Even if the narrative is quite simple and has minor errors, it is nevertheless simply delightful. Many anime and manga fans from all around the world have been drawn in by this narrative. Any reader would want to read more because of the puzzles and questions that they raise as well as the potential outcomes.

Nine tail fox and Naruto-Why You Should Watch/Read Naruto

  • There’s No Filler in the Manga - The manga’s lack of time-wasting material is arguably its strongest characteristic. Given its propensity to fully overstuff the broadcast with fluff, anime can’t truly claim the same. The majority of anime watchers must either watch filler episodes online or endure them, which may be rather taxing at times. This was especially the case during the last 100 episodes of Naruto’s first season, which served as filler to keep the programme from eclipsing the manga.
  • Fans grow up with the Characters - Nearly no other well-known shonen series has ever done something like Naruto had. Almost all of Naruto’s important characters are introduced in the series’ initial storylines. Due to the fact that the series begins in infancy and ends in maturity, these individuals will be the ones who viewers will experience the story with and develop with. No other well-known shonen has influenced Naruto in this way. One of the series’ key charms is the process of seeing the ensemble develop, which almost resembles a comedy.
  • The Pacing of the Manga is Excellent - The manga’s pacing may be rather good at times because there isn’t much filler or extra material. Readers are positively fascinated as they quickly read through all of the manga’s chapters since there is always something happening in the show. The pace of the anime may also be excellent, but not always. The excessive fluff, along with drawn-out sequences and flashbacks, certainly take a toll on the show, making it somewhat tedious to watch.
  • It has Great Teachings - Young children make up the majority of Naruto’s viewership, as is the case with much other shonen series. This susceptible audience, like many other young audiences, needs a tale with a little bit of depth to help pique their interest. Admit Naruto A narrative that starts with a little child similar to the readers out there may be relatable to certain people. Because of this, Naruto is a narrative that is ideal for imparting wisdom to readers on a variety of topics, including life lessons. The series has many excellent lessons in the series, such as never giving up and always being there for your loyal friends.

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  • Naruto is Inspiring - As previously mentioned, the first episode of Naruto features the title character in a rather dismal situation. Nevertheless, he continues to pursue the largest desire in the whole ninja world despite his exclusion and harassment from nearly the entire world around him. Of course, that ambition is to succeed the current Hokage and become a legendary ninja. Despite his humble beginnings and the challenge of people continuously looking down on him, Naruto succeeds in achieving that aim. Due to this narrative and others that are included in this outstanding series, Naruto is among the most inspirational shows that is created.
  • The Fights are Creative - It would be difficult to make the battles uninteresting in a world where ninjas have mastered a variety of ninjutsu. Fortunately, this isn’t messed up at all because Naruto contains some of the most entertaining and imaginative battles in the medium thanks to the amazing ideas it uses throughout the series. These ideas are combined with some sick clashes with martial arts influences through some excellent choreography. This is discovered even before the Chunin Exams storyline. In essence, if somebody doesn’t love the bouts by then, they won’t care about the subsequent fights either.
  • Tons of Characters to Invest in - This series holds a strong claim to being among the finest manga and anime ever produced. Both readers and watchers of Naruto have access to a vast array of characters to get to know. Since there are so many characters in this ensemble, regardless of whether they appear early or late in the series, almost everybody may pick one that they are interested in. Best of all, the majority of characters receive adequate attention and development all the way through.
  • It can be Relatable for some - Naruto is one of the most motivational shonen anime series out there, as was previously said. Yet, for certain people, it has a more emotional impact than it would for others. The Naruto television series is about coping with and getting beyond a personal trauma that was brought on by circumstances beyond one’s control. Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling with this load today, much like Naruto, so it’s wonderful that this anime is one they can reference and hopefully get motivation from to keep going.
  • The Artwork - Animator of Naruto One of the most gifted manga artists working today, Masashi Kishimoto also produces some of the genre’s most original works. Regardless of where you look, you can always recognise his distinctive style. Naturally, Naruto is no slouch in this regard. This is especially true in Kishimoto’s manga, where the series-appropriate colours and style make the artist’s work sparkle and come to life.
  • Naruto is Heartfelt - At least about the level of fame it has, Naruto is without a doubt one of the most passionate anime and manga out there. This is closely related to the protagonist of the series gloomy beginnings. With just his adoptive father as his only buddy, Naruto starts the story by himself. He is confident that he will be the best and is committed to persevering until he succeeds. After a gloomy beginning, Naruto’s quest causes him to make a tonne of friends and convinces him that he will experience tears along the course of this adventure. This is also influenced by other people and their fascinating tales.

Naruto and Hinata-Why You Should Watch/Read Naruto

  • The World is Unique - The Naruto universe differs significantly from that of any comparable television series. First of all, the setting of Naruto is a very strange and imaginary period where everything appears to be extremely ancient and a little primitive yet there is technology there, like radios and televisions, which creates an interesting visual contrast. In addition to this, there is a realm of ninjas where countries are divided into several aspects that the ninjas may govern. It’s difficult not to adore the family lineages and other amazing and original things in this world, such as the Sand Village, Sound Village and Hidden Leaf Village.

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